Published in 1981

Published in 1981

1981 – Dickens uses parliamentary privilege to name Hayman, Royal Wedding, Vishal Mehrotra (7) murdered, Howard Marks revealed as MI6 staff

– Diana Dors publishes, Dors An Intimate Portrait in 1981

– Sir Norman Skelhorne, former DPP until 1977 publishes his autobiography ‘Public Prosecutor’

1981 Maxwell Confait case (Hetherington’s obituary The Independent, 06/04/2007)

“At the start of the Eighties, public disquiet was beginning to grow over early examples of miscarriages of justice, with the trigger case being that of Maxwell Confait, a murdered male prostitute. Three educationally subnormal boys – all younger than 18 – were arrested and charged. While held by the police, they were subjected to long and intensive interrogation without the presence of a lawyer. All confessed and were convicted, although new evidence eventually showed those convictions to be unsafe. The fallout of the Confait case was the creation of the Royal Commission on Criminal Procedure, headed by Sir Cyril Philips, which reported in 1981 and significantly affected the remainder of Hetherington’s career as DPP. That report led to the landmark Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, known fondly today by criminal law specialists as Pace, which set out strict guidelines for the provision of legal representation for suspects in custody and for police interviews. The Philips report also laid the groundwork for a subsequent piece of legislation, the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985, which created the Crown Prosecution Service.” http://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/sir-henry-fisher-6148367.html

Spotlight Timeline: Sir Peter Hayman named as PIE member in the House of Commons

January 1981

Hayman Caught With His Fingers In The PIE Private Eye Edition 498, Jan 1981

“A FLAMING row has broken out between the Attorney General and the Director of Public Prosecutions following the revelation (Eye 492) of reckless sexual exploits and fantasies of retired ambassador Sir Peter Hayman KCMG, CVO, MBE.
Hayman joined the Paedophile Information Exchange under the name of Henderson and conducted obscene correspondence with other PIE members through a flat he rented at 95 Linden Gardens, W2.
In October 1978, Hayman was questioned by Obscene Publications Squad officers after pornographic literature addressed to ‘Henderson’ was left on a bus. Whereas several of his PIE correspondents now face trial at the Old Bailey this month, Hayman was merely cautioned not to send obscene material through the post again.
This appears to have been the result of an Establishment ‘fix’.
The most worrying aspect of the Hayman affair lies in what was disovered at his Linden Gardens love-nest: pornographic photos, articles of female clothing indicating the regular entertainment of prostitutes and 46 quarto diaries, each of some 80 pages, cataloguing six years of deviant sexual activity.
The earlier diaries cover part of Sir Peter’s term as British High Commissioner in Canada from 1970 to 1974 and would have made him a certain victim of blackmail had they fallen into the wrong hands. Hayman had previously held top posts in the Ministry of Defence and the UK delegation to NATO.
The Eye expose of Hayman’s activities horrified the Attorney General, Sir Michael Havers, because the Director of Public Prosecutions, Sir Thomas ‘Tony’ Hetherington had never told him that Hayman’s diaries were obscene (if he had even mentioned them at all).
Havers demanded that the Beast of Berlin’s writings be sent to his office so he could read them himself. Hetherington panicked and set several minions previously unacquanted with the Hayman case onto the job of locating them.
When the diaries were eventually forwarded to Havers it became clear that he wasn’t the only person who’d been kept in the dark. The security services had not been informed of their blackmail potential either. Nor had Willie Whitelaw, as Home Secretary the Cabinet Minister responsible for security matters. Nor, indeed, had the Prime Minister.
Meanwhile, back at the Dipper’s Office in Queen Anne’s Gate, there was a clumsy attempt to lower the charges facing Hayman’s paedophiliac cronies so that they would willingly plead guilty in return for a token fine. This would keep the public revelation to a minimum and prevent altogether the discussion of the deal over Hayman in open court.
To the Attorney General’s credit he refused to contemplate any such deal and demanded the charges stand. It now seems likely, therefore, that the dangerous weaknesses of one of Britain’s most trusted post-war security and diplomatic figures may yet be formally revealed.
But the lewd contents of Hayman’s diaries will not be read out because they form no part of the case against his fellow paedophiles.
Doubtless the diaries will not be mislaid or shredded while in the Attorney General’s care but will be returned in due course to their owner and creator.”
__________________________________________________ __
The Eye then notes Sir Peter Hayman had not resigned his job as Governor of the International Students House, a hostel in Great Portland Street, W1 for young university students from all over the world.

“The wider question for disquiet is what happened to the two individuals mentioned in Sir Michael’s statement who shared an obsession about the systematic killing by sexual torture of young people and children. They were prosecuted at St Albans – and conditionally discharged. Such execution of the law singularly fails to match the sense of public outrage.” Source: The Times 20.03.81

(March – May 1981 furore over Dickens MP use of Parliamentary Privilege) Why the DPP resurrected an ancient law to deal with paedophiles (The Guardian, 14/03/1981, Alan Rusbridger) Criticism as ‘judge made law’

17 March 1981: British child pornography case – MP says ex-diplomat a security risk The Canberra Times

“LONDON, Monday (AAP AP). – A Conservative Member of Parliament has accused the Government of a cover-up for refusing to prosecute a retired diplomat implicated in a child pornography case, but Britain’s Attorney-General, Sir Michael Havers, said the man’s offence was “trivial” and did not corrupt children.

The MP, Mr Dickens, said the former diplomat’s involvement with an organisation advocating legislation of sexual relations between adults and children made him “a tremendous security risk . . . and open to blackmail”.

Mr Dickens said he would demand that the Home Secretary, Mr Whitelaw, name the man in the House of Commons later today. If Mr Whitelaw refused, he said he would name him out of a sense of “duty”.

Sir Michael denied there had been an official cover-up and told reporters the retired diplomat “committed the trivial offence of sending obscene material through the mail”.

No charges had been brought against the man because his actions were not considered to have corrupted children.

“He was dealt with in exactly the same way as a number of others who had sent obscene material through the post”, he said. “He was among a dozen other people on the fringes about whom the decision was taken not to prosecute. There’s no question of him being given immunity. He was given a formal caution”.

No other government officials would comment on the case.

The Prime Minister, Mrs Thatcher, has been sensitive to al legations about official cover-ups in security matters since she was forced to disclose in Parliament in 1979 that Mr Anthony Blunt, the Queen’s art historian and a former intelligence agent, had spied for the Soviet Union, but had not been charged with treason.

British newspapers said the man in the latest scandal was a former High Commissioner to a Commonwealth country, who had access to top secret documents and was knighted for his services to the nation.

The Daily Mirror reported, without attribution, that he had served in key defence posts, and the Daily Mail said he had once been attached to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The Sunday Express said he had retired at 60, the normal retirement age for public servants.

The man was referred to but not named during the trial in London last week of Mr Tom O’Carroll, chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange, a world-wide organisation of about 250 members who encourage sexual relations between adults and children.

Mr O’Carroll, a 35-year-old bachelor, was convicted on Friday of conspiring to corrupt public morals and was sentenced to two years’ jail.

Detectives from Scotland Yard’s obscene-publications squad reportedly questioned the former diplomat, said to be married and a father, after a package of pornographic photographs addressed to him had been found on a bus.

The Daily Mail said the detectives were furious that no charges had been filed against him.

“We thought we had a watertight case against this man”, it quoted a senior detective as saying.

It said police had found magazines on “every kind of sexual deviancy between children and adults” in a London flat used by the man.”

PAEDOPHILE CASE Decision not to prosecute defended 
The Canberra Times – Saturday 21 March 1981

LONDON, Friday (AAP-Reuter). – The British Government defended yesterday a decision not to prosecute Sir Peter Hayman, former British High Commissioner in Canada, who wrote obscene letters and subscribed to an organisation which advocates sex between adults and children.

The Attorney-General, Sir Michael Havers, told Parliament that the obscene letters discovered by police had been contained in sealed envelopes.

Although Sir Peter had subscribed to the Paedophile Information Exchange, “that is not an offence and there is no evidence that he was ever involved in the management”, Sir Michael told the House of Commons in a written reply.

A Conservative Member of Parliament, Mr Geoffrey Dickens, who used his parliamentary privilege to name Sir Peter in the House and to question the Government about the case, rejected the government reply.

He described it to reporters at a news conference as “the cover-up of the century – a total whitewash”, and said that Sir Michael Havers should resign.

“The Director of Public Prosecutions and the Attorney General have let down all parents, grand parents and children in this country”, he said.

Mr Dickens astonished reporters when. he announced he was leaving his wife Norma to live with a 43-year-old nurse, Mrs Maureen Knight.

“I have come into the public eye beyond all expectations and as such I have a skeleton in the cupboard, and 1 have felt it was best to be honest”, he said.

22 March 1981: Criticism by Scotland Yard detectives for Thomas Hetherington DPP for non-prosecutions under Child Protection Act 1978

‘A number of top public figures’ were protected from prosecution for child abuse images – John Riseley-Prichard, ex-city stockbroker from HarrowList of 500 recipients of child abuse images involving boys given to police, Senior officer at Scotland Yard has said – angry Yard detectives wanted to be able to go ahead without the consent of the DPP…

The Sunday People don’t appear to have reported the Elm Guest House raid in August 1982 although under the editorship of (the later, Sir) Nicholas Lloyd (1982-1983) The Sunday People did publish articles in 1983. Elm Guest House: How a powerful paedophile network was covered-up for 34 years (August 1982)

April 1981

The North American Man-Boy Love Association was originally established in Boston 1978, 3+ years after PIE was established in the UK. One of the founding members of NAMBLA, Martin Swithinbank, was an Englishman with a number of publications to his name (or pseudonym) that turned up in the 1993 search of Michael Jackson’s bedroom in Neverland. In April 1981 Nassau County Police had begun observing a cottage at 664 Lincoln Street, Baldwin Harbour, Long Island, New York, the home of Martin Swithinbank.

April 1981:  Nassau County Police had begun observing a cottage at 664 Lincoln Street, Baldwin Harbour, Long Island, New York, the home of Martin Swithinbank.

May 1981

June 1981

July 11 1981: After 4 months watching Swithinbank’s address in Baldwin Harbour he and Gerry Fox are arrested

Child sex beast in charity flat row (14.06.81) News of the World, 14th June 1981

July 1981 – Royal Wedding, 9 year old Vishal Mehotra goes missing

August 1981

September 1981

  • 2nd September – The Jimmy Savile Stoke Mandeville Hospital Trust registered.
  • September 1981 19/09/1981: Prince Charming by Adam & the Ants reaches No 1  – the video features Diana Dors.

October 1981

21 October, 1981. The Times. ‘Reception.’ ’The Earl of Snowdon, Patron of PHAB (physically handicapped and able bodied) and Mr Jimmy Savile (president) were hosts at a reception and dinner held at the Mount Royal Hotel yesterday to launch the charity’s silver jubilee celebration for 1982. Among the guests were: Mr Hugh Rossi, Minister of state for Social Security and the Disabled […].’

November 1981 – Howard Marks trial revealed as MI6 recruit

  • 1981, November 6th – From Hansard. Cabinet Files Speech by Norman Fowler, Secretary of State for Social Services. ’One outstanding example of what can be achieved when the National Health Service, the community and voluntary interests are working together towards a shared goal is the national appeal which Jimmy Savile is mounting for the rebuilding of the spinal injuries unit at Stoke Mandeville hospital.’ 1982 photograph of Norman Fowler and Savile being presented cheque.
  • November 1981 Howard Marks ‘Mr Nice Guy’ Old Bailey trial – Marks found not guilty of plotting to smuggle cannabis into Britain and the Crown is forced to admit he was an MI6 recruit.
  • 1982 Hackney social workers allow unnamed man to return home
  • English disc jockey and television presenter Jimmy Savile (1926 – 2011) and the Duke of Edinburgh with an architectural model of the Stoke Mandeville National Spinal Injuries Centre, 24th November 1981. (Photo by Doug McKenzie/Getty Images)

December 1981 – Kincora 3 jailed

3 housefathers of Kincora including McGrath are jailed

1982 – Kincora investigation, Howard Marks exposed, Tam Paton jailed threatening 200 page dossier expose, Elm Guest House raid, Colin Wallace threatens to expose Kincora, Trial of Geoffrey Prime,

January – Kincora receives coverage in Irish Times and Social Work Today, Ian Paisley put on spot over dates when first alerted to abuse and John McKeague is murdered

  • Sex abuses investigation (5.1.82) Social Work Today, 5th January 1982 – BASW raise concerns over the independence of the Eastern Health and Social Services Board in investigating Kincora and 2 other homes – Bawnmore Home in Co. Antrim and Williamson Home in North Belfast. Peter Michael Bone, a scout leader and volunteer social worker and Robert Dewer are both convicted of offences committed during the 1960s at Bawnmore Home. Eric Witchell an Anglican lay monk was convicted of offences committed in 1979 at Williamson in North Belfast.
  • Unwelcome inquiry (12.1.82) Social Work Today, 12th January 1982
  • Fear and loathing in East Belfast (12.1.82) Social Work Today, 12th January 1982
  • Cover-up of homosexual vice ring claimed in NI (12.1.82) Irish Times, 12th January 1982 – Ed Moloney & Andrew Pollack report the Royal Ulster Constabulary were blocked from further investigations into homes run by the Eastern H&SS Board in 1976 despite allegations existing back to 1973. A ring of 7 prominent people is alleged to include 2 British members of the Northern Ireland Office.

February 1982 – Kincora Government Inquiry falls apart

  • Sex ring cover-up inquiry (News of the World, 14/02/1982) Kincora Government inquiry falls apart during the preceding week when 3 members resign and it is proposed to put forward a Judge led inquiry which would also protect those giving evidence from accusations of libel
  • Case embarrassed Security Chiefs (Glasgow Herald, 17/02/1982) Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 23.29.10: Howard Marks recruited to trap an IRA arms and drugs dealer who remained free in South of France.
  • British Agents in Vice Ring Probe (News of the World, 21/02/1982, Gordon Leak) Ulster Secretary Jim Prior orders a public inquiry to determine the part played by fanatical Protestant para-military groups like Tara.

March 1982

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.24.49

April 1982

Graham Gaskin and Liverpool City Council News of the World, 25th April 1982

May 1982 – Tam Paton jailed  and threatens 200 page dossier exposure

  • May 1982 I’ll shame the stars: Sex secrets threat by pop boss (News of the World, 09/05/1982, Andrew Drummond) Following the jailing of Tam Paton for offences against 15-20 year old boys and men, ex-manager of the Bay City Rollers says he has a 200 page dossier containing damning evidence and photographs, “I’m talking about young male prostitutes and I’m talking about respectable people.”

June 1982 – Raid on Elm Guest House

March 2014, GQ, Fred Vermorel on Malcolm McClaren

March 2014, GQ, Fred Vermorel on Malcolm McClaren

Wednesday June 23 1982

The Common Years, Jilly Cooper, p.290

July 1982 – Fagan breaks into Buckingham Palace, the press remain silent on Eln Guest House raid for the entire month and Geoffrey Prime PIE Spy charged

Seven weeks on from Jilly Cooper’s journal entry for The Common Years, news of a raid at an an address in Rocks Lane, Barnes breaks in the national press…

August 1982 – Elm Guest House Story Breaks…and is silenced

“Scotland Yard has denied there had been a cover-up to try to protect MPs and other important visitors to the house. They say the case is a routine investigation being conducted by officers from Richmond police station. Clients are not normally involved in investigations into brothels. But because a schoolboy is alleged to have been one of the major attractions at Rocks Lane police say clients must be traced.”

September 1982

October 1982 – Elm Guest House charges reduced

November 1982 – Trial of Geoffrey Prime

  • November 1982 Stalls are down on PIE (Islington Gazette, Friday 04/11/1983): Islington’s Chapel Market traders collected more than 2,000 signatures for a petition calling for the banning of the controversial Paedophile Information Exchange. Signatures included Islington Council Leader Margaret Hodge, former council leader Don Hoodless, Councillor Alex Farrell and the former Mayor of Finsbury Bill Withey. Petition organisers hope to present the petition to Chris Smith MP (Lab: Islington South & Finsbury – now Baron Smith of Finsbury in the House of Lords).
  • On Thursday 10th November 1982 Prime was jailed for 38 years, which at the time was one of the longest sentences to be handed down by a British court. Geoffrey Prime, sentenced to 38 years’ jail yesterday, was rated by the Americans as the most important Russian spy since the war
  • Friday 12 November 1982 Prime had links with child sex group (Daily Mail, Friday 12/11/1982) Elm Defendants speak out (Capital Gay, 12/11/1982)
  • In a written reply to Dickens on Monday 15th November 1982, Thatcher denied that Geoffrey Prime was a PIE member: “I understand that stories that the police found documents in Prime’s house or garage indicating that he was a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange are without foundation, and that nothing was discovered to suggest he was”. (MPs continue to press for debate on Prime, Guardian 16/11/82)
  • Fri 12 November 1982: Nassau County, New York District Court finds the Martin Swithinbank/Jerry Fox Baldwin Harbour NAMBLA group of child abusers guilty

December 1982 – Savile & Thatcher together at Christmas

Christmas 1982

25 December 1982: Savile is with Thatcher at Chequers for Christmas dinner (Can Jim Fix It For Maggie This Time? (02.01.83) News of the World, 2nd January 1983)

 1983 – Year of General Election and Elm Guest House trial

  • 1983: Year of General Election in June (Thatcher’s Second Term) During his tenure as Chairman of the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) between 1983 and 1985, Maurice Oberstein convinced the British government of the huge contribution made by the UK music industry’s overseas profits to the exchequer. He was also on the Band Aid committee. At some point during 1983 two members of the Paedophile Information Exchange are interviewed for television about their opinions.
  • Len Davis wrote Sex and the Social Worker (Heinemann Educational Books, 1983), which was influential in forming social work practice in residential care, and goes some way to explaining  why sexual crime against children was frequently ignored and not subject to investigation. Peter Righton is acknowledged by Davis as having read the draft of this book and “making many valuable and challenging suggestions”.

January 1983

  • Scare Over Sex-Club Spy (09.01.83) News of the World, 9th January 1983 Alex Marunchak reported that Prime was also a member of North American Boy Lover Association (NAMBLA) and the fear that the KGB were still able to blackmail Prime’s fellow child abuse enthusiasts

February 1983 NAYPIC evidence to Social Services Select Committee, boy from Conewood Assessment Centre is abducted by care worker, Spartacus network Elm Guest House was promoting exposed as child sex tourism

  • Spotlight: The Spartacus paedophile network was exposed by The Sunday people in February 1983
  • In February 1983 John Picton, a former care worker, abducted a boy from the Conewood Assessment Centre in Islington where Jason Swift would later be associated with.
  • 17 February 1983: Sexual abuse of children in care hushed up MPs told [Community Care] reports that NAYPIC’s representations to the Social Services Select committee in the preceding week had included allegations that Social Services Directors were suppressing allegations of abuse by children and allowing those accused to continue working with children unchecked
  • Kincoragate: Loose Ends (The Lobster, Feb 1984)
  • February 1983 – Exposed the Spartacus travel/child prostitution and tourism network (eight months after the Elm Guest House raid – see below for Jilly Cooper’s The Common Years)
  • 27 February 1983‘Evil Menace to Children’

March 1983

Geoffrey Dickens was still talking about the 2 correspondents from the Henderson/PIE trial in August 1983, when he said that “the Attorney General had conceded that within the PIE organisation there were people obsessed by the death of children by sexual torture”. Source The Sun 23.03.83

Spotlight: The Hidden Scandal of the Sir Peter Hayman case

April 1983 – Savile as ‘The Godfather’, the Elm Guest House Trial and arrest of Coronation Street’s Peter Adamson

  • The Dark Truth about Jimmy Savile (11-13 April 1983, The Sun) A week before the Elm Guest House trial begins Savile chooses to give an interview headlined ‘The Godfather’ serialized over three days in The Sun newspaper, which almost scuppers his chances of a knighthood and putting Thatcher in the awkward position of being turned down [4] times before reluctant civil servants granted her wish.
  •   Owners of Elm Guest House, Carol and Haroon Kasir trial started on 18th April 1983 at the Old Bailey.
  • On 24 April 1983, a Sunday newspaper reported that Adamson had been arrested forindecently assaulting two eight-year old girls in a public swimming pool inHaslingdenwhere he had assisted as a part-time instructor

May 1983 – Elm Guest House Trial over

June 1983 – General Election

  • On Friday 9th June General Election sees Thatcher and the Conservatives returned for a second term.
  • Thatcher lobbied for Savile knighthood despite warnings, BBC, 18 July 2013

    The heavily redacted papers show that Lady Thatcher first wrote to Sir Robert Armstrong, the most senior civil servant in the country at the time and chair of the honours committee, about the issue of a knighthood for Savile in 1983.

    Savile documents

    Read the documents (PDF files)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

  • Sir Robert vetoed the idea, saying it was too soon after “unfortunate revelations” in which the entertainer had boasted to the media of having sex with women he met while running charity marathons.

    The prime minister raised the matter again just months later but Sir Robert said “lurid details” were unlikely to be have been forgotten and it “would be best if Mr Savile were to wait a little longer”.

    “We remain worried,” he added. “Fears have been expressed that Mr Savile might not be able to refrain from exploiting a knighthood in a way which brought the honours system into disrepute.”

  • Monday 11 June Leon Brittan became Home Secretary in Thatcher’s second term cabinet
  • Wednesday 13 June 1983:  Alan Clark MP (Con. Plymouth Sutton) writes in his diary:
    “In London I collected the coven and off we went to Brooks’s for dinner. At intervals Joei said, “Gosh, Al, are you really a minister, zowee.” Valerie was less forthcoming. Ali sulked and sneered. Driving away, we went past the Ritz and Joei said, “Gosh, is that the Ritz? I wish we could go in there.” “Why?” “To go to bed, of course.” I was thoughtful. I have always been culpably weak in such matters”Clark scandal descends into tales of blackmail & lechery, The Independent, 1 June 1994

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 03.05.02

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 08.57.22

On 26 July 1983, a Crown Court jury found Adamson not guilty, George Carman QC defending.

August 1983 – Islington Council ‘gay job pledges’, Brighton 3-man assault on 6 year old boy, Attorney General 

In August  Labour-run Islington Council announces ‘gay jobs pledges’ according to Capital Gay in an attempt at a positive discrimination package which also completely disregarded child protection considerations.Islington takes the wraps off pledges(Capital Gay, 05/08/1983) The previous Thursday Council Leader Margaret Hodge formally proposed the new gay anti-discrimination/ positive discrimination package drafted by the Council’s Policy and Partnership Committee. Unanimously voted through, only Councillor Bob Crossman spoke.

“We discovered that paedophiles had penetrated the network of homes so completely that they had begun using them to procure children. The council had wanted to encourage gay men into childcare in the interests of equal opportunities, but this well-intentioned aim was so naively implemented that paedophiles posed as gay men to take advantage of the policy. The council exempted any man who said he was gay from needing professional qualifications or references, declared gay men less likely to abuse children than heterosexuals as a matter of policy and repeatedly assumed that any criticisms of men who claimed to be gay were motivated purely by homophobia. Even children who tearfully described abuse were considered prejudiced.”

Last month this man killed himself in Thailand after being accused of sexually abusing 300 boys(Mail On Sunday, Eileen Fairweather, 11.6.06)

  • Sunday 14/08/1983: ‘Brighton Beasts’ – A 6 year old boy is kidnapped and sexually assaulted by 3 men in a car, Lewes Road, Brighton and left at Newhaven, Sussex. During the last week of August Geoffrey Dickens MP featured in headlines of a variety of newspapers as the police continue to seek the perpetrators of the Brighton attack.
  • Saturday 20 August 1983 Outlaw evil child sex peddlers says MP’,  (The Daily Mail, 20/08/1983) The Sun’s ‘Ban child sex cult angry MP demands’, The Telegraph’s ‘Ban PIE call’
  • Sunday 21/08/1983
  • Monday 22/08/1983 In August 1983, The Sun reported that Geoffrey Prime had been a PIE member, and that “angry Americans” were convinced that the Attorney General, Sir Michael Havers, had held back from mentioning this “to avoid embarassing security chiefs”. Sir Michael Havers, complained to the Press Council and his complaint was upheld after The Sun failed to produce any evidence of their claim. (The Times 22/08/83) The Sun and Sir Michael: Press Council rap over spy (The Sun, 22/08/1983)
  • God Help our Little Children (Daily Express, 22/08/1983): Jill Knight MP (Con. Edgbaston) and Sir Bernard Braine MP (Con. Castle Point, Essex) back Dickens call to ban PIE. Charles Oxley, PIE infiltrator sent his report to then Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw and asked what he would do if an organisation banded together to make rape legal
Bernard Braine MP, Gold Help our Little Children, Daily Express, 22/08/1983
Jill Knight MP

Dickens MP posts a letter to Home Secretary Leon Brittan – see Ban Pie Call below

Tuesday 23/08/1983

Sir Bernard Braine MP (Castle Point, Con) and Valerie Riches had teamed up to form The Responsible Society, in order to battle paedophiles. Home Secretary Leon Brittan has informed them he is planning an urgent “council of war” using conspiracy laws, ‘a blitz’ at customs and ‘tough action’ against people who send obscene material through the post. – Scotland Yard sends 2 year report to DPP

  • Ban Pie Call (Telegraph, 23/08/1983): Dickens threatens to whip up a backbench revoltBan PIE Call, Telegraph, 23/08/1983

Wednesday 24/08/1983

  •      Sex with Children DPP Gets Names ‘ (Daily Mail, 24/08/1983) Previous evening Scotland Yard sent dossier on PIE to the DPP “naming active supporters of the PIE and giving details of the organisation’s latest activities. The DPP Sir Tony Hetherington, and his staff of lawyers will study this evidence to consider prosecutions. Home Secretary Leon Brittan has called for the same Yard dossier to be on his desk when he returns from holiday on Friday.” Dickens MP also preparing to name a list of paedophiles in the House of Commons under parliamentary privilege.
  •      ‘Why the Yard acted on PIE’ (Evening Standard, 24/08/1983)

    Why the Yard acted on PIE, The Standard, 24/08/1983

    Why the Yard acted on PIE, The Standard, 24/08/1983

The two-year investigation into PIE began after the prosecution of Tom O’Carroll in 1981 and the DPP dossier was undertaken and produced by just two members of Scotland Yard’s Obscene Publications Squad. Leon Brittan will see the report on his return from holiday on Friday.

  • Thursday 25/08/1983 Brittan wants paedophile report (The Telegraph, 25/08/1983): There were two dossiers already being passed to the DPP – One was a dossier on individual PIE members sent to DPP, the other was a ‘A Special report by Scotland Yard on an organisation campaigning for the legalisation of sex between adults and children has been called for by the Home Secretary, Mr Brittan.’ Report suggests Brittan has to request the Scotland Yard Special Report to be sent to him on his return having heard of its imminent publication while he was away on holiday.

Brittan wants paedophile report, The Telegraph, 25/08/1983

News of Dickens dossier reaches Canada

  • Public figures named in files on sex offenders in Britain (The Global Canada & Mail ,25/08/1983)”Home Secretary Leon Brittan has ordered a copy of the report by tomorrow, his officials said.Mr. Dickens said the Scotland Yard report, like his own dossier, contain the names of a number of top people in public life and show business.The allegations come amid continuing national outrage over an organized abduction and sexual assault on a 6-year-old boy by three men in southern England 10 days ago.”
  • Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 16.58.00Public Figures in Sex Dossier(Lethbridge Herald, Alberta, 25/08/1983)
  • Eight top names on my list of shame(Daily Express, 25/08/1983) “One of these people is a friend of mine but you have to be merciless to protect the young,” says Dickens MP.
  • David Nicholson-Lord, ‘Police hunting men who assaulted boy lack vital computer software’, (The Times, 25/08/1983)

Friday 26/08/1983

Saturday 27/08/1983 Dexys Midnight Runners – Come on Eileen has been Number 1 for 4 weeks.

Sunday 28/08/1983  Campaign for Homosexual Equality Annual Conference takes place in London: CHE voted in an emergency resolution to deplore witch-hunts against minority groups including PIE in the wake of the attack on the 6 year old boy in Brighton. It condemned all violent attacks on children (sexual ones as well, or considered to be one and the same?) and declared support for the Brighton Gay community in the face of concerted efforts to link them with the case.

PIE has right to speak say gays (Guardian 29/8/83)

PIE has right to speak say gays (Guardian 29/8/83)

Emblazoned as News of the World shock report. Subtle as ever. Why does Lee Edwards break ranks all of a sudden? He has a 14 year old boyfriend but while the headline suggests outrage at plans to abuse 4 year olds, Edwards discomfort is directed at PIE Executive Committee to insert names of VIPs into a bogus list of members. He wants to expose this sinister plan suggested a week ago, in response to the two year investigation by Scotland Yard and the dossier given to the DPP which rather suggests PIE were a little late with their ‘cunning plan’ ? However one assumes that the plan being published in the press at the same time gave Dickens sufficient pause for thought. News of the World spoke to ‘a retired charity chief and a former top British diplomat in the Foreign Service’, which are both descriptions which could apply to Sir Peter Hayman. This former diplomat’s response was: “I’ll have to think about legal action against whoever has used my name.”

PIE former Executive Committee member Lee Evans tells of PIE meeting the previous week in the Hemingsford Arms, Islington, where it was debated to offer £5,000 as a reward to find three men who assaulted 6 year old in Brighton. Ferry quiz on attack boy(News of the World (28/08/1983) Detective Inspector John Bishop takes police  to Newhaven ferry port in Sussex to greet and quiz holiday-makers returning from a fortnight break ago, who might have seen something on their outward journey.

By the end of November Geoffrey Dickens MP has collated his first dossier and his offices are raided before Christmas (‘Sex Tory crusade MP’s office raided’ The Daily Mail, 02/12/1983)

September 1983

Kincoragate The Lobster No. 1, Sepetember 1983

Child abuse – Brittan orders police review (Daily Mail, 02/09/1983) Backbencher Vivian Bendall MP (Con. Ilford North 1978 -1997) is unimpressed – ‘standard Whitehall holding operation.’ – forecasts;

“There is going to be trouble at the Tory Party conference. This won’t satisfy our group – it certainly doesn’t satisfy me.”

PIE published propaganda material seeking to ‘normalise’ sex with children, and placed it in locations including public libraries and the Citizens Advice Bureau. (Daily Express 03/09/83)

'Child Abuse: Brittan Orders Police Review' Daily Mail, 02/09/1983

9th September – David Nicholson-Lord, ‘Child sex group men arrested’The Times, September 9th, 1983 – Steven Adrian Smith, Peter Bremner and David Joy from PIE are arrested.

Nicked! A cop in child porno hush-up! (News of the World, 18/09/1983)

22 September 1983 John Picton an Islington care worker abducts a 13 year old boy and takes him to France

October 1983 – Tory Party Conference – backbench rebellion on child abuse threatened, children from The Hollies in Kent sent to Bryn  Alyn N Wales following riot

13 October: Viscount Tonypandy, George Thomas Speaker MP becomes Chairman of the National Children’s Home, police are now looking at claims George Thomas raped a 9 year old boy (BBC, July 2014)

14 October: Tory Party Conference – Does Vivian Bendall MP’s forecast of trouble over Brittan’s response to child abuse scandals hold true? 6 or so weeks later Dickens goes public with his first dossier handover to Home Secretary Brittan

17 October 1983: Night of the riot at Hollies’ Children’s Home in Sidcup Kent  – see Spotlight further

Riot Report: Care worker ‘assaulted’ kids in home (31.11.86) South London Press, 31st November 1986

Children who were evicted from The Hollies were sent 200 miles away to the Bryn Alyn home in NorthWales, which is now known to have been staffed by paedophiles who abused countless children in their care. See Southwark Council and Bryn Alyn

The Hollies is now being investigated as one of 21 children’s homes and schools where Jimmy Savile is suspected to have abused children. BBC News – Jimmy Savile: Schools and children’s homes face investigation

Anguish of Care Kids (23.10.83) News of the World, 23rd October 1983

In Lambeth, London, 124 youngsters have been separated from friends and moved to alternative homes as far away as North Wales

November 1983: Geoffrey Dickens on Hit List & First Dossier to Leon Brittan incl. allegations of diplomatic and civil service child abusers

News of the World start investigating allegations a Thatcher cabinet minister is a child sex offender according to Private Eye in June 1984

Spotlight: Geoffrey Dickens and Arthur Hutchinson’s ‘Hit List’

  • Police guarding home of Tory MP(The Guardian, 03/11/1983)
  • Guard for ‘hit list’ MP (Daily Mail, 03/11/1983)
  • Lame fox caught in big chase: Fugitive limps to the final drama (News of the World, 06/11/1983)
  • MP alleges paedophilia at palace (The Times, 24/11/1983) – Also diplomatic and civil service allegations, not just Buckingham Palace.
  • Palace link in child sex scandal (Daily Express, Friday 25/11/1983): ‘Express Exclusive on the dossier of shame that shocked the Home Secretary’ – ‘massive dossier of evidence’ – ‘sex scandal involving a 16 year old boy’ at Buckingham Palace – Dickens MP was ‘greatly encouraged by his 30 minute meeting with Mr Brittan’ – ‘…the Home Secretary was equally as sickened about this as I am. He told me that he would investigate all the cases in my file. Mr Brittan also told the MP that he would take action to fill any gaps in the law relating to child sex’.’ If Brittan’s memory is of the same meeting Dickens was quoted on attending above, Dickens had been greatly encouraged by Brittan’s response. Dickens was quite open to the press about the nature of the allegations contained in the dossier and yet the Buckingham Palace, diplomatic and civil service allegations which had ‘equally sickened’ Brittan weren’t memorable.

Leon Brittan's faulty memory and a ticking timebomb that could shake Westminster, Daily Mail, 2 July 2014

December 1983

1984 – Dickens’ Second Dossier to Leon Brittan,  Buckingham Palace Vice Ring Cover-Up

January 1984 – Savile at Chequers New Year’s Day, Second Dickens Dossier, Ted Heath alleged to be in photos of child abuse

1 January 1984: Savile attends New Year’s Day Lunch at Chequers with Thatcher

Dickens gives second dossier to Leon Brittan, Home Secretary The January 1984 dossier ,

-reported to be 50 pages, contained information on the Paedophile Information Exchange, an organisation that campaigned to legalise sex with children,

-and gave details of ‘sex assaults at a children’s home’,

– named prominent paedophiles including a ‘top television executive’ alleged to have had sex with a child and seen with known paedophiles,

– and alleged police were accepting bribes from sex-shop owners.

Daily Express, 25/01/984

Row over Palace Vice ‘Cover-Up’ (News of the World, 15/01/1984, Alex Marunchak) – ‘A secret report alleging an Establishment cover-up over a homosexual vice ring at Buckingham Palace is being studied by Home Secretary Leon Brittan’ – ‘been operating for years’ – ‘senior civil servants who he says had in his office 57 obscene slides showing adults having sex with children. The incident was hushed up by the Civil Service, he claims’.

Thursday 19th January 1984 Huddersfield Daily Examiner (19.1.84) gives more detail on the January 1984 dossier – apparently it also contains ‘allegations of child assault at the ceremonies of religious cults‘. MP hands over shock report on child sex (Daily Mirror, 19/01/1984)

Limited Inquiry will not satisfy Kincora critics (Irish Times, 19/01/1984) : Terms of reference confined to Social Services field – unsure if it would have the powers to:- (a) subpoena witnesses; or (b) make witnesses produce documentary evidence; or (c) require witnesses to answer questions

In Scotland The Glasgow Herald reports Woman tells Old Bailey jury she never met Heath (19/01/1984) The defendant to an accusation of rape claimed his ex-lover was trying to silence him because he saw photos of Edward Heath and a Detective Sergeant Wallace in pornographic photos involving his two children and his wife. “The court heard on Tuesday that Mr Heath categorically denied he was in the alleged photographs.”

Glasgow Herald, 19/01/1984

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 22.55.35

Limited Inquiry will not satisfy Kincora critics, The Irish Times, 19/01/1984

TV Chief is named in child sex probe (Daily Express 20/01/1984)

Wednesday 25 January 1984: GCHQ employees told that they are no longer able to join a trade union, only a departmental staff association approved by the director of GCHQ.

Council of Civil Service Unions v Minister for Civil Services [1984] 3 All ER 935 at 939

March 1984

Evil Secrets of a Scots address(Sunday Mail 25/03/1984) Ian Campbell Dunn, 40 year old planning officer with Edinburgh District Council. May 1984 Cecil Parkinson

June 1984 – Mark Tildsley murdered, Private Eye alleges MI5 involvement in Cabinet Minister smear

Joan Miller, author of One Girl’s War, dies aged 68 in June 1984 in Malta having just finished her memories. Her daughter and her publishers Brandon based in Co. Kerry, Ireland, will have to fight Sir Michael Havers, as Attorney-General in the High Court in Dublin before being allowed to publish in 1986.

Friday 1 June – Mark Tildsley goes missing at Wokingham funfair

Funfair man in Mark hunt

‘Child sex link man’ sues for £20,000(Capital Gay 15/06/1984)   Ian Dunn Defence Fund.

30th March Police action urged over ‘Mason’ network. Islington Gazette

During 1984 several children were abducted from an amusement arcade Fair Play on the Holloway Road

Dickens in Hansard 27/06/1984: paedophile holidays – FCO investigation

Spotlight: The 1984 “Cabinet Minister Scandal”

21 June – 28th June The Morning Star and The Times stated rumours regarding a Thatcher government minister being involved in a child sex scandal were circulating. On 22nd The Sydney Morning Herald reports the rumours as circulating since November 1983:

“The sex scandal rumours come at a time when Mrs Thatcher’s Government is under fire over the increasingly violent miners’ strike, which has been running for 102 days. The Queen has made known her concern.”

“Downing Street this morning told AAP that writs for libel would be issued against any newspaper or broadcasting body that identified the minister around whom rumours have been circulating for some time.

Government officers described the stories as “assassination by gossip”.

The Communist Morning Star today reported “a child sex scandal involving a Government minister” might be about to break.

A Guardian columnist disclosed that another newspaper was investigating “a sensational Whitehall sex scandal”, but gave no details.

The Observer also teased with the mention of “scandal, or rumours of scandal” when offering a number of reasons for a lift on political temperatures.

The Times political correspondent today said rumours involving a Cabinet minister had been circulating since last November and had been revived with an investigation by The Mail on Sunday.

The correspondent, Anthony Bevins, says the Commons tearoom – the hub of Westminster gossip – has been told the story will going to “break” this weekend.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the minister concerned has denied the rumours and said he would take legal action if identified in connection with them.

Because the minister mentioned is of Cabinet rank, it can be taken that the security services have investigated the rumours,” reported James Wightman, political correspondent of the Telegraph.

“It can also be taken that the minister has seen the Prime Minister about the matter. Mrs Thatcher has clearly given him an expression of her unqualified confidence.””

Rumors in Westminister of child-sex scandal prompt PM to step in (The Globe & Mail Canada, 23/06/1984, Vera Frankl)

September 1984 – Kincora Inquiry reconvenes; PIE’s Steven Adrian Smith of the Home Office flees to Holland

October 1984 – IRA Brighton Bomb at Conservative Party Conference

November 1984 – Trial of PIE members Bremner & Joy, Steven Adrian Smith flees to Holland

Child Sex ring’s Home Office Link (Evening Standard, 07/11/1984): During the trial of Bremner and Joy it was revealed a Home Office telephone number was being used in Steven Adrian Smith’s office. Smith, 30, Christchurch Avenue, Harrow fled to Holland. ‘Child sex pair cleared’ (The Sun, 14/11/1984)

1 November 1984

1 November 1984

November 1984: PIE Trial of Bremner and Joy

1985 – Leeds dossier to Brittan, Crown Prosecution Service established, Murder of Jason Swift 

Siwthinbank’s Baldwin Harbor raided: In 1986 Martin Swithinbank was named as a founding member of NAMBLA in an article reporting the capture and conviction of fellow abuser Stewart Geller, a Boy Scout leader who had fled charges when Swithinbank’s home in Baldwin Harbor was raided in 1985

Geller, one of eight defendants charged with sexually assaulting boys at a home in Baldwin Harbor, N.Y., was extradited to New York last year, said Elaine Stack, district attorney in Nassau County.

The owner of the home was a founding member of the North American Man-Boy Love Association, an organization working for legalization of sex between men and underage boys, Stack said. NAMBLA literature was found in the home, she said.

Man Pleads Guilty In Sexual Abuse Of Cub Scouts
April 23, 1986

1985 Rolf Harris: “Kids Can Say No” 1985 Full Video

The Guardian, 19/11/2003, Tash Shifrin

During 1985 Demetrious Panton complains about abuse while as a child in care of Islington Social Services – see Timeline: Margaret Hodge Row (The Guardian, 19/11/2003)

Spotlight: Fair Play amusement arcade, Islington – John Norman Foss and Leslie Loates

February 1985 Leeds Child Abuse dossier given to Home Secretary Leon Brittan (Yorkshire Evening Post, 14/02/1985) – Shock dossier on the schoolgirl prostitutes

May 1985: Prosecution of Offences Act 1985 comes into force on 23rd May establishing Crown Prosecution Service and codifying prosecution process.

July 1985 6 July 1985 – Jason Swift goes missing from his sister’s home in Hackney, aged 14Spotlight: Sidney Cooke and the Crown Prosecution Service When Operation Orchid ended, “detectives admitted that they knew there were up to a dozen members of the ring who had escaped prosecution“. We now have a much better idea of who these other members of the ring might be, thanks to a former Operation Orchid detective who spoke to the Mirror.

A former detective who worked on the original investigation into Cooke told the Sunday Mirror that the minister was among those alleged to have been ­photographed in a 1986 police surveillance on premises where boys had been dropped off. Others allegedly included Jimmy Savile, MP Cyril Smith and top judges – though none of them were ever arrested.

November 1985 – Dickens calls for DPP Hetherington’s resignation

Parliament: Concern at prosecution tactics – DPP’s office (The Times, 12/11/1985): Dickens MP has lost hope in Sir Tony Hetherington’s ability to prosecute 4 and a half years after he first used parliamentary privilege to name Sir Peter Hayman in the House of Commons,

“The Director of Public Prosecutions should be asked to put his house in order or resign, Mr Geoffrey Dickens (Littleborough and Saddleworth, C) maintained during questions in the Commons to the Solicitor General. Many MPs and members of the public were very disturbed at the workings of the DPP’s office, said Mr Dickens. Time and time again (he said) good and proper evidence is put forward and many times charges are abandoned. Many times lesser charges are brought which disturbs many people like myself and certainly disturbs observers at the trial. Will the Solicitor General ask the DPP to get his house in order or resign? Sir Patrick Mayhew, the Solicitor General: I shall talk to the DPP at 3.45pm today but I shall not put to him that question or suggestion Mr Dickens has just put. His question was rather long on generalities but singularly short on particulars.”

December 1985 –

Police identify body of murdered boy (The Times, 04/12/1985): The body of 14 year old Jason Swift is found in Ongar, Essex.

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