1968: Lloyd’s underwriter, and later member of the Asbestos Working Party, Charles Skey visited New York to investigate the asbestos situation: Insurance industry analysts began to realise that asbestosis claims would lead to massive insurance industry losses. American insurers started to reserve for asbestos, pollution and health hazard claims, for which they paid out $540 billion between 1970 and 1995. They will pay a further $90 billion by 2004. The members of the Lloyd’s ruling Committee realised that they and the 6,000 wealthy British names may face financial ruin. The report from the resulting Cromer Commission investigation recommended that the assets, which each Name must show to back Lloyd’s membership, be decreased. This would allow easier recruitment of new Names and capital. Hence there would be more assets to absorb the impending losses, and existing Names could leave – a Ponzi scheme. Lloyd’s suppressed the Cromer report until well into the 1980’s, and has never issued it to Names.


1969: George Parker Rossman (writing as Jonathan Drake) and Dennis Drew publish Boys for Sale

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 13.30.23

1970: Lloyd’s and American underwriters modified their liability policies to exclude environmental claims unless the damage arises from a ‘sudden and accidental’ incident.

The Times, January 22nd, 1970 Clifford Longley, ‘Reforming the law on sexual misconduct’ – reports that the Sexual Law Reform Society (SLRS) has been formed with Dr John Robinson, Bishop of Woolwich, Dean of Trinity College Cambridge heads up SLRS


March 1970

In March 1970, some 16 years before the Crown Prosecution Service was formed and when Sir Norman Skelhorn was the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), a file of evidence was submitted to the then DPP’s Office. He receives from Lancashire Police a file of on 11 March and replies on 19 March CPS Statement in relation to Cyril Smith

April 1970

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 22.20.45

16 April 1970: Savile rapes patient in an Exeter Hospital 

Peter Righton [Ian Pace’s blog]:” The report by Tom Bateman for the BBC Radio 4 Today earlier this week made clear that as early as 1970, Righton was already credited as giving ‘considerable assistance’ to a Home Office report (Advisory Council on CHild Care: Research and Development Committee; Community Homes Project, Second Report (London: Home Office Children’s Department, April 1970).”



June 1970

4 June: The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Press Officer Michael De la Noy publishes article on Leslie, the former MoD employee and indiscreet improper letter writer, New Society

10 June 1970: Associated Press reported that a “$1 million worth of pornographic material” was raided in a Cape Cod film shop located in Barnstable, Massachusetts. Hundreds of thousands of colored slides, photogrpahs and brochures were confiscated in the raid. The outfit went under the name “Aquarius Press.” Three men were arrested in the bust: Norval Shutz, 51; Dennison W. Nichols, 34; and Martin W. Swithinbank, 42. A filing cabinet containing thousands of names and addresses from around the world were discovered. Whether the three were jailed from these arrest is not yet known.

Nichols said that Rossman received a pederast mailing list from Nichol’s [and Swithinbank‘s] Book Explorers company. We can assume this is the same list discovered in Nichol’s and Swithinbank‘s Aquarius Press operation which was raided in 1970, the same year Nichols left Book Explorers. Nichols said that Rossman published his book on boy sex trafficking “Boys for Sale” through Book Explorers using the alias Jonathan Drake. Nichols, Swithinbank and Rossman were all obviously very good friends.

Martin Swithinbank, co-founder of North American Boy Lovers’ Association in 1977, was first arrested in June 1970 at a cottage on Old Stage Road, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, not far from the popular holiday location of the wealthy, Martha’s Vineyard. Three local press reports give details of the Aquarius Press HQ in a cottage on Old Stage Road which housed a complete photo development lab with a $100k mail order business selling sets of slides for $140 ($475 in today’s dollars). A local bank had tipped off the police due to the large checks being received from all over the world. A world-wide mailing list was seized. George Parker Rossman had used this mailing list for marketing his book.

https://bitsofbooksblog.wordpress.com/2015/02/12/1981-nambla-britishpedigree/ ]

It is also during 1970 that Dr Morris Fraser meets Parker Rossman while giving lectures on a tour of the states

18 June 1970: General Election; Ted Heath PM Conservative, defeats Harold Wilson as Labour PM ; Cyril Smith loses to McCann as Liberal candidate for Rochdale

20 June 1970 Reginald Maudling appointed Home Secretary [already in the pay of Billy Hill since 1964, master criminal and associate of the Krays – Notorious, John Pearson, Loc 1760/6007]. Reggie recruits Sir Clive Bossom as his Parliamentary Private Secretary, later Master of the Grocer’s Company who asks his good friend Denis Thatcher to induce his wife Margaret to join the livery guild in September 1979 when she’d been Prime Minister for 6 months.

28 June 1970: Hellfire Jack Bryans, Grand Master of the Orange Order grants William McGrath permission to inaugurate the Heritage Orange Lodge [p.35 Robin Harbinson The Dust has never settled]

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 11.36.18

August 1970

August 1970 – September 1972: Abraham Jacob joins Mildmay Park Children’s Home, Islington as Assistant houseparent for 2 years before moving to work in elderly people’s homes “on medical advice” according to him. #Islington #OperationCircus

Islington Gazette 23 May 1986

Islington Gazette 23 May 1986

The first York Conference took place in summer 1970 chaired by Raymond Clarke Director of Personal Services

Peter Righton compiled York Social Needs Conference 1970 survey, published by NCSS Bedford Square Press 1973Counselling homosexuals: A study of Personal Needs and Public Attitudes compiled by 1973, NCSS Bedford Square Press

September 1970

Antony Grey resigns from the Albany Trust for the first time.

October 1970

2 October 1970 – Second Annual General Meeting of Albany Society Ltd

Play land Trial #1 Search (1) 14 October 1970: Police search flat at 19 Elm Court Harrowby Street & seized a number of films and other articles – question over whether search warrant executed under Obscene Publications Act or under Drugs Statues Read more at:https://www.byline.com/column/27/article/539

28 October – John D Stamford of Spartacus (10% discount at Elm Guest House) applies for Grey’s job as Director of Albany Trust to Lord Beaumont

December 1970 – 

Play land Trial #1 Search (2) 9 December 1970: Second search, this time of North Common Road, Ealing occupied at the time by Prichodsky and O’Neill, one found in bed with a boy of 14 – search warrant executed for stolen goods Read more at:https://www.byline.com/column/27/article/539

Michael De La Noy becomes Director of Albany Trust as replacement for Antony Grey. Within days he is dining with Stamford and his Spartacus colleagues, joining Stamford’s new venture Mayfair Cinema Club and inviting him to a January Trust fundraiser at St Martins In the Fields. Has an interview with Roger Baker of Spartacus about the Albany Trust.

Doreen Cordell and Peter Righton man the office over Christmas and bond.

1971 – Peter Hayman knighted, BBC Payola, suicide of Claire Uffland, Beast of Jersey convicted, Bishop of Stepney, Canon Eric James & Jack Profumo all pledge Peter Righton their patronage

  • New York Times – 01 January 1971 First honours list under Ted Heath gives no hereditary titles and gives Sir Peter Hayman his knighthood. Savile will receive his OBE from Heath the following year.
  • Play land Trial #1 Search (3) 20 January 1971: A third search ‘not necessary to allude in detail’ –  as per Lord Justice Roskill in Court of Appeal judgment Read more at:https://www.byline.com/column/27/article/539
  • 27 January 1971:When war breaks out…’ Dr Morris Fraser quoted in an article on children in Northern Ireland conflict
  • January 1971: ‘Clunk Click Every trip’; Savile appears in a series of British public information films sponsored by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). Designed to help promote the new law for wearing seatbelts in the front of a vehicle.

Newcastle: Following his success as Mary Bell’s Children’s Officer for Newcastle after her conviction for murdering a 4 and a 3 year old, Roycroft’s career was soon to transform into Director of Social Services for Newcastle 1971- 1993, where he also acted as Director of Education and Chief Executive for short periods, and was appointed a European Social Commissioner by Margaret Thatcher as well as having a controlling influence within the Association of Directors of Social Services and the advisors to the Association of Metropolitan local authorities.

Kilsyth, Scotland: Savile meets Father Keith O’Brien who later becomes Cardinal and then steps down.

“The pair met when O’Brien was priest at St Patrick’s Church in Kilsyth, Stirlingshire, in 1971. Savile was a regular visitor because his mother Agnes was friends with O’Brien’s colleague, Fr Denis O’Connell.”

Fr O’Connell was Vice Postulator of the Cause for the Beatification of (at that time) the Blessed Margaret Sinclair.

Jersey: Savile at Haut de la Garenne: “Yesterday it was claimed Savile molested girls as young as nine during charity visits to the Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey where abuse was rife during the 1970s and 1980s. “A woman who used to live in the home and was 11 at the time told how the star abused her and her nine-year-old sister in 1971. She said: ‘When I reported the abuse, it was brushed it under the carpet.’” (Daily Mail 31 October 2012)

“Mrs Jordan, who was originally from Dundee, was jailed for nine months and her husband received a six-month sentence at the Royal Court in Jersey, after being found guilty of a string of physical assaults against vulnerable children at the home.

The couple were both house parents, with Mrs Jordan working there from 1970-84 and Mr Jordan from 1981-84.

Anne Brown, of Angus Women’s Aid, said they and anyone else who worked at the home should assist the Savile inquiry if they possibly can.

”Anyone who can do anything to assist this investigation must come forward and this couple have an absolute moral duty to do that. These young women tried to tell somebody that this was going on and anyone who knows anything about it should contact the police.”

Angus Council leader Iain Gaul said that, if there were proof Savile was involved at Haut de la Garenne, he would expect the Jordans to volunteer any information that could help.” http://www.thecourier.co.uk/news/uk/tayside-woman-makes-jimmy-savile-abuse-allegation-1.53748


February 1971

February 1971: The payola scandal blew up in the BBC’s face after an undercover exposé by the News of the World in February 1971. Clair McAlpine committed suicide a matter of weeks later. Brian Neill QC led the inquiry. BBC Payola report of Brian Neill QC in 1971

11th February Thursday – Savile records ‘SPEAKEASY’ from Broadmoor Hospital. Transmission date 6/3/71. FOI to BBC.

March 1971

Monday 1 March  – Sir Jimmy Savile steps into his brand new walking boots ready to trek from Land’s End to John O’Groats. The first of 3 expeditions.

John D Stamford of Spartacus asks De La Noy from Albany Trust to be a defence witness to obscenity charges for 3 issues of Spartacus including adverts.

29th March – Clair McAlpine, TOTP’s dancer, commits suicide at 15. In her diary she named showbusiness personalities who she claims “used” her. The allegations were dismissed both within and outside the BBC, and Jimmy Savile denied having known her.  The girl’s half-brother said Savile was interviewed as a witness, but no further action was taken; [Jimmy Savile Police Officers repeatedly failed sex victims, Daily Telegraph

Her half-brother, Mark Ufland, said: “Jimmy Savile was in the diary for having some sort of sexual relationship with her. As far as I know, Jimmy Savile was interviewed as a witness. My mother told me that the diary went to the police and never came back.”http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/jimmy-savile/9606494/Jimmy-Savile-police-officers-repeatedly-failed-sex-victims.html

A BBC spokesman said of the Clair McAlpine inquest: “No adverse finding was made against the BBC by the coroner. According to our records, the allegations did not relate to Savile.”

Tragedy: Claire McAlpine, pictured left aged 6 and right as a teenager, died of an overdose in 1971 and left behind a diary which mentioned famous radio DJ’s who had ‘used’ her McAlpine, were known as ‘Dolly Dancers’, which perhaps tells you all you need to know about the culture that prevailed back then. Claire was adopted. Her birth name was Claire Ufland. She also used the stage name Samantha Claire and had been chosen to appear on Top Of The Pops on four occasions. But her mother, Vera McAlpine, began to suspect something was amiss after her daughter had stayed out all night following a phone call from a girl who said Claire would spend the night with her. It was then that she decided to read Claire’s diary for the first time. She told her daughter she must never see the DJs concerned again and ‘grounded’ her for a month.

‘I’d been worried about her for some time,’ Mrs McAlpine said in an interview back then. ‘She was mad about the pop scene and always talking about disc jockeys and pop stars she met and how wonderful they all were. She simply idolised them. ‘I was very disturbed by other references in the diary, which mentioned many names. Some of the passages were so shocking that I would rather not repeat them. But the police know what they said.’

Just one month after Mrs McAlpine opened that diary, Claire was dead. Jenni Bale knew Claire. She was 22 and also a dancer on Top Of The Pops. She says one of the DJs who abused Claire was Jimmy Savile, who ‘bluffed his way out of it’.

‘Claire’s diary entries were later described as fantasy by the police, a terrible slur against someone who couldn’t defend herself,’ said Jenni. ‘I believe Claire lost her life all those years ago because of what was done to her. She would probably be a mother herself now.’ We now know that Jimmy Savile was almost certainly one of the DJs named in Claire’s diary. The question is: who were the others? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti…-involved.html

“Savile was questioned by reporters at the time – Clair’s death was big news – but he brazened it out. “I studied a photograph of Samantha very closely. I cannot recollect ever seeing the girl in my life,” he said on the eve of Clair’s inquest in April 1971. As if to emphasise the point, Savile went on: “The younger ones, the 14 to 16-year-olds, don’t even think about sex. In fact they would be most offended if you suggested anything sexual to them.” Savile then added darkly: “The BBC is a big family. Turn over any family stone and you will find all sorts of peculiar goings on. Our family is no worse than anyone else’s.” [How Jimmy Savile Master Manipulator evaded exposure as a paedophile, Daily Telegraph]

“Inside the BBC family, there must have also been worries over Clair’s death. Her diaries name a number of prominent figures, including apparently some fanciful names such as Frank Sinatra and Rock Hudson.” [How Jimmy Savile Master Manipulator evaded exposure as a paedophile, Daily Telegraph]

“There were other clues perhaps the BBC should have spotted then and which will no doubt form part of its own inquiry now. A News of the World investigation in 1971 accused Top of the Pops’ official photographer Harry Goodwin, a close friend of Savile’s, of taking pornographic photos of girls backstage and of even showing pornographic movies. Mr Goodwin carried on working on Top of the Pops until 1973. Asked about the newspaper’s allegations, Mr Goodwin, 88, from Manchester, said: “I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t want anything to do with this.” His agent threatened The Sunday Telegraph with a libel action if his name was mentioned. There is no suggestion Mr Goodwin was involved in the sexual abuse of under age girls.” [How Jimmy Savile Master Manipulator evaded exposure as a paedophile, Daily Telegraph]

April – Longford’s Porn Inquiry announced

7 April 1971 http://news.google.com/newspapers?id…g=2413,2439698 The Sun – Apr 7, 1971 He outlined a speech he planned to deliver at noon to the Men’s Canadian club. … Sir Peter, who travelled through town in a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce, said the Heath government plans no subsidies of “lame duck” industries.

21 April 1971: Lord Longford launches his Inquiry into Pornography announcing it in the House of Lords. Just after Claire Ufland’s


May 1971: Peter Righton establishes ACCESS with Dr Robert Chartham / Ronald Seth as trustee – watched by MI5?

Doreen Cordell and Peter Righton team up to create ACCESS with Dr Robert Chartham/Ronald Seth who MI5 have blocked for sensitive jobs since a suspicion he was a double agent during a SOE mission in Estonia during WWII

Christmas 1971/January 1972: Bishop of Stepney and Jack Profumo give Peter Righton their patronage


11 June 1971: Bert Ambrose, the bandleader from Savile’s time at the Ilford Palais de Danse during 1956/57 dies. It was during the recording of one of Kirby’s television programmes (at the Yorkshire TV studios) that Ambrose collapsed, dying later the same night in Leeds General Infirmary. https://bitsofbooksblog.wordpress.com/2014/06/04/come-dancing-1954-1957-ilford-palais/

July 1971 – Trial of the ‘Beast of Jersey’ Edward Paisnel

Monday 19 July 1971: Lord Beaumont, former Liberal Treasurer and Chair, invites Peter Righton and 11 other friends of the Albany Trust to the House of Lords to discuss the future of the Trust.

July 1971: Peter Righton at the House of Lords – Lord Beaumont calls an Emergency Meeting of the Albany Trust

Crowds try to see sex case man (20.07.71) Daily Mail, 20th July 1971 – Edward Paisnel, Jersey

August 1971

2 August http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/406…mpton-patients SERIAL sex abuser Jimmy Savile was photographed with potentially dangerous patients from high security Rampton mental hospital on a fun day trip to Scarborough “an investigation by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust found 10 patients and some staff took a coach trip with Savile on August 2, 1971. They visited an ice cream parlour, went on a boat trip, had tea with the Lord Mayor, met some Scarborough officials and The Duchess [Savile’s mother]. “A group photograph was taken in the grounds of the Town Hall. No incidents were reported and all patients behaved impeccably,” said the report. “Eight patients have been identified and records for these patients have been reviewed.” The report says there was a second trip to Scarborough on September 21, 1972. Savile, 12 patients, nine staff and took a special train that was met by British Rail officials. “Patients visited the amusements, the zoo and met The Duchess again.”

Playland Trial #1: R v Prichodsky and O’Neill (10 August 1971) The Times, 11 August 1971Read more at:https://www.byline.com/column/27/article/539

August 1971: Child Psychiatrist Dr Fraser travels to London with a 13 year old Belfast boy from the Scout Troop Dr Fraser had founded. The child was characterised as having a drug problem and having had homosexual experience in order to mitigate Dr Fraser’s sexual offence against him. It works and the GMC don’t strike him off. [Child Psychiatrist’s ‘squalid act’ with boy, 18 July 1973, The Times, see excerpt below]

28th August CHE protest at age of consent. – CHE’s name changes once more, to the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE). It raises money to rent an office in Manchester and employ a full-time General Secretary, Paul Temperton, and it sets out “to become a fully democratic membership organisation”. In this year (28th August) CHE members will take part in the first major gay demonstration in London, nominally to protest at the age of consent.


‘Black magic’ story in isle sex trial (03.09.71) Daily Mail, 3rd September 1971

September 1971: Lord Beaumon’ts letters and Peter Righton meets Jack Profumo at Toynbee Hall



31 October: Savile turns 45


8 December: Jack Profumo, Warden of Toynbee Hall, offers Peter Righton’s counselling group ACCESS accommodation at Toynbee Hall, Commercial Road, East End.

Christmas 1971/January 1972: Bishop of Stepney and Jack Profumo give Peter Righton their patronage

Paisnel gets 30 years (14.12.71) Daily Mail, 14th December 1971

The Nationwide Festival of Light has a mass rally in Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park  – the journalist and author Malcolm Muggerdige and Cliff Richard support Mary Whitehouse in the shortlived grassroots Christian movement against permissive society

1972 – ‘Lucky Jim’ and his OBE

1972 – 1976: The Art of Pervasion – Playland, Paedophiles, Power and Politics 

1972: Lloyd’s opened its membership to Americans, and began to recruit more members. Membership rose to 10,662 in 1977, to 23,436 in 1984, and peaked at 32,433 in 1988.

Ronald Cooper, Leeways Home, Lewisham

During 1972 complaints about Ronald Cooper at Leeways Home, Lewisham surface, according to a 3 month inquiry and report published in 1985 following Cooper’s conviction in June of that year:

“Senior staff at Lewisham social services department have been strongly criticised for failing to follow up complaints about the head of a children’s home who was convicted earlier this year on charges of gross indecency with youngsters in his care.

The report of the three-month long inquiry into events at the Leeways children’s home says there was criticism of Ronald Cooper as early as 1972, 12 years before he was arrested and resigned as head of the home.

By 1978, senior members of the department were aware of complaints about his behaviour, but the report stressed they did not realise the full extent of his activities.

Cooper was jailed for four years at the Old Bailey in June after admitting charges of gross indecency and of taking obscene photographs.” SWT, Social Work Today, Volume 17, Issues 1-17 British Assn. of Social Workers., 1985

Criminal Justice Act 1972 – excludes s.8 SOA 1967 from applying where offences under Indecency with Children Act 1960?

1972: Savile witnessed indecently assaulting a patient at Leeds General Infirmary, Brotherton Wing

It was the Sunday People, under the editorship of Geoffrey Pinnington (1972 – 1982), that first covered Geoffrey Dickens MP calls to outlaw the Paedophile Information Exchange about six months to a year after it had first been formed

The diaries found in the raid on Sir Peter Hayman’s flat in Notting Hill were, according to Private Eye, written from 1972 onwards covering 6 years until discovered in October 1978:

“The earlier diaries cover part of Sir Peter’s term as British High Commissioner in Canada from 1970 to 1974 and would have made him a certain victim of blackmail had they fallen into the wrong hands. Hayman had previously held top posts in the Ministry of Defence and the UK delegation to NATO.” Hayman Caught With His Fingers In The PIE Private Eye Edition 498, Jan 1981

26 January 1972: Peter Righton’s ‘enforced withdrawal’ as Chairman of ACCESS due to appointment at the National Children’s Bureau

February 1972

3 February 1972: Savile pictured outside BBC TV Centre with ‘Lucky Jim’ poster – not clear what it was advertising apart from Savile’s Fix It powers: “The ‘Lucky Jim poster can bring you health, wealth, happiness. This is a genuine duplicate signature and what’s more Jimmy has actually touched YOUR poster!.” Presumably Savile had already been notified of his forthcoming investiture and was pre-loading the celebrity pipeline with plenty of self-promotion to make the most out of his moment receiving the honour from the Queen. “The posters feature a portrait of the dj, along with a text reading: The ‘Lucky Jim poster can bring you health, wealth, happiness. This is a genuine duplicate signature and what’s more Jimmy has actually touched YOUR poster!’”. (Photo by Keystone Features/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


March 1972 – Playland Trial No. 1 & Savile’s OBE

1 March 1972  / Playland/Piccadilly Circus Trial #2.: Old Bailey Trial of 1 March 1972 (reported in Evening Standard) – ref. The Dilly Boys, Mervyn Harris

Playland Trial #1 Appeal lodged: On 2 March 1972, within seven months of Prichodsky and O’Neill being sentenced they successfully lodged a right to appeal. Read more at:https://www.byline.com/column/27/article/539

21 March 1972: Savile is pictured dressed up in a top and tails having received his OBE at Buckingham Palace, taking the Duchess along with him. Joe Tyrer, a fellow porter accompanies the Duchess and Savile to the Palace.

April 1972 – Savile in Bournemouth, Maxwell Confait murdered in Catford

22 April : The London Fire Brigade was called to 27 Doggett Road, Catford, in southeast London, England, the home of Maxwell Confait, at 0121hrs on 22 April 1972.

24th April: Savile pictured presenting Top of the Pops in a mandarin collar tapestry coat, after receiving his OBE

26 April 1972: Recently the Scottish-born psychiatrist, Dr Morris Fraser, after visits to Watts and Harlem concluded conditions were worse in some ways in Northern Ireland.” [House of Representatives, Congress, Extension of Remarks, April 26 1972]

April: Savile Purchases Bournemouth flat on East Cliff, frequents Norwegian Wood Cafe on Glen Fern Road

“Lindsey Webb, 52, owner of the Glen Fern Road cafe, said: “At the time we didn’t think anything of it, it was like ‘Oh, it’s Jimmy Savile’. Now it’s like ‘Oh my God!’ ”

She believed Savile owned the whole block when it was a nightclub complex during the 1960s and 70s.

She said: “He definitely would have been our landlord.

Staff at the neighbouring Ambassador Snooker Club and Laser Quest also said they understood Savile had formerly owned the basement nightclub complex.

Savile bought a flat on Bournemouth’s East Cliff and moved in during April 1972.

He worked as a public relations consultant for the Maison Royale/Le Cardinal nightlclub complex on Glen Fern Road from 1973 until 1978.”[  Bournemouth Cafe scrubs disgraced Jimmy Savile’s name from its history, 11 October 2012, Bournemouth Echo]

June 1972

26 June 1972: Play land Trial #1 Appeal: The appeal was heard on 26 June by Lord Justice Roskill, Mr Justice Milmo and Mr Justice Bridge. Read more at:https://www.byline.com/column/27/article/539

Savile appears on the very first issue front cover of Gay News

July 1972

5 July: Jeremy Thorpe and his 5 Liberal colleagues in the House of Commons put down an Early Day Motion headed ‘Allegations of Corruption in Public Life’ calling for an immediate inquiry into the Poulson allegations.

“Thorpe also had reason to be grateful to Maudling for covering up a scandal on his behalf….Scott’s allegations reached senior Liberals in 1971 and they conducted a secret inquiry. Maudling was approached for assistance in the investigation and, despite the existence of bulging police and MI5 file on Thorpe’s relationship with Scott and his other sexual adventures, confined himself to a short statement that endorsed Thorpe’s version of events and implicitly agreed with his assessment of Scott as a ‘nutcase’.” [Reggie, Lewis Baston p.424]

The Times, July 6th, 1972 Basil Gingell, ‘Dr Robinson puts case for age of consent to be 14′

18 July 1972: Reggie Maudling forced to resign as Home Secretary over Poulson

September 1972

21 September 1972 2 August http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/406…mpton-patients The report says there was a second trip to Scarborough on September 21, 1972. Savile, 12 patients, nine staff and took a special train that was met by British Rail officials. “Patients visited the amusements, the zoo and met The Duchess again.”

September 1972 Abraham Jacob transfers to old people’s home in Crouch Hill Lygoe House and in 1973 he moves to Preedy House in Islington.

Islington Gazette 23 May 1986

Islington Gazette 23 May 1986

October 1972 – The Duchess dies and Cyril Smith becomes MP for Rochdale,

9 October – Agnes Savile ‘The Duchess’ dies

26/10/1972 Rochdale By-Election Smith Wins 26 Oct 1972 rochdale by-election smith wins for liberals

November 1972

Michael Havers is appointed Solicitor General for England & Wales, 5 November 1972 – 4 March 1974. He had been MP for Wimbledon since June 1970.

Choir girl accuses padre (08.11.72) Daily Mail, 8th November 1972

23 November 1972: Playland Trial #2 defendants appeal – Archer, Ashby, Jones

On 23 November 1972, three defendants – David Archer, Ian Ashby and Leroy Jones were given leave to appeal. Only Archer was represented by Mr J.O’Connor – Ashby and Jones were also appealing but did not appear and weren’t legally represented.

Read more at:https://www.byline.com/column/27/article/539

1973 – The year Kincora allegations start to surface

Chester branch of CHE 300 starts during 1973?

1973: Ralph Rokeby-Johnson, a senior underwriter and later a member of the Asbestos Working Party, advised his close friends that asbestosis would bankrupt Lloyd’s.In the case Borel v. Fibreboard Paper Products, the judge stated that 1 in 10 (21 million) Americans had been exposed to asbestos related products at home or at work.U.S. direct insurers inserted an asbestos exclusion clause in all general liability policies. Lloyd’s suppressed information relating to the losses, and started to recruit more members in the U.K. Australian, Canada, South Africa, and elsewhere.


28 February 1973: Heath fund aids taxi men’s children’s treat [The Times] Heath’s fund also donated to Stoke Mandeville Hospital for research and Kent Association of Youth Clubs.


April 1973: ‘Heath keeps watch on vice probe in high society’; ‘Top People in Sex Ring Probe’

On 30th April 1973 The Sun had already declared ‘Heath keeps watch on vice probe in high society’ and the News of the World had duly reported ‘Top People in ‘Sex Ring’ Probe. A top secret Scotland Yard and MI5 investigation into public figures involved in an international ‘vice racket’ was in progress and news had already spread to the States where The New York Daily News suggested the ‘vice racket’ may involve Government officials and ‘leading members of the aristocracy’. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Ernest Bond and Det Chief Supt. Bert Wickstead were leading the investigation.


May 1973 – Lambton scandal, Dr Morris Fraser suspended, Macmillan alleged to have sendt out official warning re ‘impersonators’ of public figures abusing/approaching children, The Sun announces ‘Call Boy Sensation’

28/02/1973 The Times

28/02/1973 The Times


Dr Morris Fraser is suspended from Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast after being charged for involvement in a Long Island, New York child procurement and abuse ring

Sunday 04/05/1973 Children’s Dr on 27 sex charges Dr Morris suspended in Belfast, Daily Mail 5th May 1973 – Living with parents in Belfast – Suspended on return from bail hearing in NY

4 May 1973: Child-psychiatrist, 7 others charged in sex abuse of 15 boys (Arizona Republic)

A New York Times article (abstract): ‘Dr. Morris Fraser, the Belfast psychiatrist who was indicted along with seven other men in New York on Thursday on charges of committing sexual offenses with boys, said today that “my innocence is beyond Question.”‘

In 1995 the Sunday Mirror would report:

“DR RODERICK FRASER (THE MOLESTER): The 55-year-old Belfast-born doctor has a 20-year record of sex offences against children.

Yet he was allowed to stay on the GMC’s register of practitioners, despite his latest conviction in 1995 for offences against a teenage boy.

The GMC said he could keep working so long as he was not in contact with children. So he signed on for geriatric work. But he used his respectable “Dr” title to get a job with a charity involving deprived boys.

In the early 1970s he attracted attention for his work with child victims of the Ulster troubles while he was under investigation for involvement with a New York paedophile ring.

He was later convicted of sex offences involving a 13-year-old Belfast Scout during a trip to London and making indecent films of eight and 12-year-olds. He contacted them through the charity. He was jailed in 1993.

Inquiries revealed that the GMC had earlier made an agreement with Fraser that he would not practise as a doctor.

Fraser is now believed to be living in Amsterdam.”

Tuesday 22 May 1973: Lord Lambton, MP resigns having been snapped at 9 Marlborough Court, Maida Vale with prostitute Norma Levy – News of World run expose scandal


22 May 1973: Former Solicitor General David Anderson MP (Con: ex-Dumfrieshire) says ‘men in public life’ received an ‘official warning’ in a letter from Prime Minister Harold Macmillan that there was a possibility men had been impersonating them and propositioning children sexually? as The Glasgow Herald – breach of the peace incident involving two 14 year old girls

Gadsden Times, 22 May 1973

Gadsden Times of 22 May 1973: British Sex Scandal may involve others











Wednesday 23 May 1973: Lord Jellicoe resigns – Vice-ring report for Premier The Glasgow Herald – a British diplomat involved in a vice-ring is reported by Germany’s Stern magazine

Picture 28

“We are only concerned with the possible leakage of Nato secrets and the German branch of the vice ring, which might benefit from indiscretions of German diplomats and leakages of secrets through ‘blackmail’.

Our main concern is the people behind this ring. Under the control of a Mafia-type organisation, or an alien secret service, such a vice ring could be a most effective source of state secrets.

In London the Foreign Office refused to comment on the report from Hamburg.”

In the midst of being prosecuted Parker Rossman made it clear how he knew what he knew about who he knew in an article, ‘The Pederasts’ in a journal ‘Society’. [Society, March 1973, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp 29-35]

Read more at:https://www.byline.com/column/27/article/539

26 May: The Sun reports ‘Call Boy Sensation’

27 May: News of the World report that Attorney-General Sir Peter Rawlinson, DPP Sir Norman Skelhorne and Det Chief Supt. Albert Wickstead had met the previous week to decide what to take while inquiries were continuing into the ‘homosexual call boy system’ which has been uncovered.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 21.44.57

 June 1973

15 June: Roy Fontaine, killer butler, steals an attache case from a briefcase was reported as belonging to a Mr S Guinness a First Secretary at the Foreign Office who was on secondment to the Cabinet Office, a member of Rothschild “Think Tank”, and who had said he left his briefcase by the front door to discover it had been stolen from his home on his return (Butler hid stolen Cabinet papers in wine store, The Guardian 11 August 1973 – see above).

“Before Commander Wilson could register a response, Roy continued, ‘How many years are you going to give me for nicking a poxy fucking briefcase? If the Government fucks with me, I will fuck with them. I have deposited with several friends and my legal representatives of my sexual liasions with Lord Mountbatten, Lord Boothby and Vic Oliver. In the event of anything untoward happening to me, these are to be sent to various newspapers along with a vivid description of the sexual shenanigans currently taking place between government ministers and male prostitutes in a swanky gay club off Park Lane. The club is very popular with prominent members of Ted Heath’s Conservative Government, which, as you will be aware, Commander, is at this moment  running the country under the banner of restoring wholesome family values.’”


July 1973 – Dr Morris Fraser

18th July 1973: Doctor’s Lapse [Daily Mail] Senior Psychiatric Registrar at Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast was suspended 2 months previously (reported by Daily Mail above re 27 sex charges in NY)

20 July 1973: The DPP’s offices are broken into and indecent photos are taken relating to a case [see @tombateman’s timeline 8/3/2015 for doc below /BBC R4 journalist]

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 08.33.47

Jimmy Savile’s visit to NI – “There were no more bombs in 1973”. [Dan Davies, In Plain Sight]


September 1973 – Murder of Brian McDermott (10) in Belfast

2nd Sept – Brian McDermott (10) badly mutilated torso found in south belfast

Mutilated body of boy in river (10.9.73) Irish Times, 10th September 1973

R.U.C. seeks men to help in inquiry (15.9.73) Irish Times, 15th September 1973

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October 1973

28 October 1973 – Mrs Valerie Shaw informs Ian Paisley of Kincora rumours

November 1973

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 14.44.06

Irish Times, 27 Jan 1982


4 November 1973 – Brother McGrath assists at a service at Ireland’s Heritage Orange Lodge?

In November – December 1973 Mervyn Harris, South African journalist and author of The Dilly Boys which examines Piccadilly Circus and ‘male prostitution’ also published a three-part article in The Spectator (On the Dilly – Part 2, 1 December 1973, On the Dilly – Part 3, 8 December 1973)

The Rt. Hon. Edward Heath, Prime Minister, addressing the British nation during the economic crisis, 13th December 1973.

‘Harder Christmas we have known since the war.’

Especially for those under threat of blackmail, as the 6 month countdown to the next General Election in February began.

23 November 1973: Albany Society Ltd 3rd Annual General Meeting – David Kerr MP (Labour ex Wandsworth Central 1964 – 1970) becomes Chairman, Grey as Secretary and Ian Dunn, who co-founds PIE in less than 12 months’ time

1974 – The Year of 2 General Elections & PIE’s formation

February 1974: General Election No.1

28 February 1974: Same day as General Election Dr Morrison Fraser pleaded guilty to charges of sodomy of 3 boys in connection with the Brehm/Rossman Nassau County & Long Island international in Suffolk County court [New York Times, 1/3/1974]

March 1974:

Monday 11 March : Dr Morrison Fraser appears before the GMC Disciplinary Hearing for a second time – postponed for 4 months until July 1974.

George Parker Rossman sentenced to 5 years’ probation and a ban from Suffolk County [East Hampton Star, NY, 14 March 1974]

April 1974:

Trevor Huddleston and the DPP; Kenneth Lennon, IRA/Special Branch Informant murdered after statement to NCCL

  • 3rd April: A mother complains about sexual harassment of her two school-age sons by Trevor Huddleston, anti-apartheid campaigner and Church of England Bishop of Stepney at  Royal St Katherine’s, Tower Hill
  • 4th April: Huddleston was charged with 4 separate offences against boys under s. 1(1) Indecency with Children Act 1960.
  • 16 April: Letter sent from DPP’s office by Michael Evelyn with decision not to prosecute Huddleston
  • 17 April: Kenneth Lennon is murdered in Chipstead, Surrey. A few days before he had taken an 8,000 word statement to NCCL’s General Secretary Martin Loney claiming he was forced by the police to become an undercover agent for the Special Branch and infiltrate the Ira. He claimed in his statement that he was receiving regular instructions and payments from the Special Branch.  A copy of the statement was sent to Roy Jenkins, the Home Secretary. Martin Loney demanded a full parliamentary inquiry into activities of Special Branch. Kincora had already started to bubble to the surface with Valerie Shaw’s report on McGrath to Ian Paisley.
  • 23 April: On St George’s Day Bishop of Stepney, Trevor Huddleston  attended Leman Street police station in Whitechapel with Detective Chief Superintendent P. Amoss and is told Assistant DPP Michael Evelyn (also known as prolific crime writer Michael Underwood – his obituary here) has decided not to prosecute.Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 20.45.10
The Guardian, 17 April 1974 'Lennon said; Yard forced me into crime'

The Guardian, 17 April 1974 ‘Lennon said; Yard forced me into crime’
























May 1974: Playland Piccadilly Circus co-defendants under surveillance

  • 17 May 1974: Porn rampant in Broadmoor (The Guardian, 17 May 1974)
  • Novac, Raywood, and Andrew-Cohen were convicted of conspiring together between the 13th May and the 24th July, 1974,
  • Martin Loney is ousted as General Secretary to NCCL, replaced by Patricia Hewitt


The Guardian, Friday 14 June 1974

The Guardian, Friday 14 June 1974

Johnny Savile, Jim's elder brother stands as a Liberal candidate for Battersea North in February 1974, championed by Honour Blackman

Johnny Savile, Jim’s elder brother stands as a Liberal candidate for Battersea North in February 1974, championed by Honour Blackman
















July 1974

15 – 18 July: Dr Morrison Fraser’s 3rd GMC disciplinary hearing is postponed again for an entire year until 1975

16 July 1974: Lil Butler hosts a fundraising/networking party for Albany Trust [

Charles Hornby is arrested




October 1974: PIE forms & General Election No.2

  • 10 October 1974: second General Election – Wilson wins with slim majority
  • New MPs include Charles Irving MP for Cheltenham, Gloucester who holds the constituency until his retirement in 1992 (now alleged to have been involved in abuse of boys and young men forced into prostitution through blackmail The Mirror, 20 September 2014)  – Cheltenham is where Geoffrey Prime PIE Spy is operating and will be put on trial and imprisoned in 1982
  • First advert for PIE  in Gay News 56 on 17 October 1974 Read more at:https://www.byline.com/column/27/article/348
  • October 1974 PIE formed Ian Campbell Dunn Michael Hanson some point in October 1974 as reported in various sources to collate here (Daily Mail)
  • 1974 – 1979: Melvyn Rees is Home Secretary under James Callaghan as Prime Minister , Labour;

November 1974

8 November 1974: “On the 8 November 1974, Colin Wallace wrote a memo highlighting the abuse of inmates at this hostel, the Kincora Boys’ Home. His conclusion, cited in Paul Foot’s book, was that the Army should seek to have matter investigated by the RUC and by responsible journalists, something that ultimately did not happen for another six years.”


December 1974

December 1974: Grey asks Sara Morrison, Sir Peter Morrison’s sister-in-law to be Chairman of Albany Trust which she declines being busy at Conservative Central Office as Vice-Chairman. Grey is introduced to Keith Jospeh for lunch by Sara Morrison?

Grey reports successful negotiations with Tony Hart at the Home Office re H.O. Grant and Albany Trust moves to 31/33 Clapham Road in the new year


1975 – PIE affiliates with NCCL, The Playland Cover-Up, Johnny Go Home & Roger Gleaves

During 1975 NCCL’s Nettie Pollard invites PIE affiliation? (Daily Mail) – Letter 13th May 1975 from Pollard

Fr Ingram, Holy Priory Cross, Leics – dates for living in Leics? https://www.newgon.com/wiki/Michael_Ingram

Sir Peter Hayman at Linden Gardens, W2 during 1975 Peter Henderson

1975 lecture by Righton at London Hospital “Social Work with Sexual Minorities” 

BASW Camden and Islington branch “The links between field and residential work” Peter Righton NISW 1975

February 1975 – NI Secretary Merlyn Rees alerted to Kincora

On 1 February 1990 Merlyn Rees (formerly Secretary of State for Northern Ireland states the following in the House of Commons (reported in the Glasgow Herald)

The first I heard of this was in February 1975, when someone came into my office and said that a classified document had been handed into the police. Mr James Kilfedder (Down North – Popular Unionist) asked a question in the Commons and was told this was a matter for the police.”

“Former Labour Northern Ireland Secretary Mr Merlyn Rees (Morley and South Leeds) said the Prime Minister could not duck the questions over what he referred to as “dirty tricks”, by claiming the House and Ministers were misled under a Labour Government.

The fact that former Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington and former Home Secretary Lord Whitelaw had been consulted over the matter indicated the issue went back as far as 1971, 1972 and 1973.

Later, during his statement to the Commons, Defence Secretary Mr Tom King refused a request from the Shadow Defence Secretary Mr Martin O’Neill to broaden the terms of the inquiry.

Mr King rejected criticisms that the inquiry would not be penetrating enough because the man who is to lead it, Mr Calcutt, could not compel witnesses or provide immunity from prosecution.”

In February 1975 20 year old ‘David’ arrives in London, (I was abused by top Tories and then blackmailed to keep quiet, The Mirror, 19 July 2014) goes to Piccadilly Circus and alleges he was blackmailed by a pimp Kevin who supplies men and boys for politicians, some celebrating their first year in office?

10 February 1975: Four new trustees join Albany Trust – Sue Barnett (Grapevine/ FPA); Harold Haywood OBE; Tony Smythe (MIND); Rodney Bennett-England

 March 1975

July 1975

Monday 07/07/1975 MP writes letter to 13 yr old boy 07 Jul 1975 – Date of Greville Janner’s letter to 13 yr old boy/ Frank Beck trial in 1991

Monday 14 July 1975: Child psychiatrist’s case discharged [The Guardian] Dr Morris Fraser and the General Medical Council – he moves into treating elderly patients.

August 1975

Spotlight: The Playland Cover-Up August 1975 “Kenneth Martin was jailed in 1975 for his part in a child sex ring around the Playland amusement arcade in London’s Piccadilly”. More on Playland here.

PIE Chairperson's Report 1975/1976

PIE Chairperson’s Report 1975/1976

September 1975 – MIND ‘Sexual Minorities Workshop’ brings together Antony Grey (SLRS), Harold Haywood (Albany Trust) and Keith Hose (PIE)

October 1975

On 16 October 1975 Coulson committed suicide, drowning after an overdose of sleeping tablets. Obituaries paying tribute to his talent for Sanskrit and fearless work for SMG were published in The Times (27 October 1975) and Gay News No. 82. A third was published in PIE Newsletter No.8, revealing Dr Michael Coulson as PIE member No.2

Read more at:https://www.byline.com/column/27/article/348

Yorkshire Ripper murders start on 30 October

The first victim to lose her life was Wilma McCann on 30 October. McCann, from the Chapeltown district of Leeds, was a mother of four. Sutcliffe struck her twice with a hammer before stabbing her 15 times in the neck, chest and abdomen.

November 1975

PIE make submission to Home Office Criminal Law revision Committee proposing the abolition of the age of consent [PIE Chairperson’s Report 1975/1976 / Ian Pace’s Blog]

PIE Chairman's Report 1975/1976

PIE Chairman’s Report 1975/1976

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