1957: Peter Righton joins Red Hill school , Maidstone, Kent – special boarding school – starts to abuse boys – Spotlight

1958: Albany Trust started  – cf. Albany Trust Deeds.

On 22 August 1958,  Macmillan had already offered Boothby a peerage under pressure of Boothby’s continued affair with his wife Dorothy.

1959 – Lord Tim Beaumont of Whitley returns to England from Kowloon, Hong Kong

1959 – Cyril Smith investigation in Rochdale dropped – until DS Jack Tasker Lancashire police picks it up in 1969 again 10 years later http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/vip-paedophile-files-detective-ordered-5379386#ICID=sharebar_twitter

Training for Social Work in Hong Kong. A report prepared for the Government of Hong Kong by Eileen L. Younghusband … September 1960 Unknown Binding – 1960


Joan Littlewood wrote the play ‘Sparrers can’t Sing’ originally in 1960 – as a great friend of Tom Driberg it is she who introduces the Krays to Driberg.

  • 3rd February 1960:  Macmillan gives ‘Winds of Change’ speech at Cape Town, Monday Club outraged
  • May 1960: Savile presents Tyne Tees TV music programme “Young at Heart” (filmed in black and white, 1st TV role)
  • 1 November: Queen announces US Polaris base in Holy Loch, Clyde – 1,500 men and 400 families will be coming into the area
  • December: Ian Fleming writes ‘State of Excitement’ for Kuwait Oil Co  – never published

Hugh Trevor-Roper had been installed by Macmillan as Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford – Maurice Bowra – Warden of Wadham College wants Sir Oliver Franks British Ambassador to Washington and Trevor-Roper campaigns for Macmillan for Chancellor of Oxford University

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 15.41.45


Fairbairn Boys’ Club, Barking Road Plaistow – home to Sir Ian Horobin MP: “The Second World War of 1939-45 brought disruption. Post war developments saw Joan Littlewoods’ Acting School accommodated (1961). By 1962 membership had dropped to one third after Ian Horobins’ departure.”  http://www.newhamstory.com/node/2584

October 1961 – Sir Alastair Miller jailed for sexual abuse of 11 year old girl

Sir Alastair George Miller,

Baronet took girl of 11 on holiday, Daily Mail, 5th October 1961

1 December – baronet jailed for taking away a girl, Daily mail

November 1961: The Beatles performed at 64 Fountain Street, Manchester first in November 1961.

“The venue was a coffee bar cellar club, a long narrow room with the stage at the far end. The club was run by Kennedy Street Enterprises and was part-owned by radio presenter Jimmy Savile.”

Was Savile a partner or did he have a share in Kennedy Street Enterprises?

“I first met Jimmy Savile there when I played with the band Dave Eager and the Beavers. It was through that meeting that I became a disc-jockey.

Jimmy owned the club in partnership with Barry Collins. Jimmy used to bring all his “pals” down there late on Saturday night…he turned up one night with The Stones……….”

Dave Eager, Mersey Beat website

In December 1961 Mariella Novotny was holding her ‘sexy parties’ at 13, Hyde Park Square to which Stephen Ward was inviting Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davies so the long fuse of the Profumo Affair had been lit well before the fateful weekend at Cliveden.

Francis Rose publishes ‘ Saying Life’ his 1961 autobiography – reminisces about affair with Ernst Rohm at Bad Wiessee

The dust has never settled p.82

The dust has never settled p.82

The Dust has never settled

The Dust has never settled

1962 – Trial of Sir Ian Horobin MP, Rawlinson as Attorney-General, Dr John Robinson publishes ‘Honest to God’

During 1962 Michael De La Noy starts work for Lord Beaumont’s Prism as his assistant editor and Antony Grey was interviewed and became the Secretary of the Albany Trust for the next 8 years until September 1970

Dr John Robinson, already involved with the Albany Trust publishes “church-shaking” book ‘Honest to God’.

20th April 1962: Jim fixes it for Billy Fury to meet his idol Elvis Presely with Larry Parnes through Jim’s contact with Tom Diskin

From the BillyFury.com website: http://www.billyfury.com/gen/billyandelvis/chris.htm

“Despite the fact that by 1961 Billy had cleaned up his stage act, developed a unique, highly intensive vocal style and had displayed a song writing talent not evident in the “King”, the Billy-Elvis connection was in tablets of stone. It’s not surprising therefore that Billy was the first major British Pop icon to meet his premier idol. It seems that manager Larry Parnes had promised Billy for some time that he would take him to meet Elvis.

The opportunity came when Parnes bumped into pioneering DJ Jimmy Savile who was supposed to be going to America to present some silver discs to Elvis. Jimmy had already met Elvis in 1961 and would again in 1964, but was unable to go in 1962 because of commitments. Parnes told Jimmy that he and Billy would take the discs to Elvis. A trip to the USA had already been planned in order to take a rough cut of Billy’s first film, “Play It Cool”, to the states for pre-release publicity. In a subsequent article in New Record Mirror on May 26th Parnes stated that the film had impressed the Americans. This opinion conflicted with later U.S. critiques of the released film which classed Billy, regrettably and quite incorrectly, as just another Elvis clone.

On the 20th April 1962, three days after what would have been Billy’s 22nd birthday, Parnes and Billy flew to New York and managed to contact Colonel Tom Parker’s side-kick, Tom Diskin, who was in Hollywood. Later he was again contacted by Parnes and Billy, who, having enjoyed a holiday break, were in Los Angeles, and invited them to come and meet Elvis at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.”

Cyril Smith: “In 1962, aged 34, he began taking a keen interest in youth matters in Rochdale — sitting on committees in charge of the Rochdale Youth Theatre, the Rochdale Youth Orchestra, the Youth Employment Committee, as well as the governorship of 29 local schools.”[ Chilling claims that Cyril Smith child abuse scandal was concealed to avoid crisis at Westminster, Daily Mail , 23 November 2012]

13 July 1962: Macmillan’s Night of the Long Knives – Longer blog post – A fly in the reshuffle. Sir Peter Rawlinson, Sir Ian Horobin’s defence counsel is given the role of Attorney General just as Horobin’s trial is about to begin. Tony Hetherington, a lawyer with the Government Legal Service  (who later becomes DPP in 1977 and takes the decision to prosecute Jeremy Thorpe) becomes part of the legal team supporting the Attorney-General and the Solicitor General in 1962.

RAB (Richard Butler)

17 July 1962: Sir Ian Horobin’s brief trial, sentenced to four years


In 1963 Lord Boothby and Tom Driberg MP social activities with the Kray’s increase in boldness with Boothby inviting Ron to the House of Lords.

26 March 1963 – the Krays have a cameo part in Sparrows Can’t Sing with Barbara Windsor – is released in US with subtitles due to the Cockney accents! At the premiere the Krays meet Princess Margaret and Viscount Linley (whose son they are later to be accused of launching a prison based plot to kidnap in exchange for their freedom and go on a patriotic monarchy loving hunger strike as a result).

Peter Righton in Devizes, Wiltshire: After leaving Redhill Righton worked for two years (1963-65) as a tutor and organiser for the Workers’ Educational Association in Wiltshire; his address was given as North Flat, Marden Grange, Marden, Devizes, Wiltshire.

In July 1963, a police investigation began into complaints against Righton of abuse; around time he wrote several potential suicide notes admitting having done harm to boys. However, Righton was able to get the investigation dropped after having lunch with a police inspector (Source McKelvie). See Ian Pace’s blog http://wp.me/p2Eg3O-VO

The Windsor Star, 3 December 1963

The Windsor Star, 3 December 1963

17 October 1963: Russell Winterbottom is murdered at Henlow Grange

Man with record got job at remand home (19.11.63) Daily Mail, 19th November 1963 David Young a 30 year old got a job at Stamford House, Goldhawk Road, Shepherd’s Bush despite five previous convictions and indecently assaulted a 7 year old boy. Found guilty and sentenced to 18 months in prison.

3 December 1963: Reports that Winterbottom’s burnt body has been found a mile from Henlow Grange in a thicket, next to his tracksuit and an empty two-gallon gasoline can.

The Calgary Herald, 28 october 1963

The Calgary Herald, 28 october 31963

Savile: “His wrestling career was still in full flight from the first match in Salford in December 1963 until around 1974 when he no longer had the time as he was about to commit to  Jim’ll Fix It.” [How’s about that then? Alison Bellamy Biog – E-Loc ?]



1964 – Year of General Election

National Youth Association formed in 1964 as an information centre for youth services at the National College for the Training of Youth Leaders in Leicester – originally called National Youth Bureau.

1 January 1964: Savile presents Top of The Pops first programme in a converted church, Manchester, Rusholme

By spring 1964 Scotland Yard’s fledgling Intelligence section C11 has Boothby and Krays under surveillance [Notorious, John Pearson, Loc. ??]

Papers of Sir Timothy Bligh – private secretary to PM Sir Alec Douglas-Home (released under 30 year rule in 1994) – PM ordered investigation

What happens to Joan Littlewood’s Fun Palace and Lea River development? And hers and Driberg’s friendship? http://www.strikemag.org/leisure-riot/

Charlie Richardson in 1964: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/9556430/Charles-Richardson.html

 “At 30, he was a wealthy man and moving into major legitimate mining deals in South Africa when things suddenly started to unravel: in 1965 one of his lieutenants was charged in Johannesburg with murdering a man who had been Richardson’s business partner in a mining venture, and suspicion also fell on Richardson himself. In order to escape the gallows in South Africa, his henchman agreed to dish the dirt on Richardson.

Within two years, with his brother and two more of his closest “associates”, Richardson was on trial in one of the most extraordinary cases of the 1960s, attracting lurid headlines about torture, teeth and pliers, protection rackets and sinister kangaroo courts.”

Times, 1 Jan 1964

Times, 1 Jan 1964

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 07.40.20

Times 11 March 1964

1964: Sir Norman Skelhorne becomes Director of Public Prosecutions (‘DPP’) – 1977

Michael Adeane, Queen’s press secretary warns Peter Right re Blunt’s end of WWII mainland mission as out of bounds

After the Conservative Party lost the general election of 1964, the defeated Home changed the party leadership rules to allow for a MP ballot vote, and then resigned. The following year, Heath – who was Shadow Chancellor at the time, and had recently won favourable publicity for leading the fight against Labour’s Finance Bill – unexpectedly won the party’s leadership contest, gaining 150 votes to Reginald Maudling‘s 133 and Enoch Powell‘s 15.[13] Heath became the Tories’ youngest leader and retained office after the party’s defeat in the general election of 1966.

March 1964 

Published on http://www.theanorak.com here 

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 22.35.02

New Venture News, Mar-April 1964

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 22.31.19 Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 22.31.45Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 22.37.09

On the first page of the interview, second page above Savile answers a question as follows

Q – What were your non-scholastic subjects or hobbies? A – She left when she was 13

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 09.04.49       Since when was a 13 year old girl referred to as a ‘hobby’?

Savile’s answer to that question now only makes sense in the context the discovery and convictions of members of The Hazel Ascot Appreciation Society. The bible of how to groom and molest children entitled The Hobby is outlined in this May 2002 Guardian article by Dan Boyd:

“They call it ‘The Hobby’, a term to describe the persistent abuse of young children by paedophiles. It is also the title of a booklet of rules and guidelines. It reads like a paedophiles catechism – the dos and don’ts of child abuse.

It is handwritten and was circulated to members of a paedophile ring who first befriended each other as young adult members of The Hazel Ascot Appreciation Society (Hazel Ascot was a British child star in the 1940s). The Hobby was written by the society’s photographer, Julian Levene, a convicted paedophile. It tells members: Do enjoy the hobby and be proud to enjoy it! Do talk to the hobby at every opportunity. Chat it up – make love to their minds! Do get them to love you and then withdraw your love before you move in; they will know the price of getting that love back.’

This document was seized by members of a team working under the auspices of the Metropolitan Police that specialises in crimes committed by paedophiles. It is the largest unit of its kind in Europe. This team is the subject of a new three-part BBC series called The Hunt for Britain’s Paedophiles .”

Hazel Ascot had been a champion child tap-dancer of the 1930s, appearing in her own film “Talking Feet” in 1937 aged 6 or 7. Promoted and managed by her father, Duggie, in 1938 she starred in a second film “Stepping toes” and toured with her sister, Marjorie, Sam Brown the singer’s sister, Pearl, and another girl called Pauline as ‘The Petite Ascots”, even travelling to Germany to dance for Hitler prior to the outbreak of WWII. More on Hazel’s career here.

By the 1940s Julian Levene was in written correspondence, exchanging child abuse imagery, with an ever-widening circle of fellow ‘admirers’ of Hazel Ascot and other little girls as members of the society.

By 1964 (and with almost a quarter of a century’s usage) the term ‘Hobby’ had become such accepted slang between paedophiles with the circulation of Levene’s The Hobby, that Savile knew any fellow enthusiasts reading his interview in the South London newsletter of a local record store would know who he was and what he liked to do.

April 1964

23 April 1964: Blunt confesses to MI5 – Queen informed

Times 9 April 1964

Times 9 April 1964

June 1964

22 June Tom Driberg MP plugs his good friend Joan Littlewood’s “laboratory of fun” or “Fun Palace” as it became known in the House of Commons debate

July 1964

Extract from HANSARD dated 9 July 1964.
Written Answers (Commons)
Kenneth de Courcy
56. Mr. Driberg asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will make a statement on the escape from custody of Kenneth de Courcy; what is the yearly average number of prisoners in Wormwood Scrubs who are granted leave to appeal against conviction and are allowed to attend the hearing of their appeals; how many of these are given permission to consult their solicitors at the solicitors’ offices instead of in prison; and why de Courcy was given this special privilege.

“The Peer & The Gangster” and “Public men at seaside parties”:

12 July 1964 The Sunday Mirror (Derek Jamieson pictures editor) / Reg Payne, Editor / Cecil Harmsworth King,  owner / Cecil keen to get on the side of Wilson  – scandal that would wreck Tory party that transpired the Labour party had more to lose. Mad Teddy Smith was in the photos, Tom Driberg’s “boyfriend” and one of the Kray’s men. Driberg would send him off to burgle wealthy members of his circle as did Boothby with Leslie Holt, a ‘cat burglar’

On July 31 1964: Lord Goodman drafted the Times letter Boothby wrote – denied being homosexual due to it being a criminal offence.

September 1964

Parliament dissolution for campaigning for General Election

19 September:  Vivian, Jimmy’s eldest brother Vince’s son, said that “Uncle Jim” often visited and on one trip to Porth in September 1964 he was mobbed by hundreds of adoring fans.

South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales), November 4, 2011

“He said: “I remember we were at home and there were hundreds of children climbing over the wall to get a glimpse of him.

“There were kids out the front and kids out the back; we’d never seen anything like it.

“They were posting bits of paper through the letter box for him to sign, and he would get up and sign all of them and post them back out.

“He was having lunch when the fans broke down the gate at the back of the house and swarmed into the garden.”

Jimmy decided to make an early exit just to save his brother Vince’s home from any more damage.

Jimmy’s visit made the front page of the Porth Gazette on September 19, 1964, which reported: “Nothing like it had ever been seen in Porth before.

“Not VJ Day, not Armistice Night, not even the good news about Mafeking had produced scenes to match those which greeted top disc-jockey Jimmy Savile when he visited relations in High Street, Cymmer, at the weekend.”

Jimmy was quoted as saying: “I like this part of the country. I like the hills, and I was especially overwhelmed by the marvellous reception I was given by the people. I had no idea that I was so well known down here.”

October 1964

Police intelligence files (section 5.1 of ‘Mistakes Were Made’ HMIC’s review into allegations and intelligence material concerning Jimmy Savile between 1964 and 2012), released in March 2013, link notorious paedophile Savile to a child sex ring but it is overlooked until discovered in putting together the HMIC report during 2012. There is an entry very early on in a police offficer’s ledger that talks about a premises in Battersea Bridge Road where two men were investigated and indeed prosecuted for living off  immoral earnings.

“It’s a property where girls from the Duncroft School were visiting and Savile is shown in there [the ledger] as frequenting that premises.”

It says : ‘“BATTERSEA BRIDGE ROAD, (WA) – 4 older girls & youth named [name] (? Homosexual) live at – Jimmy SAVILLE (sic) well known disc jockey frequents – used by absconders from DUNCROFT APP SCHOOL”. A second entry on the page opposite reads: “DUNCROFT APP SCHOOL – Absconders – Vice Ring. [Name] ….living on (sic) immoral earnings of [names of two females identified as DUNCROFT girls]. 2 yrs imp. [Name]…Charged with [name] as above, also further  charged with harbouring [female‟s name] – failed to appear…on 20/10/64 having estreated his bail & thought to be in Holland.
[Name], [address]. At CCC (Central Criminal Court) on 5/11/1964. Charged with living on (sic) earnings & procuring [two female names]. Found NOT GUILTY.
No connection with [name and name] above, but all DUNCROFT girls. The address (sic) used by [name and name] were [address given]. All men were coloured. [Name of female] (ex-Duncroft) introduced the girls to the men concerned.”

November 1964

Maudling lost Chancellor Exchequer position he gained under Macmillan’s Long night of the Knives cull less than 18 months previously – joins board of Kleinwort Benson

Charlie Richardson rents No.65 Grosvenor Square to impress South African diamond contacts


Peter Righton from Ian Pace’s blog: From 1965 onwards, Righton established his influence within the world of social work and child care. He became a tutor in charge of a two-year course for child care officers at Keele University from 1965-68 (see Inside Story link at Ian Pace’s blog); how and when exactly he had become qualified in this field, are who were his referees, are questions the answer to which remains unclear.

Social Worker Lyndon Price reports Cyril Smith (pre becoming an MP in 1972) to Chief Constable Patrick Ross of Rochdale (Rochdale Director of Social Services 1971 – 1984)

Lord Butler moves to become Master of Trinity College

Times 27 July 1965

Times 27 July 1965


Portrait of DJ Jimmy Saville in Wrestling ring taken 15th January 1966.; (Photo by King Collection/Photoshot/Getty Images)

The crowd at Mr Smith’s bar, Piccadilly, London: Savile and George Best

…Meic was first spotted in Manchester, when he was in his 20s, by DJ Jimmy Savile in 1965.

He said: “I got a contract in 1965 for a record I’d written myself called Did I Dream. Decca were going to try to market me as another Donovan or Bob Dylan.

“But it all got too much for me, I had a nervous breakdown and ended up back at Solva.”

That was 1967 and he credits Mandy Rice-Davies, of Profumo affair fame – the political sex scandal that dominated 1960s headlines – with saving his life.

“She was great, you know, she got me out of hospital.”

The events leading up to his breakdown involved working too hard and playing even harder on the northern club circuit, he says. And he had started trying to keep up with former world-class footballer George Best in the drinking stakes.

Meic said: “George would drink at Mr Smith’s bar in Piccadilly. We would be there drinking all night and we wouldn’t leave until they threw us out at 4am. I don’t know how he did it.

Savile would turn up at the bar, too. He would come along in his big Rolls Royce wearing a fur coat and smoking his trademark large cigar.” [Singer Meic Stevens hits out at the ‘Subsidised Tafia, Wales Online, 26 April 2009]

Aged 22, Jonathon King becomes a Manager at Decca Records.

The Tornados – Do you come here often?

“I’ll see you down The Dilly” “Not if I see you first you won’t.”

April 1966

14 April 1966 – Moors Murders trial
The Moors murders were carried out by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley between July 1963 and October 1965, in and around what is now Greater Manchester, England. The trial was held over 14 days beginning on 19 April 1966, in front of Mr Justice Fenton Atkinson.

Mad Teddy Smith get’s Frank Mitchell’s pleas in The Times and the Daily Mirror (not the Express via Driberg? Why not? Too obvious?)

May 1966

10th May 1966: Savile pictured addresses the Variety Club of Great Britain. “English disc jockey and television presenter Jimmy Savile (1926 – 2011) addresses the Variety Club of Great Britain, 10th May 1966. Actress and singer Liza Minnelli sits to the right.” (Photo by Doug McKenzie/Getty Images)

16th May 1966: The General Post Office tower was officially opened to the public.

June 1966

1966, June – Savile rockclimbing in Jersey –June 1966 – Rock climbing in Jersey.
(also with ‘obligatory cigar’ rockclimbing!) http://jerseyeveningpost.newsprints….8/00181435_jpg
(JEP Archive 00181435.jpg)

Vince and Jimmy do the Commando Green Beret run – only Jimmy Savile and Prince Philip are the non-marines to have this. Made an ‘Honorary Marine Commando’ and received a medal and the coveted green beret at the age of 42. (Bellamy’s biography)

Savile and Smith reportedly first meet at a Medieval Banquet

Cyril Smith becomes Mayor of Rochdale and quits the Labour party

“after internecine rows which left the people of Rochdale astonished. The decision to quit was frankly, rash and impetuous man, something which is no longer Britain’s best-kept secret.” (Big Cyril p.3)

September 1966

September 1966: Savile joins local diving club at Scarborough pictured here in deep sea diving/ frogman outfit being pulled by from the water by two young women

English disc jockey and TV presenter Jimmy Savile (1926 – 2011), with his secretaries, Barbara Counsel (left) and Christine McCarthy, on the beach at Scarborough, Yorkshire, September 1966. Savile is wearing a wetsuit and scuba-diving equipment, having recently joined the local diving club. (Photo by Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

October 1966 – Aberfan disaster

From Wikipedia entry on Henry Thomas, Viscount Tonypandy:

In April 1966 he was appointed Minister of State for Wales, and was one of the first on the scene of the Aberfan disaster in October 1966.

Thomas showed sympathy to the people of the village, bereaved and devastated by the calamity, where a coal tip, loosened by heavy rain, slid down a hillside and engulfed houses and a primary school. The disaster cost the lives of 144 people, 128 of them children at the Pantglas Junior School. However, while later serving as Secretary of State for Wales, Thomas was involved in a decision by the Wilson Government to take £150,000 from a charity fund raised to help the victims of the disaster and their families to pay for the removal of other coal tips above the village.

(This money was paid back to the charity fund in 1997 by the newly appointed Secretary of State for Wales Ron Davies, who was quoted as saying: “It was a wrong perpetrated by a previous government – a Labour secretary of state. I regarded it as an embarrassment. It was a wrong that needed to be righted.”[4])

 1967 – BBCR1 begins, Sexual Offences Act

Guy Marsden, Jimmy’s 13 year old nephew (son of Marjorie – the expert Egyptologist) picked up by Savile as a runaway in London and taken to Celebrity parties where children were abused 

In 1967 Savile became Honorary Churchwarden of St John in the Wilderness at Cragg Vale, despite the fact he had only come to the church to help fix a job for a vicar as reported in the Halifax Courier

“Meanwhile Charles Richardson, now operating from an office in Park Lane, was becoming engulfed by his troubles in South Africa. It seems clear that Richardson had ordered one of his henchmen, Johnny Bradbury, to fly to Johannesburg to murder an Afrikaner business “associate” named Tom Waldeck, who had double-crossed Richardson in a mining enterprise. When Bradbury was tried for the murder and sentenced to hang, he offered to “grass up” the Richardson brothers in return for a pardon and immunity.

Because officers of the Metropolitan Police were on the Richardsons’ payroll (and indeed took money from several other London gangs of the 1960s), the Bradbury deal was arranged by a special squad of detectives led by Gerald McArthur, the assistant chief constable of Hertfordshire.

Other victims of the Richardsons were granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for turning Queen’s Evidence at the series of “Torture Trials” that began in April 1967. With Home Office help, several witnesses fled the country immediately the trials were over.” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/9556430/Charles-Richardson.html

Residential Child Care, Facts and Fallacies : a Review of Research in the United States, Western Europe, Israel and Great Britain between 1948-1966 / by Rosemary Dinnage and M. L. Kellmer Pringle Hardcover – 1967

January – Bernard Oliver’s body found in Tattingstone, Suffolk

1967, 16th January – “Suitcase murder” of Bernard Oliver, 17, from Muswell Hill, north London. Found dumped on farmland in Tattingstone nr Ipswich, Suffolk.


3rd February – Record Producer Joe Meek kills his landlady and then himself
17 May 1967: US eastern state congressman ‘lawmaker’ was being blackmailed as well as a British producer – 2 members of blackmail gang travelled to UK to extort $3,ooo from British producer Chicago Tribune

June 1967 – Peter Dorschel, Dunoon/Polaris spy trial defended by Sr Nicholas Fairbairn


13 July: Lord Boothby in Hansard talks about “a lunatic fringe” of gay men who are gay simply because they like the “kick” of being unlawful

“In conclusion, I support this Bill for four simple reasons. There is a lunatic fringe of homosexuals who get a kick out of being on the wrong side of the law, and of the danger arising therefrom. To a great extent the Bill will take that kick away, and some of them may even give it up. Secondly, the vast majority hate being on the wrong side of the law, and wish only to be good and useful citizens, though they may sometimes, perhaps often, lead rather unhappy lives. Another reason why I support the Bill is because I am convinced that prisons are the last places on earth to which homosexuals should be sent. This really is an overwhelming reason.

I further believe that what consenting adults of either sex do in privacy is their own affair in a free democracy. I will not go into the question of sin and crime raised by the noble Marquess, Lord Salisbury—I think we have already dealt with that, and he dealt with it extremely well to-day—except to say that I believe there is a difference between what some may hold to be a sin and, what the State may hold to be a crime; because “crime” means a crime against the State.

Finally, there is the question of blackmail. And do not think, my Lords, that it does not exist, or that it will not be reduced if this Bill is passed; or that blackmail is not a more horrible thing than homosexuality between consenting adults.”

27 July 1967 Sexual Offences Act 1967: The Bill received royal assent

s.8 Consent for prosecution for offences involving a man over 21 and an adolescent (or child being applicable to any male under 21 down to zero years of age since it doesn’t specify or limit) is required from the Director of Public Prosecutions – at the time Sir Norman Skelhorne.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 23.14.25

“His big break came when he joined Radio Luxembourg, but at the height of his fame with that station – in 1967, just before joining the BBC – he returned to Otley to present the town’s first Pop Civic Ball.

The event, the brainchild of the chairman of Otley Council, Ronnie Duncan, proved a huge success and saw Jimmy performing at Otley Rugby Club in his trademark Union Jack jacket. This paper described it as: “The Swinging Scene Takes Over Otley”.[Young entrepreneurs who became disco pioneers, The Wharfedale Observer, 3 November 2011]

1967 George Giarchi had a brief sojourn with Savile in the spotlight as a Pop Priest (a Jesuit Scottish Redemptorist) conducting pop preach-ins and missions in London and Edinburgh.

August 1967 –

27 August 1967: Brian Epstein dies – unclear how he died BBC On this Day

10 September 1967 Royal guardsmen vice probe  

 1968 – Krays arrested, ‘M’ dies,

Former Head of MI5’s unit for Counter-Subversion, Maxwell Knight or ‘M’ dies during 1968. Joan Miller writes that she suspects he was being blackmailed during the later stages of his life, forcing him to move in with ex-colleague Guy Poston and his family.[One Girl’s War, 1986, p.154]

From 1968 to 1971 Peter Righton was a Senior Lecturer at the National Institute of Social Work, a government-funded educational and research centre.

Father Trevor Huddleston arrived in the East End as Bishop of Stepney during 1968 before being appointed Bishop of Mauritius once his ‘sexual harassment’ of two school boys threatened to


Enoch Powell’s controversial rivers of blood speech

May 1968 – What a Coup!?

Cecil Harmsworth King, chairman of Mirror Group newspapers reportedly sends Hugh Cudlipp to Mountbatten

London Compendium

London Compendium

Picture 30


May 1968:

8 May 1968: Krays and 15 other members of their “firm” were arrested.

25 May 1968: Mary Bell murders 4 year old Martin Brown

In Tyneside where Brian Roycroft was Childcare Officer on 25 May 1968, the day before her 11th birthday, Mary Bell strangled four-year-old Martin Brown in a derelict house Mary Bell’s mother was a dominatrix, Betty McCrickett who would travel to Glasgow [cf. Dunoon’s burgeoning demand due to Polaris]

On 31 July 1968, the two girls took part in the death, again by strangulation, of three-year-old Brian Howe, on wasteland in the same Scotswood area.

July 1968

23 – 25 July: 30 or so Albany Trust supporters or Southwark Ordination Course

New Deal for Children: Reflections on ‘Children in Trouble’ Righton at Shotton Hall, Peterlee on 11th October, 1968

In 1968 following the conviction of Mary Bell on 17 December aged 11 years for the murder of two boys, Roycroft then Children’s Officer Newcastle became personally involved with her welfare and was widely praised by the author of two books on the murders and the life of Mary as “one of the finest social workers in the country” and referred to “his passion for “social justice.” quoted in the Guardian Obituary.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 07.16.34


From 1969 to 1973 Savile fronted Speakeasy,  (theme; Yakety Yack by the Coasters) an hour long young peoples’ uninhibited discussion programme interspersed with music. The unique show dealt with serious issues such as war, education, health and religion and politics.

Having welcomed Enoch Powell‘s controversial speech of April 1968, Harvey Proctor became an active member of the Conservative Monday Club. He was the Club’s Assistant Director from 1969 to 1971 and a member of its Executive Council from 1983 until he stood down as an MP in 1987.[1]     Wikipedia profile

1969: Cyril Smith questioned by DS Jack Tasker over 1959 allegations and fresh allegations in Rochdale of abuse of boys http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/vip-paedophile-files-detective-ordered-5379386#ICID=sharebar_twitter

“He told the Sunday People : “Smith was always into boys. They were then aged 18 to 19 but had suffered years of abuse.

“We interviewed Smith, who was sweating.

“He admitted most things, saying he ‘had to administer corrective justice’.

“I asked if that meant taking their clothes off and spanking them, and told Smith he had no right to administer anything.”

Mr Tasker added: “I doubt there’ll ever be a conclusion to this but have often thought that at the time, this scandal may have brought down the Government.

“Someone must have known about it but ­nobody did anything.”


Feb 25, 1969 The Glasgow Herald Saville had them in a spin

“A full scale search of Ben Nevis for Jimmy Savile, the disc jockey, was called off last night, when Saville, who has not been seen for most of the day, reported his return.

Along with two experienced companions he had planned to climb to the summit of Ben Nevis yesterday; and had spent the night midway up the mountain. They set off early on their climb, but weather conditions were not good, and while his two companions went on, Saville decided to turn back on his own.

His companions returned by Glen Nevis, and when they found that Saville had not reported back a search was organised. The search party was in process of being assembled when Saville reported his return about 8.15 p.m.”

times  17 April 1969

times 17 April 1969

June 1969

24 June 1969: First meeting of Social Projects Study Group: under auspices of Albany Trust – Peter Righton (Chairman) and Antony Grey (Secretary)


Daily Mirror Thursday 26 June 1969

Daily Mirror Thursday 26 June 1969

September 1969 – October 1970: Mervyn Harris is interviewing and researching The Dilly Boys at Piccadilly Circus – notably in the run up to and immediately after the General Election.

Oct 4, 1969, The Glasgow Herald, Civic Welcome For Disc Jockey

“Jimmy Saville, the disc jockey, will be given a civic welcome to-day when he arrives in Fort William from London. For five days he will give his services free to raise money for the Belford Hospital.

He will attend fund-raising functions for young and old, and will lead a sponsored walk in which 800 persons are expected to take part.”

Henry Thomas (later Viscount Tonypandy as Secretary of State for Wales from 1968 to 1970 he presided over the investiture of the Prince of Wales at Caernarfon Castle in 1969. Thomas was fervently attached to the Royal Family and also strongly opposed to Plaid Cymru and particularly to the Welsh Language Society.

Dr Morris Fraser completes his Diploma In Engineering and during August 1969 begins to counsel children caught in the Troubles

  • British Agents in Vice Ring Probe (News of the World, 21/02/1982, Gordon Leak) Ulster Secretary Jim Prior orders a public inquiry to determine the part played by fanatical Protestant para-military groups like Tara. This article also specifically mentions a police file on Kincora going missing in 1969.

December 1969

10th December – Savile records ‘Christmas Songs of Praise’ for the BBC from Calder High School. Transmission date 28/12/69. FOI to BBC.

Two Little Boys went to no. 1 in uk December 27, 1969.

26th December 1969: Pearls of the year

Sunday, BBC-2: “End of a Decade.” 150-minute review with film and guests, including Cardinal Heenan, the Bonzo Dog Band, Archbishop Ramsey, Malcolm Muggeridge. The whole conducted by Jimmy Savile.

Sunday, BBC-1: “Songs of Praise.”. Savile again, the Catholic in floral cassock, introduces carols sung by Anglicans of the Pennine village of Cragg Vale, 1969,

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