1976 – Wilson resigns, Callaghan Labour PM, Sir Knox Cunningham MP & Tom Driberg die, Playland Trial dossier threat & appeal,

  • During 1976, Savile sells 22 Consort Terrace to Leeds Corp and squatters move in.
  • John Pearson publishes James Bond: The Authorised Biography.
  • The Sunday Times publishes the Jeremy Thorpe-Norman Scott letters.
  • Johnny Go Home  the book by Meakin & Willis is published in 1976

“Playland is a revised and expanded British edition of For Money or Love by Robin Lloyd, published in New York by Vanguard Press Inc (1976). 

“Boy prostitution is a taboo subject. Only occasionally does a major scandal or a television like Johnny Go Home uneasily stir the public conscience. Yet, as Mr Lloyd reveals, both here and in the United States, boy whores present a major social problem. 

“Mr Lloyd has pursued his investigations in London, Bradford, Manchester, Leicester and Brighton, and has received help and advice from probation officers, court officials, solicitors and police officers. 

“He explains how boys come into prostitution and how they operate, looking for money and for affection. His investigation discusses the background forces – parents, school, environment – which drive the boys on to the streets and he shows that they have become a deeply disturbing factor of metropolitan life. 

“This book may offend – there is sex and perversion, people who don’t give a damn and who are out to make a fast buck. But there are others who do care, who want to resolve the problem of boy prostitution – including the author himself, who brings to light with substance and understanding a subject dealt with previously in book form only in pornography.”  (from the book jacket of Robin Lloyd’s Playland)

(from the jacket)

1976: Who was the 3rd Scottish Minorities Group founder of PIE?

January 1976: NCCL meeting at Red Cap Mother Pub – Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt attend

‘Meanwhile, minutes of an NCCL meeting held at the Mother Red Cap pub in north London in January 1976 attended by Mr Dromey and Ms Hewitt have also emerged. The minutes state “it was agreed that our evidence should propose that if a partner in a sexual relationship was under 10 she/he is presumed incapable of consent.

“If the partner is over 10 and under 14 there is a rebuttable presumption that no consent was given. But the defendant should have to prove that the child consented and understood the nature of the act to which consent was given.”’ [http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/exclusive-high-court-judge-anselm-eldergill-resigned-in-disgust-from-1970s-humanrights-group-over-paedophile-link-9161400.html Tom Harper, 24 February 2014]

March 1976: NCCL leaflet on consent

April 1976: James Callaghan

5 April 1976: James Callaghan takes over as Labour PM on Wilson’s resignation

May 1976

Sat 8 May 1976 PIE hold their Annual General Meeting with Keith Hose as Chairman – Other members of the Executive Committee? See further Ian Pace’s blog with Chairperson’s report from 1975/1976 Keith Hose

17 May 1976: Alleged BOSS smears against Liberal MPs and Andre Thorne (aged 20) start to be reported in The Times [see Needleblog for timeline of Times articles reporting https://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/2015/03/22/boss-blackmail-and-the-paedophile-mp/]

Kincora Scandal, CHris Moore, p.76

Kincora Scandal, CHris Moore, p.76

Legalise Child Sex - Call, Sheffield Morning Telegraph, 26/08/1975

Legalise Child Sex – Call, Sheffield Morning Telegraph, 26/08/1975

July 1976

  • 29 July 1976: Sir Knox Cunningham dies

August 1976

  •  12 August 1976: Tom Driberg MP dies.
  • Sex Pistols do their first live television performance of Anarchy in the UK in August 1976.


October 1976

Oct/Nov 1976: Save the Children advertises in PIE Newsletter No.6?

October/November 1976: Grey invites Ian Dunn to be an Albany Trustee and travels to Edinburgh to meet Dr Alan Rodger (Thatcher’s future Lord Advocate

October 1976: Did NCCL’s trawl of List 99 radicalise PIE’s Tom O’Carroll?

Autumn 1976 – first AT Work newsletter of Albany Trust published

antony grey 1992

antony grey 1992

November: Playland Trial No.3 – some convictions quashed, David Archer’s ‘dossier threat’

  • Three weeks before the Albany Trust was to be found batting away Whitehouse’s allegations against the Trust’s Youth Worker, and ‘John’ had been co-drafting ‘Paedophilia: Some Questions and Answers’ in first draft, Haywood was busy convening an exciting new ‘informal’ venture at Earl’s Court, gathering a group of colleagues together to form a ‘Working Party’. Around the same time as Robin Lloyd was researching and writing his extended British version of ‘Playland’ the group had been established to investigate whether the provision of teenagers was being catered to by existing gay groups in Earl’s Court. Ric Rogers, Youth Worker for the Albany Trust was to act as Secretary. Albany Trustee, the Hon. Lucilla Butler, daughter-in-law of former Conservative MP who held 3 out of 4 of the premier offices of state Lord Butler (RAB) took a leading role. As did the Paedophile Information Exchange’s Charles Napier.
    See further: November 1976: Sir Harold Haywood & Charles Napier at Earl’s Court
  • 24 November 1976, “a violent storm burst around the Albany Trust. Mrs Mary Whitehouse, honorary General Secretary of The National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association, got shockwaves of national publicity for her claim (in a speech to a ‘Christian Lunch and Dinner Clubs’ meeting at Central Hall, Westminster) that the Albany Trust – which she described as ‘the homosexual lobby front runner’…providing funding for paedophiles (see Ian Pace’s blog here)
  • Daily Mail, 30 November 1976 – Playland Trial No. 3 – David Archer’s ‘dossier threat’. Four defendants in Playland trial have some of their convictions quashed and sentences set aside reducing their overall sentence. While this would have occurred within the time frame of Sir Norman Skelhorne holding the title of Director of Public Prosecutions there does not appear to be mention of this in his 1981 Memoirs ‘Public Prosecutor’ (a reversal of much of the decisions of the Old Bailey when it sat in September 1975). Skelhorne however does have something to say on the Maxwell Confait case which may be of interest which I will also post here.

December – Newcastle 55 boys abused, Hugh Roycroft refuses action

21 December 1976 Roycroft Report Tyneside Social Work today  Head of Social Services Department in Newcastle Hugh Bostock abused 55 boys and Roycroft refused to take action

Dec 1976: Lord Winstanley to Antony Grey: “Pursue Mrs Whitehouse to the end of the road, if not further!”

1977 – Year of PIE Conference and ‘Other People’s Children’

In 1977 Peter Righton is Director of Education at Nat. Inst. for Social Work. Righton tells magazine Social Work Today that sex with children in care shouldn’t result in automatic dismissal. The BBC produces a series of 19 short programmes for childminders called Other People’s Children. The Health Education Council publishes an accompanying book [with Jimmy Savile on theScreen Shot 2015-02-17 at 15.02.49 cover], which is sent free to every registered childminder in the country.

From Spotlight – the Mailbox Boys investigation began in 1977

A 1977-78 investigation which centred on a magazine called Mailbox Boys resulted in dozens of successful prosecutions. This was a mainly London-based network which operated out of a South-East London bookshop. If the Paedophile Information Exchange had been investigated in the same way then the number of prosecutions could have been huge. For more on the Mailbox Boys case, see News of the World 09.10.77 and News of the World 02.04.78

From 1977 Righton and members of the Paedophile Information Exchange were abusing a boy aged between 11 – 16 years (abuse ending approx 1983) as reported in the Mirror by Keir Mudie on 6th April 2013  – the child is taken to Cyril Smith to be abused.Michael Roberts reports being abused by Cyril Smith in association with his step-father Michael Horgan, the Mirror, 19 January 2013)

“In 1977 John Dwyer, a House-Father at Madonna House, a Sisters of Charity Home in Stillorgan, abducted a nine-year-old in care, Tommy Hayden, taking him to Edinburgh, where he subsequently drowned him in a hotel bath. In January 1978 Dwyer was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder. The Minister for Health and Social Welfare, Charles Haughey, could not “see that any benefit would be derived from holding a public inquiry”. The opportunities for inquiry and reform were legion.”

Johnnie Savile gets married in 1977 and is settled in Richmond, Surrey working at Springfield Psychiatric Hospital in Tooting from the mid 1970s. In 1981 it was reported that a Divisional Nursing Officer gave evidence to an Industrial Tribunal relating to Johnnie’s sacking stating he had no doubt the allegation was true.

Evening Times, Feb 2 1981

Evening Times, Feb 2 1981

  • 1977 Savile wins Mary Whitehouse Award for ‘wholesome entertainment’.
  • Home Office VSU starts funding PIE – between now and 1980 PIE will receive £70k (about £400k) in “hard-working” taxpayers’ money in order to campaign on issues such as lowering the age of consent to 4.

January 1977: With compliments from Ian Dunn and while you were out, Tony Smythe of MIND called

January 1977: Sir Harold Haywood invites Lord Winstanley, Cyril Smith’s Wesminster roommate and Liberal Peer joins the Albany Trust

February 1977 – R v Thorne, J King-Hamilton’s ‘blackmail comments’ cause furore with PIE

Thursday 03/02/1977 Judgment of Mr J King-Hamilton in PIE blackmail case of R v Thorne

Friday 04/02/1977  Blackmail after man applied to join paedophile organisation, The Times 04 Feb 1977 R v Thorne – The comments of Mr J King-Hamilton cause a furore amongst the PIE Executive Committee and a flurry of lobbying and a complaint from Jo Richardson MP (Labour, Barking) to Lord Elwyn-Jones

Saturday 05/02/1977 3rd Ripper murder at Roundhay near Savile’s penthouse flat, Irene Richardson is the victim

February 8 1977 Carstairs/Motherwell/Lanarkshire: “Savile – this month outed as a paedophile – hosted a fundraising show in aid of dependants of Carstairs murder victims, in Motherwell Concert Hall on February 8, 1977. The television personality and DJ, who died last year, visited the town following the horrific murders of a nurse, patient and police officer after two Carstairs state hospital inmates broke free in November 1976. Hours after visiting a Lanarkshire primary school, Savile was on stage compering a benefit gig for the families of those butchered. He was joined at the Concert Hall by members of the Bay City Rollers, including drummer Derek Longmuir and manager Tam Paton. Years later, Paton was found guilty of gross indecency with two teen boys and got three years in prison, while in 2000 Longmuir received 300 hours community service after police discovered child pornography.”

“Jo Richardson MP, the National Council for Civil Liberties and the Labour Campaign for Gay Rights are among the several individuals and organisations that have protested to the Lord Chancellor, on PIE’s behalf, over a judge’s comments at a recent Old Bailey trial.

They are demanding that the judge be disciplined, and are supporting the Exchange in its claim that the remarks may well have been a “serious breach of legal ethics.”

When sentencing Andre Stephen Thorne (21) to 3 years for theft and the attempted blackmail of a PIE applicant, the judge, Mr Justice King-Hamilton, said that PIE had “access to potential dynamite,” and added: “On the face of it, some sort of an offence is being committed by the person or persons running this organisation (THE SUN, Feb. 4th).. I wonder if the membership forms are collected from members of the public for the purposes of blackmail (SOUTH LONDON PRESS)?

PIE’s reaction was fast and furious. Secretary, Tom O’Carroll drafted an immediate letter to THE GUARDIAN; and on March the 17th, Deputy Leader, Warren Middleton despatched a press release announcing that the group would lodge the “strongest possible protest” with the Lord Chancellor and the Home Secretary.

Soon after, PIE’s Chairperson, Keith Hose, contacted the NCCL, finally requesting Jo Richardson (Labour, Barking) to table a question in the Commons. She declined, but has since filed an official complaint with Elwyn Jones.

The first of the protests, from the NCCL (29/3/’77), described the comments as “extremely unfortunate” and accused the judge of “misusing his position to make comments which were unwarranted and without any apparent foundation.”

Prompted by the reply which, said a Council official, was “totally unsatisfactory,” the NCCL then approached Lord Beaumont of Whitley asking him to raise the matter in the Lords. But he, too, declined.

Now, the Council is seeking the advice of Lord Hailsham, himself a former Lord Chancellor, and will act in accordance with his reply.”

The Glasgow Herald – Feb 9, 1977

“Jimmy helps fix it for villagers
By John Easton

Jimmy Savile fixed it yesterday for the kids and grown-ups of two Lanarkshire villages still living in the shadow of the break-out at the State Hospital in November, during which a nursing officer and a local policeman were killed.

For more than four hours the travels of the television whizz “kid” – in his own words, aged 17 and from heaven – took him round Carstairs and Carnwath as part of the fund-raising effort for the dependants of the dead men.

Dressed in a green track-suit the tireless Jimmy brought joy to the children of Carnwath primary school, pleasure to parents who huddled at street corners for a glimpse of the star, and comfort to the widows of the victims.

After a quick tour of the hospital itself, where he met senior staff, Jimmy called at the home in Carmwath of Mrs Marion McLellan, widow of the nursing officer who was killed after two inmates escaped.

Later he drew up in a gleaming green Mercedes outside Carstairs police station for tea and a chat with the widow of the popular local constable, Mr George Taylor, who was hacked to death after the break-out.

The lighter moments came when the “young” Mr Savile held court with the children at Carnwath school. He accepted the offer of a fat cigar from his eager admirers, and parried questions about his age.

Last night Jimmy appeared in a sell-out charity show at Motherwell Civic Centre, also in aid of the appeal fund which closes at the end of the month.

He telephoned from London to volunteer for yesterday’s walkabout, which has won him scores of new fans in the area.

And his verdict on the villagers: “Lovely, just lovely – how’s about that, then?”

15/02/1977 Peter Righton Sex & the residential worker Social Work Today

March 1977

03/03/1977 Tom O’Carroll: Winchester CHE On the 3rd of March, Tom O’ Carroll gave a talk about paedophilia and PIE to the Winchester branch of CHE [Campaign for Homosexual Equality]. This was his third public speaking engagement; if he did as well on the first two occasions as he did this time, then he has impressed and enlightened many people. Certainly his audience were impressed and even the most hostile questioner was won over by his performance . . Congratulations!(˜Secretary speaks to CHE”, p. 2)

March 1977: The weekend of discord: Arlo Tatum, Director of Peace News as Organising Secretary of Albany Trust and Roger Moody, Editor of Peace News and PIE member

In March 1977, PIE launched a new publication, Magpie, a type of paedophile’s magazine with news, features, film and book reviews (plundering such things for any possible paedophile elements), guides to sex tourism in other countries, contact details of sister organisations in these countries, advice on what to do if facing arrest or loss of job, and so on.

A 1977 edition of UP contained some information important in the context of NCCL, specifically the following exchange of correspondence between the Lord Chancellor’s Office and NCCL concerning PIE:


Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) is an organisation which is campaigning for law reform, and which offers counselling to paedophile people. It is an organisation which conducts its business in a lawful way and we have no evidence of its being at all involved in criminal activities. It is certainly not involved in blackmail.

As a result of the theft of some of PIE’s documents, a blackmail case arose. In the case, Regina V Thorne (3rd of the 2nd ’77), Thorne was charged with blackmail involving the use of the documents. Thorne was not a member of PIE, and he was in no way involved with the organisation and running of the group.

Mr Justice King-Hamilton, at the time of sentencing the case, remarked: “I wonder if membership forms are collected form members of the public for the purposes of blackmail?”

We feel the judge’s comments were extremely unfortunate and that they may have done serious damage to PIE’s reputation. We feel, moreover, that the judge was misusing his position to make comments which were unwarranted and without any apparent foundation.

We should be grateful for your comments on this.

Nettie Pollard,
Gay Rights Chairperson For The NCCL

April 1977

3 April: Vice case ‘squire’ gets a licence to kill (03.04.77) News of the World, 3rd April 1977 – Charles Hornby is allowed a gun licence despite having served a custodial sentence in the previous 5 years (having been released in July 1976 so barely 11 months earlier)

05/04/1977 Residential Homes to become polite brothels? Social work today april 1977

13/04/1977 Response to NCCL from Lord Chancellor’s office


I am desired by the Lord Chancellor to acknowledge your letter of the 29th March about Judge King-Hamilton.

It would be constitutionally quite improper for the Lord Chancellor to comment on remarks said to have been made by a judge in the course of a trial and prompted, doubtless, by the evidence given at that trial, and inferences drawn therefrom.

A.M.F. Webb
For HM’s Lord Chancellor

20/04/1977 Response from NCCL to Lord Chancellor’s Office


Thank you for your letter of the 13th April.

After consideration of the letter, we feel it apposite to ask if the Lord Chancellor feels it part of a judge’s proper function to allege that people who were not defendants at the trial have committed serious criminal offences without giving them an opportunity to answer these allegations, and without arranging for any investigation.
We refer to our previous comment that no evidence has been produced to suggest that the Paedophile Information Exchange, the organisation that was the subject of Justice King-Hamilton’s comments, is involved in any criminal activity.

We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Nettie Pollard.
(‘Protest and Reply’, UP, Vol. 1, No. 4 (1977), p. 7)

April 1977: Penthouse Magazine’s funding to NCCL for PIE’s Nettie Pollard’s role as Gay Rights Worker falters

23/04/1977 4th Ripper murder:

May 1977

U.K. deejay Jimmy Savile led the Central Remedial Clinic/Evening Herald sponsored walk for the 10th year running to help raise funds for the handicapped. Evergreen Records pushed out a single. “The Walk (Travel With Savile),” by Ann Lennon and M.O.R.E., a song specially written by Jimmy Kennedy. Proceeds from the disk sales will benefit the clinic and the walk itself attracted more than 15,000 people.

June 1977 – Queen’s Silver Jubilee Celebrations

The Leader-Post
Jun 7, 1977
“British Skies lit by Bonfire Flames”

The night sky above Britain glowed red Monday night as flames from thousands of bonfires rose to mark the official beginning of the Queen’s Silver jubilee celebrations.

The 51 year old Monarch lit a fuse which set alight a 40-foot high bonfire in the parklands beside Windsor Castle, on the western outskirts of London.

On the hilltops around, other bonfires was lit as soon as flames from the initial beacon were seen, and within minutes, bonfires were ablaze across Britain.”

19/06/1977 Tom Crabtree: Adults Only critique of PIE , The Guardian 19 Jun 1977 200 members

26/06/1977 5th ripper murder

July 1977

Hoard of porn at kids’ home (31.07.77) News of the World, 31st July 1977: Children’s home in Palmerston Road, Buckhurst Hill reported by a workman finding a large stash of pornography – Housefather, 35 year old Trevor Sleath and Peter Howarth, (from a children’s home in Hornchuch Essex being run by Tower Hamlets. Rev J.G. Froud, is chairman of Newham Council’s Social Services Committee.

Thatcher’s Summer Holidays on Sir Peter Morrison’s father’s “friendly isle” of Islay run for 3 consecutive summers, 1977, 1978 and 1979 according to The Glasgow Herald.

Thatcher flies to her friendly isle The Glasgow Herald – Aug 16, 1979 Thatcher took her first holiday here in 1977, goes again in 1978 and is on third consecutive summer holiday here with Sir Peter Morrison’s father Lord Margadale. Morrison is MP for Chester on the Welsh border and a Tory party whip at the time.”

August 1977 – Australian newspaper reports PIE claims at least 250 members

  • The Canberra Times – Wednesday 24 August 1977
    Paedophile meeting

    LONDON, Tuesday (AAP). – A British organisation – with members from the teaching profession and social workers – is to hold its first public meeting next week to campaign for legal sexual relations between adults and children, the Press Association reported.

    The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which claims at least 250 members mainly from professional groups dealing with juveniles, says it wants to “bring into the open” discussion about adults who are sexually attracted to children.

    The public meeting will be held at the Shaftsbury Motel, London, on September 1.

  • Hotel ban on paedophiles (The Times, 25/08/1977) Shaftesbury Hotel, London refuse PIE meeting booking after protests by staff
  • Child sex man is youth group administrator (25.08.77) Daily Telegraph, 25th August 1977; Charles Napier, working for Nucleus in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea is revealed to be Treasurer of PIE. PIE Conference booking at Shaftesbury Hotel, Monmouth Street lost 17 bookings and staff threatened to walk out.

  • Friday 26/08/1977 ¨Conference ban puts paedophile group further in the cold” 27th August 1977
  • 28/08/1977 Dutch MP backs child sex 28th August 1977
  • 29/08/1977 CHE Conference Nottingham harassment of PIE 29 Aug 1977 AGM
  • 30/08/1977 Paedophiles backed by Homosexuals The Times 30 Aug 1977

September 1977 – ‘Love & Attraction’ Swansea conference & PIE public meeting at Conway Hall

  • Thursday 01/09/1977 Paedo Group plans age of consent meetings The Guardian 01 sep 1977 – published on the day the meeting at the Shaftesbury Hotel was scheduled to take place
  • Sunday 04/09/1977 Britain Intolerant on child sex The Observer 04 sep 1977
  • Monday 5th – Friday 9th September 1977: British Psychological Association International Conference on “Love and Attraction” at Swansea University takes place. Plummer, Ken. (1977). “Sociological Aspects of Pedophilia: paper to be presented as part of a symposium on pedophilia at the International conference on Love and Attraction, Swansea 5th-9th September, 1977.” 22p.
  • Friday 09/09/1977 Priests child sex views repudiated The Guardian  – Fr Michael Ingram Dominican Priest
  • Monday 19 September 1977: PIE meeting to discuss campaign to lower age of consent takes place at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square. ‘Three Men Fined after Paedophile Meeting’, (The Times, September 21st, 1977) GLF veterans acted as stewards for a PIE meeting in Red Lion Square meeting in 1977 (PIE and the Gay Left, Lucy Robinson
  • The Canberra Times – Wednesday 21 September 1977
    Violence greets paedophiles

    LONDON, Tuesday (AAP). — A mob of screaming angry people jostled, kicked, punched and threw rotten fruit and eggs at men arriving at a meeting organised in London last night by the sex-with-children group, the Press Associated reported.

    Police had to charge the crowds repeatedly to rescue people trying to get into the meeting at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square.

    Shouts of “Bring back hanging” and “Let the women get their hands on the perverts” greeted members of the Paedophile Information Exchange who want to legalise sex with consenting children.

    The group managed to hire the hall only after it had been banned from other London hotels following protests.

  • Friday 23/09/1977 Savile in Belfast NIA Youth Clubs A pop festival and peace rally will be held at Nutts Corner airport near Belfast on Sept. 23. Jimmy Savile will lead a walk to the rally which is being organised by the Northern Ireland Association of Youth Clubs . . .
  • Saturday 24/09/1977 Gays join PIE fight The Guardian 24 sep 1977

October 1977

01/10/1977 6th Ripper murder

This Circle of Evil (09.10.77) News of the World, 9th October 1977

November 1977 – Kincora Victim commits suicide

16 year old Kincora victim charged with burgary offences – says he has made a suicide pact with a fellow ex-resident. At his trial he asks repeatedly to see Kincora Warden Joseph Semple Mains threatening to “tell all”.

  • 26 November 1977 – Kincora victim on burglary charges who had escaped on remand the previous year is recaptured in Liverpool and throws himself over board on the ferry back to Northern Ireland Boy’s suicide bids brought Kincora scandal to light (13.1.82) Irish Times, 13th January 1982

December 1977 – Albany Trust accused of ‘helping child sex group’

During 1978 …

January 1978

  • Bennett-England eventually wrote a letter to The Times in January 1978 complaining that for some time the Albany Trust had been the victim of ‘a particularly vicious campaign’ and was ‘completely powerless’ to defend itself against a barrage of MPs’ questions. (See Antony Grey – further Ian Pace’ blog)
  • 25 January 1978 Musician jailed on child pornography charges,[Daily Mail, 25/01/1978] : Derry Webster of Devon identifies Tom O’Carroll as a customer and a vicar in Plymouth as a supplier

February 1978

  • 9th February NCCL GCR Meeting: Reported that Tom O’Carroll has been sacked by Open University and NUJ working on it

March 1978

  • 8th March NCCL GCR Meeting:
  • 17/03/1978 Oxford Union invites Tom o’Carroll Fri 17 March John Harrison President calls Tom o’Carroll to invite him to speak on 7th May

 April 1978

  • 1-2 April: NCCL AGM held at City University – Motion No 39 proposed for protection of freedom of expression by pedophile groups carried – NUPE to be contacted by Patricia Hewitt re Tom O’Carroll, PIE’s chairman as
  • Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 12.24.25
  • 17 April: Tom O’Carroll writes to Antony Grey at Defence of Literature & Arts Society – PIE piece on freedom of expression curbed for ‘Uncensored’ DLAS publication
  • 28 April: Harriet Harman’s briefing on Child Protection Bill for House of Lords dated

April 1978:  Catholic Herald Archive Jimmy Savile will lead the field in a sponsored charity walk in aid of handicapped children and the elderly On Sunday. May 14. The walk. organised by the Knights of Malta and the Kent Messenger. will take a route round the grounds of Chilham Castle, near Canterbury. and through adjoining Forestry Commission land. Details and sponsorship forms from Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, Runhams Farm. Harrietsham. Maidstone, Kent.

Ted Heath had 5 years previously donated to Kent Association of Youth Clubs

May 1978

  • 10 May: NCCL Gay Rights Committee meeting – 18 Lords to be contacted with Harriet Harman’s briefing
  • Thursday 18 May: House of Lords debate on Child Protection Bill – Lord Beaumont of Whitley
  • ‘Porn King named Daily Express, 31 May 1978

June 1978: PIE Raids

21 June 1978: Labour Lord Houghton of Sowerby states that the Protection of Children Bill 1978 is ‘Conceived in hysteria’ [The Guardian, 12/06/78]

June/July 1978: PIE Raids, William Blake and Lord Margadale’s Estate at Fonthill, Wiltshire

‘Summer 1978’ – is when Sir Peter Hayman’s address 95 Linden Gardens in Notting Hill is raided by Porn Squad officers according to Private Eye’s The Best of Berlin article in November 1980

July 1978 – Trial of PIE member, Richard Bigham, son of Viscount Mersey,

14 July: Protection of Children Bill receives final approval


Mr Bernard Braine 

Commons — July 14, 1978

or a copy thereof; or.’. My amendment has three purposes. The first is to expose the weakness of the Bill, the second is to extend the area of protection of children, and the third is to probe the

11 July 1978 Dishonoured: The shame of viscount’s son who turned from porn books to child sex (11.7.78)

Daily Express reported Richard Bigham had paid £70 for a 40 minute opportunity to sexually abuse two little sisters, aged 6 and 10 and £10 for photos of him doing so, for £10 which he claimed never to have received. Although he had at some point prior to 1978 had a bonfire and destroyed his collection of abuse images.

The Protection of Children Act 1978 is dated 20th July 1978 – s.9 (3) states the Act (except for s.8) will come into force 1 month from the date enacted.

Peer’s son in sex case ‘revolted’, The Glasgow Herald – Jul 20, 1978

“A viscount’s son told a court yesterday that he travelled to Manchester to meet child prostitutes, and paid £70 for an introduction. He also said that after “contact” with a girl of 10 on a bed he was revolted by his actions.

Richard Maurice Clive Bigham, the Master of Nairne who is the eldest son of the third Viscount Mersey, was giving evidence at the trial in Manchester Crown Court of a 39-year-old mother accused of inciting one of her daughters to commit gross indecency with him.

Mr Bigham, aged 44, said he had been a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange, but said of his activities with the girl: “It was revolting and was the worst thing I could conceivably do.”

The 10-year-old girl told later about a trip to Rotterdam. On another occasion at home, she said, she took off her clothes when offered money and sweets. She was then photographed by a man she thought was a doctor.

The girl’s mother, Victoria Hughes, a self-employed hairdresser, of Delft Walk, Salford, Lancs., pled not guilty to three charges.

They are: Encouraging an indecent assault on a girl under 16; indecent assault, with two men, on a girl under 13; and, with a man, inciting a girl of 10 to commit gross indecency with Mr Bigham.

Mr Bigham, a film technician, told the jury he was interested in paedophilia “on a photographic level only.” He said he met a man called Spielman in Manchester to be “introduced by him to child prostitutes.”

He said he paid Spielman £70 and Spielman sold him two boxes of chocolates for the children.

Bigham, of Rosmead Road, Notting Hill, London, claimed his sexual attraction to children had been through photographs. “I suppose I was trying to climb back on my fantasy bandwagon of photographs,” he said. “I was revolted.”

He was not trying to justify what he did in the bedroom.

He told the police he thought what he had done was within the law because it was with parental consent.

In the witness box later, the 10-year-old girl said when she went to Rotterdam with her mother, brother, and sister, they were met by a man as they got off the boat.

The children had then been shown round by the man who met them at the boat, the girl said. “I saw a Dutchman and I think an Italian man putting white things over the beds. I thought they were doctors because they had white coats.”

The girl’s brother said the doctor took photographs of himself and his sister when they were unclothed and that he had been given a box of chocolates and £50 by the man.

Shown a statement he made to police last October, the boy said its contents were untrue. He said: “They put the words into my mouth.”

The trial continues today.”

Kinky secret of child-sex-case mother (21.7.78)

Victoria Hughes, Delft, Walk, Salford, prostitured her two young daughters to Viscount Bigham, a PIE member, During trial her connection to Herman Spielman, one of her customers, who introduced her.

Porn case mother jailed (27.7.78)

Mr Justice Forbes jailed Victoria Hughes for four years as compared to Richard Maurice’s 12 months suspended sentence for two years and Herman Spielman’s six year sentence. Spielman was a printer in Salford

August 1978

14 – 16 August 1978: Righton submits paper for the International Association of Schools of Social Work Congress taking place in Jerusalem, Israel – does he attend too? https://bitsofbooksblog.wordpress.com/2015/02/17/august-1978-rightons-paper-for-the-iassw-congress-jerusalem/

Protection of Children Act 1978 in force

October 1978

Sir Peter Hayman is questioned by the Porn Squad according to later article in Private Eye Hayman Caught With His Fingers In The PIE Private Eye Edition 498, Jan 1981

November 1978

  • 07/11/1978 Clifford Luton BBC Reporter held Daily Mail 7 Nov 1978
  • Tuesday 20 November 1978 Thorpe 3 week committal hearing begins 20 Nov 1978 Sir David Napley (see Without Prejudice & Sir Peter Hayman defence counsel – does the committal finish on Friday 8th December then? Had countdown to General Election already begun?)

December 1978

1979 – Year of General Election, Rochdale Alternative Press, Thorpe Trial

  • Jan & Feb 1979 Father Michael Ingram publishes A study of 92 cases of sexual contact between adult and child’, British Journal of Sexual Medicine, Vol 6, No.44,January 1979, p, 22f(Part 1), and Vol 6, No.45, February 1979, p. 24f (Part 2).

February 1979: 

William Pate raised in Parliament (Hansard 22 Feb 1979)

  1. Birmingham Perry Barr March 31, 1966 – June 18, 1970
  2. Lewisham West February 28, 1974 – June 9, 1983
Along with the hon. Member for Chertsey and Walton (Mr. Pattie)I recently took the case of William Pate to the Ministry. That case has had a lot of publicity and there is no harm in mentioning the name. Had this man been convicted of the offence with which he was charged, he could not have been in custody for more than two and a half years. He has been in custody for nine years and it is difficult to transfer him even now to a less secure unit. He is being kept in custody because he had the misfortune to be sent to a hospital instead of a prison.

April 1979

4th April 1979 10th Ripper murder:

15 April 1979: Roger Gleaves moves to Holloway Road – Islington schools are notified nearby, Inner London Education Authority

May 1979: General Election, Conservatives win, Jeremy Thorpe trial begins

  • Monday 1 May 1979 – Voice of the Child in Care is established with Len Davies, Hugh Geach in South London
  • Thursday 3 May General Election Thatcher leading Conservatives win, Callaghan leading Labour loses. David Steel is leading the Liberals. Jeremy Thorpe loses his seat.
  • 4 May 1979 – Wille Whitelaw is Home Secretary, Leon Brittan is Minister for Home Office
  • 11 May Scott’s silk pyjamas ‘led to hurtful letter’ The Age – May 11, 1979″Later Scott wrote a “hurtful letter” from Dublin to Thorpe’s mother revealing their relationship, Mr. Taylor said.He was continuing the opening of the Crown’s case against Thorpe, his close friend David Holmes and two South Wales businessmen, John Le Mesurier, 47, head of a carpet firm, and George Deakin, 39.All have pleaded not guilty to conspiring to murder Scott, 39.”
  • Rochdale Alternative Press publishes on Cyril Smith: Chilling claims that Cyril Smith child abuse scandal was concealed to avoid crisis at Westminster (Daily Mail, 23/11/2012)
  • David Stanley is abusing at Cotsbrook Hall Care Home Shifnal, Shropshire during 1979, owned by Bryn Alyn owners, North Wales
  • May 1979: The Guardian, 26 February 2013: Dominic Carman, George Carman QC’s son reports discussing the Liberal party’s concerns that were ‘rife’ about Cyril Smith’s abuse of young boys.  Carman was Jeremy Thorpe’s defence counsel, appointed by Sir David Napley. While Napley had conducted Thorpe’s Committal hearing (cf justifications for which are expounded upon fully in his 1981 biography Not Without Prejudice.) Carman would be instructed for the full trial.


“Days before the Old Bailey trial in May 1979, allegations that Smith was a predatory paedophile who preyed on young boys surfaced in the Rochdale Alternative Press and later Private Eye.

Mr Carman said not only had Thorpe been well aware of the allegations, he actively took steps to make sure they were stifled.

He instructed the establishment’s chief fixer, lawyer Lord Goodman, to ensure the claims were never followed up by the national press to avoid being tarred with the same brush so close to standing trial.

Mr Carman said: “Thorpe was concerned and a discussion about Cyril Smith was had.

“Although it wasn’t immediately relevant to the case if it had got wider currency and been published by the national press of the time, that would have potentially created much further prejudice against Thorpe because it would imply they’re all at it.

“Smith and Thorpe had nothing in common whatsoever and absolutely loathed each other but, of course, as is often the case in politics, they had to work together.

“Lord Goodman, who was a general fixer and worked on behalf of both Harold Wilson when he was prime minister in the early 1970s and indeed Thorpe, was instructed to stop any further reporting of this by the national press and it worked.”

Thorpe emerged from the 31-day trial victorious but his political career never recovered and he lost his North Devon seat in the 1979 general election.”

June 1979: Lord Falkland trial

  • Tuesday 5th June 1979: Shamed Peer lured girls for sex, Daily Mirror – 74 year old Lord Falkland trial starts for sexual offences with girls aged 8 – 15 at his clifftop house, Tower Park , Fowey, Cornwall between 1973 – 1978 – defence lawyer is Alan Rawley QC.
  • 5th June 1979:Shame of Sex-Romp Viscount, Daily Express, 5th June 1979, Scotland’s premier Viscount
  • 9th June 1979: My lover aged 10, Daily Mirror 09/06/1979 Salop Children’s Home allegations of children being encouraged to have sex, this testimony a girl of 13 and a boy of 10.
  • 10/06/1979 Case of the Viscount and little girls starts storm, News of the World, 10th June 1979 – Lord Falkland pleaded guilty which the maximum sentence for 10 charges of sexual offences could have been five years Lord Falkland is given a £1,140 fine and a six month suspended sentence.

    NOTW, 10/06/1979, Alan Clark

    NOTW, 10/06/1979, Alan Clark

  • 24/06/1979 Poisonous PIE men at it again, 24 Jun 1979 NOTW  – PIE meeting at Prince Albert pub on Wharfedale Road, Islington
  • 24/06/1979 Scotland Yard 60,000 word dossier on PIE NOTW June 1979 reporting an 8 month investigation

July 1979: Tam Paton alleges celebrity child abuse network – 200 page dossier

8 July: Burglaries at addresses in Finchley (Paton’s flat – in or near Thatcher’s constituency?), Paddington and South London – involving a radio and a tv star, a record company manager (potentially Maurice Oberstein?) all refused to comment. News of the World 8 July 1979

In May 1982 following being jailed Paton would allege he had a 200 page dossier of allegations against showbusiness people involvement with young boys compiled with the help of his 24 year old butler Raymond Cotter (in his 60s now if still alive?)

25 July 1979: PIE Raids on Tom O’Carroll, David Groves

August 1979 – Thatcher holidays with Tory Whip Sir Peter Morrison and his father Lord Margadale

Thatcher flies to her friendly isle The Glasgow Herald – Aug 16, 1979 Thatcher took her first holiday here in 1977, goes again in 1978 and is on third consecutive summer holiday here with ‘ Sir Peter Morrison’s father Lord Margadale. ‘terribly discreet pederast’ Morrison is MP for Chester on the Welsh border and a Tory party whip at the time.”

August Bank Holiday 1979: CHE Annual Conference to affiliate with the Campaign against Public Morals to defend the PIE members in their forthcoming trials.

Rampton inquiry team appointed The Glasgow Herald – Aug 23, 1979

A team of nine to study conditions at Rampton Special Hospital was appointed yesterday by the Health Department.The announcement coincided with a former social worker at the Nottinghamshire hospital saying most nurses and doctors there regarded patients as “evil.”The review team has been set up after allegations of brutality to patients at the top security hospital were made in a Yorkshire TV documentary in May. A police investigation is already under way.The team, chaired by Sir Robert Boynton, aged 61, will report to the Social Services Secretary, Mr Patrick Jenkin, before the middle of next year. Its finds will be published.The team, comprising a lay member and psychiatric and security experts, is expected to hold its first meeting next month.The teams’ brief is to look at the running and organisation of Rampton, including the admission, treatment, and care of patients, the monitoring of standards, complaints procedures, andthe hospital’s links with the outside world.Allegations against staff include beatings, torture, and humiliation systematically inflicted on handicapped adult and child patients.One claim was that a woman patient’s hair had been used to mop her own vomit.In the current edition of Mind Out, the journal of the National Association of Mental Health, Mr John Williams, deputy principal social worker at Rampton until two weeks ago, says most nurses and doctors believed the patients were evil and deserved to be punished.

August 1979
01/08/1979 5 PIE members arrested and charged

27/08/1979 Mountbatten killed 27 Aug 1979 West Coast Ireland bomb / IRA/ private yacht / Sligo

November 1979 – Martin Allen goes missing, Blunt revealed as spy in Commons, Mayor of Islington’s Chauffeur pleads guilty, 

  • Monday 5 November Guy Fawkes Night: Martin Allen, the 15 year old son of the British Commissioner to Australia’s chauffer’s son goes missing
  • Thursday 15/11/1979 Margaret Thatcher reveals Anthony Blunt as spy in Commons
  • Islington Mayor Arthur Bell’s Chauffeur says I’m Ruined when he faces sack after ‘sex with boys’ case (Islington Gazette Friday 16/11/1979): David Gibson, 28 was convicted with old friend James Holland who he’d known since 1968. He would attend Gibson’s flat in Woodford Green. Parents of Finsbury Corps of Drums were meeting to decide his future with the band. We trapped little boy’s friend (News of the World 18/11/1979) Reg Burnham, PIE member, 56 married with 2 children pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting an 8 year old boy
  • 21/11/1979 More on Blunt in Commons 21-Nov-79
  • 21 November, 1979. The Guardian. ‘Spinal injuries centre wins cuts reprieve.’ ’The internationally renowned National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville has been reprieved from further cuts under the Government’s public expenditure plans. The reduction of beds and services is to cease, Health Minister, Dr Gerard Vaughan, said yesterday […] However the centre will need a private cash appeal – headed by disc jockey Jimmy Savile and backed by the Minister – to remain open. 
  • English disc jockey and television presenter Jimmy Savile (1926 – 2011) meets the Duke of Edinburgh in Jersey, November 1979. Comedian Ernie Wise is in background centre. (Photo by Doug McKenzie/Getty Images)

1980 – Whitelaw squashes boys-for-cash inquiry at Stepney

1980 January 1980

Vice ring murder riddle of child porn man (20.01.80) News of the World, 20th January 1980

Sex racket at children’s home (24.01.80) Irish Independent, 24th January 1980

24 January, 1980. The Guardian. ‘Minister stands back as hospital cash floods in’. By Melanie Phillips.

The Health Minister, Dr Gerard Vaughan, and entertainer Jimmy Savileyesterday launched a £10 million hospital appeal. The cash is needed to rebuild the National Spinal Injury Centre at Stoke Mandeville […] The Government has said there is no public money available for the scheme and has welcomed Mr Savile’s appeal as an example of the “partnership” between Government and public that it is hoping to promote.’

Sex offences went on for nearly twenty years, Irish Times, 19/01/1984

February 1980

For a February 1980 £10,000 target Jimmy, tracksuit sponsored by Sony, is pictured tossing a pancake. One has to wonder whether he didn’t just consider himself a human billboard a lot of the time.

“The now-disgraced TV and radio presenter, who died last year aged 84, approached Mrs Thatcher at a Downing Street event on 6 February 1980, while he was heading the £10m Stoke Mandeville appeal.

At the Number 10 meeting – a presentation ceremony for the children’s charity the NSPCC – Savile asked the then-prime minister how he might “pursue the question of tax deduction for charitable donations”, the papers show.” bbc report

  • 6 February 1980: Savile attends 10 Downing Street and approaches Thatcher re tax deductions for charitable donations
  • 19 February 1980: Reports on Kincora abuse scandal start to appear in the press, Social Work Today (19/02/1982) Brian Todd, a social worker is horrified by British Association of Social Workers NI branch “non-reaction”
  • 21 February 1980: According to a letter from the private secretary at the Treasury to Number 10 dated 21 February 1980, the time period for charitable covenants was to be relaxed from seven years to four – and the measure would be announced in that year’s Budget
  • 26 February 1980: MP Claims Boys’ Home was bugged [    ] Gerry Fitt MP for Belfast claims Kincora was discovered via army tapping

March 1980 – Savile with Thatcher at NSPCC fundraising event

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher with English DJ and television presenter Jimmy Savile (1926 – 2011) at an NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) fundraising presentation, 6th March 1980. (Photo by Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

March 6th – Letter to Thatcher from one her aides, ‘G.V.’, is written, revealing Prince Charles was going to be the patron of one of Savile’s charities, the Stoke Mandeville Appeal.

“Even more encouraging, though again confidential at this stage, Jimmy Savile tells me that the Prince of Wales has agreed to be Patron of the Appeal.” Letter is released after30 yr rule passed & this line will only be revealed following FOI contest in March 2013.

April 1980

The kids who never came home (02.04.80) Daily Mirror, 2nd April 1980

Why the Allens remember the fifth of November (03.04.80) Daily Mirror, 3rd April 1980

Murky Past of Sailor Who Took Boys To Sea (13.04.80) News of the World, 13th April 1980

In 16 April 1980 Variety Club of Great Britain charity walk lunch at Grosvenor House. Jimmy is pushed on a bed by a team of Radio 1 DJs and meets Prince Philip in the picture entitled ‘Jimmy and the Duke’

“English disc jockey and television presenter Jimmy Savile (1926 – 2011) chats with the Duke of Edinburgh during a Variety Club of Great Britain charity walk lunch at Grosvenor House, London, 16th April 1980. Savile’s bed has been pushed to the lunch by a team of Radio One DJs, including (left to right), Dave Lee Travis, Simon Bates, Johnny Beerling, Tony Blackburn, Dave Price, Steve Wright and Kid Jensen. (Photo by David Levenson/Keystone/Getty Images)”

May 1980

 Savile in Ireland: Charles Haughey and Savile sat down for tea at the CRC on 26 May 1980.

July 1980

7 July: Willie Whitelaw is alleged to have shut down inquiries ‘Top people named in boys for for sex inquiry’  involving politicians, prominent lawyers, show business and film stars, police wre investigating for over a year Evening News,

Arbor Square, Stepney (formerly Albert Square, E1, as Pesvner states an area of classic ‘East End’ architecture with roads ending in railway arches, as depicted in Eastenders which begins to be broadcast in 1985)

Police probe vice boys link with the pop world (08.07.79) News of the World, 8th July 1979

October 1980
Catholic Herald – 10 October 1980

“At Billy Butlin’s farewell service of thanksgiving at St Martin-in-the-Fields it was good to hear gentle tributes to a man who must have bruised many in his pursuit of pleasure for many. The church was packed. I don’t know how many famous laces were there. Near me I saw Kenny Ball, Paddie O’Neil, Donald Sinden, Jimmy Savile in a dark wig (for mourning?) and 80-yearold Nat Mills of war and pre-war comedy fame. Walking solemnly down the aisle afterwards on the way out. Frank Carson told me four jokes.I suppose the late Sir William would have displayed the same lack of reverence had the positions been reversed.”

November 1980

The Beast of Berlin (November 1980) Private Eye, November 1980

December 1980

23 December 1980 – Jimmy Savile Publishing Ltd announced as being wound up in The London Gazette Issue 48462  Page 11 of 48


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