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George Parker Rossman (1919 – 2013)

American Yale Divinity School Professor (during 1953-1972) George Parker Rossman was a leading figure in an international child abuse network revealed in various press reports of 1972-1974. Further information on his association with PIE and Azimuth Trust abuser of boys Dr Morris Fraser, Dennis W Nichols, a Sociology Professor at Western Michigan University from the Sixties into the 1980s and Martin Swithinbank (British Harvard Fulbright scholar and photographer who co-founds the North American Boy Lovers Association ‘NAMBLA’ in 1977) can be found here.

Rossman followed in his father’s footsteps as a Disciples of Christ (Protestant) Minister. He joined Yale Divinity School in his early thirties (1950/51) earning a doctorate in 1953 on ‘Protestant co-operation on state University campuses/ The University Community and its Churches’, staying to become Director of the Ecumenical Center for Continuing Education of Clergy, living and working in New Haven, Connecticut. During the late 50s he and his wife have three children, one son and two daughters.

During the mid 1960s, Rossman starts to write as Jonathan Drake, focusing on the knowledge he is gathering about prostituted children on his travels round the world in his role in the United Student Christian Council and Student Volunteer Movement. He publishes an article about prostituted boys in Turkey in 1966, building towards a more comprehensive ‘study’ co-authored in 1969 with Dennis Drew titled ‘Boys For Sale: A Study of the Prostitution of Young Boys for Sexual Purposes’.

The book is published by an offshoot of Book Explorers, and later, in 1976, Rossman used their mailing list to promote Sexual Experiences between Men and Boys; Exploring the Pederast Underground.

During December 1969 Rossman had become involved with a network ’employing’ boys as christmas tree salesmen as a cover for prostituting them and in 1972 he is charged with sexual activity with a 16 year old during December 1969. For 2 years between 1970- December 1971 he becomes a leading figure in a Long Island, NY network involving Belfast Child Psychiatrist Dr Morris Fraser (PIE, children’s boating holidays with Azimuth Trust, Kincora?), adopting the role of editor-publisher of a round-robin newsletter for pederasts as well as drafting a Bill of Rights for young people. It is only George Brehm, a wealthy school equipment salesman who purchased the house and boats in West Islip, Long Island where the network was said to have met 19 times during the two years, who appears to have spent any time in prison as a result. After fleeing the country for Geneva, Switzerland and Beirut, Lebanon for 6 months, Rossman returned in November 1972 to stand trial. During this time he is working on writing Sexual Experience between Men and Boys: Exploring the Pederast Underground (published in 1976) and Pirate Slave (published in 1977) a novel about a young fair-haired white boy captured by an Arabic pirate who comes to form a relationship with his captor.

Despite his integral role to the Brehm/Dr Morris Fraser international network trafficking boys as young as 10 from as far away as Puerto Rico to be abused in Long Island, Rossman is given probation (for either 3 or 5 years) under condition of therapy and a ban from Suffolk County. It is unclear when his position with Yale Divinity School is terminated but for Rossman to be unable to live and work in New Haven where the school was would have created problems. Dr Morris Fraser also escapes a prison sentence and the General Medical Council repeatedly postpone judgment on banning him form practice until by 1975 they discharge the case.

It only appears to be George W Brehm who is given prison time. Bearing in mind Brehm’s association with Professor Boris Stanfield it is worth considering whether there is evidence available to show Brehm’s financing of the ‘venture’ came from Soviet sources in order to cast as wide a net as possible for ensnaring useful and prominent people for blackmail purposes. It may explain disparity in sentences especially where individuals such as Rossman and Dr Morris Fraser were willing to continue as they had been, but as informants on their fellow high profile or useful child abusing associates and so prison time may have been a waste of networking and informing time on child abusers still at large. It is the following year in September/October 1974 that the Paedophile Information Exchange is established in the UK. It should be noted that during Heath’s term as Prime Minister, in May 1973 the revelations that Lord Lambton and Lord Jellicoe were using call-girl services when the press momentarily threatened to uncover an international vice network trading boys which German Stern magazine was concerned had compromised national security, including their own and that of NATO. It was on 4 May 1973 that Dr Morris Fraser and Parker Rossman were each charged with 27 counts of conspiracy, and sexual offences against children, although sentencing would be delayed until February/March 1974.

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Disciples Divinity House, University of Chicago obituary for alumnus George Parker Rossman

Born: 20 May 1919, Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma

Attended school in Creek Indian county and works as a newspaper reporter there

From back of 'Kingdom of Weeds: An Oklahoma Prince dreams of an All-Indian state' by Parker Rossman

From back of ‘Kingdom of Weeds: An Oklahoma Prince dreams of an All-Indian state’ by Parker Rossman

Oklahoma University 1938-1941

1939: Aged 20 when WWII starts

1941: Graduates from Oklahoma; BA. University of Oklahoma (Education and Communications)

Chicago University Disciples Divinity House 1944-1947

University of Chicago – Disciples Divinity House – thesis on the sociology of the university

He earned his BD from the Divinity School in 1944. The title of his thesis was “The University Community and Its Churches” authored with Disciples sociologist Samuel C. Kincheloe.

Dr. Samuel C. Kincheloe, was the professor of sociology of religion, Federated Theological Faculty, University of Chicago, later became the seventh president of Tougaloo Southern Christian College.

He worked with the Student Christian Movement following World War II.

Class of ’47: In Bacon House?

  • Parker Rossman, Ecumenical student workbook: an interpretive report on the USCC Ecumenical Student Conference, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, Dec. 27, 1948 to Jan. 1, 1949 128 p vols (New York: United Student Christian Council, 1949).

1949: First national student conference of Christian Church students, held at Drake University during Christmas vacation (cf. later Rossman would adopt the nom de plume Jonathan Drake)

The Encyclopedia of the Stone-Campbell Movement  By Douglas A. Foster (Article on Disciples Student Fellowship by Parker Rossman)

The Encyclopedia of the Stone-Campbell Movement
By Douglas A. Foster (Article on Disciples Student Fellowship by Parker Rossman)

Yale University, Yale Divinity School

1951: Aged 32, Married, June 6, 1951 to Jean Fleming

Class of 1953: Earns his PhD in Education at Yale University, “Protestant co-operation on state university campuses” and then taught at Yale Divinity School. [ Alumni]

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Rossman became a travelling secretary to the Student Volunteer Movement (SVM) and sat on committees and commissions of the United Student Christian Council (USCC)

Some of the SVM traveling secretaries, such as Parker Rossman, also sat on committees and commissions of the USCC. In 1953, the USCC asked the SVM to become its Missionary Department, as a step toward a fully ecumenical student movement in the United States. After due consideration, the SVM agreed to this next phase, and in 1954 became the Commission on World Mission of the USCC, “temporarily relinquishing its status as a member movement of the USCC.”(SVM Archives, Series V, Board of Directors, April, 1954.) [Yale Divinity Library ]

Dr Parker Rossman becomes program director/Dean at the Ecumenical Center for Continuing Education for Clergy at Yale, located on Saint Ronan Street in New Haven.

11 August 1954: George Parker Rossman is aged 33 when his son known as Terry is born in Indianapolis


1961, 6 October: On Rossman’s father [below] who is also a Minister in the Disciples of Christ church. Rossman has an elder missionary brother in Tokyo Japan.

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The Morale of the Campus Pastor Rossman, Parker. Religious Education 57.2 (Mar 1, 1962)

1964: Jim Jones becomes a Disciples of Christ minister on 16 February 1964

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1964: Dr Parker Rossman was developing a study on The clergyman’s needs for continuing education [microform] / Parker Rossman

Questionnaires on perceived needs for continuing education were sent in February 1964 to all yale divinity school graduates of the classes of 1943, 1948, 1953, and 1958. Almost every respondent had been pursuing some sort of continuing education, largely in seminary credit courses, urban church institutes, missions or overseas study tours, clinical pastoral training, group dynamics workshops, and secular courses in such fields as sociology and psychology.

1966: Islamic Homosexualities by Will Roscoe and Stephen Murray cites Parker Rossman’s 1966 article on ‘le vice’ in Turkey in brackets as the author Jonathan Drake in their footnotes

Islamic Homosexualities: Culture, History, and Literature  edited by Will Roscoe, Stephen O. Murray

Islamic Homosexualities: Culture, History, and Literature
edited by Will Roscoe, Stephen O. Murray

1967: Still program director at Yale, Disciples Divinity House – In 1967 Dr Parker Rossman is responsible for hiring the Program Director at the Ecumenical centre for Continuing Education of Clergy at Yale


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advertised in The Family Coordinator, Vo. 17, No 2 (Apr 1968) after article on Sex Education: Who is Teaching the Teachers? pp.110-117



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11 November 1968: Rossman’s father dies in Enid, Garfield, Oklahoma – Rossman’s mother Vera would live until 1995

1969: Aged 40 when he published Boys for Sale under pseudonym Jonathan Drake. Dr Andrew Bradbury PhD provides the foreword. Rossman’s own son was aged 15 – 16 at the time of publication.

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Boys for Sale by Dennis Drew and Jonathan Drake (aka Parker Rossman) published in 1969


Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) – Disarmament for Development

Rossman’s Long Island International Child Prostitution Network: Newsletters advertising boys aged 9 – 17

January 1970 – 31 December 1971 Rossman and Co. are using a $60,000 West Islip, Suffolk County house with a $100k yacht bought by wealthy school equipment salesman George Brehm, aged 50, of Floral Park, New York, as focus of activities. The Rossman/Fraser/Brehm group manage to meet about 19 times during the 24 months the abuse network is operating.

1970: Meets Dr Morris Fraser on his trip to New York – Rossman employed as a Divinity Lecturer at Yale University. Fraser states Rossman introduced him to a ‘seriously disturbed’, ‘very wealthy New York businessman’ who needed help. He took Fraser to an apartment

In 1970 Rossman’s eldest daughter graduates from Wilbur Cross High School, New Haven, Conn.

Pastoral Psychology November 1970, Volume 21, Issue 9, pp 60-61

May 1971: Rossman is indicted with 5 others as being involved in a pederasty ring [see Bridgeport Telegram 22/11/1972 below]. On 25 May he was indicted for sexual activity with a 16 year old Brooklyn boy in a Long Island motel in December 1969 [San Bernadino County Sun 21/11/1972 p.13 below]. During 1971 the vice network start up a christmas tree sales business to ’employ’ boys.

March 1972: Rossman flees and goes to Geneva and Lebanon – later claims on church missionary work for 6 months and not trying to escape law enforcement. [Bridgeport Telegram 22/11/1972 below]

20 November 1972: Rossman is charged with two others from Suffolk County ring for offences in Nassau county. He is held in jail on $25,000 bail.

On Monday 20 November Rossman surrendered voluntarily at the Nassau County district attorney’s office after being missing for six months. “A spokesman for District Attorney William Cahn said Rossman had been in Lebanon and Switzerland since his indictment.” [Bridgeport Telegram 22/11/1972]

This period of going on the run possibly appears on Rossman’s obituary CV as him living in Geneva, Switzerland, where he worked for the World Council of Churches and in Beirut, Lebanon, [Balamand University?] where he worked with the Greek Orthodox Youth Movement. [Columbia Tribune 20 October 2013]

'Yale Minister held in Sodomy Case' San Bernadino County County Sun, 21 November 1972, p.13

‘Yale Minister held in Sodomy Case’ San Bernadino County County Sun, 21 November 1972, p.13

The Bridgeport Telegram, 22 November 1972, p.10

The Bridgeport Telegram, 22 November 1972, p.10

The District Attorney’s spokesman ‘said Rossman had published a newsletter for members of the homosexual ring, and had tailored a ‘bill of rights” for pederasts and paedophiles. Ordered to be held in Nassau County jail on $25k bail by County Court judge Paul Kelly.

16 February 1973: Living at 671 Orange Street, Apartment 10 (different address from that given to the court in May – living apart from his family? or is this a ‘work’ address/’vice’ apartment in the style of Sir Peter Hayman and Charles Hornby?) Rossman has written an article on ‘Reformatory Sex’ which Horowitz is considering publishing in a future issue of ‘the magazine’. Another article by Rossman called ‘The Pedarists’ is about to be published.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 19.27.34

Letter from Horowitz Transaction Publishers to Rossman – living at 671 Orange Street, Apt. 10, New Haven, Connecticut

March 1973:

The article ‘The Pederasts’ referred to above was published in Society

SocietyMarch 1973, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp 29-35

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Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 14.11.18

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 14.11.37

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 14.12.55


Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 14.20.39




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Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 14.13.39

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 14.22.37

4th May 1973: Living at 20 Autumn Street, New Haven Rossman is arraigned with Dr Fraser (Roderick) Morris in New York. Rossman is released on $2,000 bail. Pleads innocent to Suffolk County Judge Pierre Lundberg. All 8 men are each charged with 27 counts of conspiracy, sodomy and sexual abuse. Roseanne’s current job described as Yale University Divinity School and Director of the Ecumenical Continuing Education Center in New Haven. Parker Rossman’s bail release is widely reported [New York Times; The Daily Review/ California; Arizona Republic ]

“Dr Morris Fraser “had known two of the defendants and had seen one indulging in ‘minor acts’ with two boys but had not reported it for’ professional reasons’. He said he had received assurances that treatment would be obtained for the man who had committed the acts.” [New York Times, 6 May 1973]

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The author of [ ] references Parker Rossman’s book as an example of the ‘appreciable although far from rigorous advocacy literature’ written arguing that pederasty or homosexual abuse of boys is a beneficial phase even if they are heterosexual, as a stage in the process of maturing.

George Rossman sentence: 16 February 1974

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The Bridgeport Post – Saturday 16 February 1974

Rossman’s sentence amounted to 3 months’ probation and a continuance of his psychiatric treatment.

28 February 1974: New York Times (1 March 1974, p.61) reports with one sentence Fraser’s guilty plea to attempted sodomy with 3 boys.

14 March 1974:

'Git and Stay Got' The East Hampton Star, 14 March 1974

‘Git and Stay Got’ The East Hampton Star, 14 March 1974

1974: Kristen, Rossman’s daughter graduates from Hiram College, Ohio 

April 1974:

Minister gets leniency on ‘chicken’ charge

April 1974, Advocate;4/10/74, Issue 135, p20
Reports on the decision of a county judge in Mineola, New York to place Connecticut minister George P. Rossman in three years probation after pleading guilty to charges to attempted sodomy. Conditions for the probation; Background on the sodomy cases.

1975: Rossman becomes a founding member of the World Mind Group

World Mind group:

Professor Abe Goodman Dr. H.J.A. Goodman, Moderator
Professor Emeritus, University of Calgary

Manfred Kochen


For a more journalistic introduction to some of these
ideas see, P. Rossman, COMPUTERS: BRIDGES TO THE FUTURE," Judson
Press, Valley Forge, PA, 1985

Authors' note: Parker Rossman, Ph.D. if former Dean of
Ecumenical Continuing Education Center of Yale University. He is
author of COMPUTERS: BRIDGES TO THE FUTURE, about the potential
impact of forthcoming fifth-generation computer tools on
research, religion, the shape of thought, and action in quest
for peace. He is writing a book for lay readers on peace games.
He can be reached at P. O. Box 382, Niantic, CT 06357-0382;
(203) 739-5195.

Henry James Abraham Goodman was born on July 21, 1917 in Toronto, but spent most of his youth in Vancouver. He received a B.A. (honours), an M.A. in history from the University of British Columbia an M.Ed. in Educational Foundations from Harvard University and a Doctorate in Education (EdD) in the field of curriculum development and programmed learning from UCLA (1968).
In 1948 Dr. Goodman took up a position as an instructor at the Altoona Undergraduate Centre of the Pennsylvania State University where he remained until 1950. He then returned to Vancouver and taught high school social studies for the Vancouver public School Board, eventually becoming Social Studies Department Head. Dr. Goodman was hired by the University of Calgary in 1964.
Throughout his educational and professional careers Dr. Goodman was interested in the world encyclopedia and world brain/world mind notions espoused by Jan Comenius (or Komensky) and H.G. Wells. This abiding interest is demonstrated in the range of research subjects Dr. Goodman purused, all with the aim of creating a global information or knowledge system that would be accessible to all and exist for the betterment of mankind. Dr. Goodman’s early research and teaching at the Unviersity of Calgary was in the area of computer aided or assisted instruction or learning, an extension of his doctoral thesis work. He also pursued research in the field of terminology standards which he called informedia terminology. In 1974-1975 his sabbatical research took him to the Mental Health Research Institute at the University of Michigan as a visiting research professor.
In 1975, Dr. Goodman and Dr. Manfred Kochen co-founded the World Mind Group, a group of individuals from a variety of professional and educational areas committed to furthering the concept of the world brain and the world mind. Dr. Goodman developed the Register III (RIII) system as a tool to bring the world brain into existence. Throughout his career Dr. Goodman participated in a wide variety of conferences, presenting and publishing papers, and in organizations, mainly the American Society of Information Science (ASIS) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
Dr. Goodman retired from teaching in 1982 and was given the title professor emeritus. He continues to pursue the world brain/world mind idea, participating in a workshop at the University of Calgary in 1997 which was in honour of his 80th birthday and continuing his research and writing in this field.

August 1976: Rossman’s eldest daughter gets married at Yale University

Sexual Experience between Men and Boys: Exploring the Pederast Underground’ is published (New York: Association Press 1976)

‘It may be that nature intended older males to tutor adolescent boys in sex, and unconscious or repressed pederast or homosexual tendencies are intended to stimulate an interest in such tutoring’ (p. 17).

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 22.16.15

Larry Rivers and Frank O’Hara: Reframing Male Sexualities

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 22.17.51

Crucially, Parker Rossman was able to use Book Explorers’ mailing list to promote the book.

In an interview with D.W.Nichols by Daniel Tsang in the Midwest Gay Academic Journal, Volume 1, Issues 1-3 p.12
Gay Academic Union, 1977, Nichols offers the following information on Rossman:

  • Rossman’s nom de plume is Jonathan Drake when publishing Boys for Sale and he supplied most of the information contained in the book
  • Despite the ‘distinterested’ tone of ‘The Pederast Underground’ book Rossman is ‘very much a boy-lover’ despite being married with 3 children and was personally involved on the  “boy-love” (child sexual abuse and exploitation) scene
  • “No one has devoted more of his adult life to studying the life-styles of various kinds of boy-lovers as well as searching out the literature on the theme and gone into deep speculation on his findings, than has George Parker Rossman”
  • Rossman’s sampling for the book was “highly informal”
  • While living in New York working with Book Explorers, D.W Nichols first met Rossman at Port Authority Bus Terminal. Nichols was looking for a “needy runaway youngster to take in and befriend.” Rossman spotted 15 year old Eddie arriving at the Terminal from New Jersey and “brought him to me, something I have been grateful to George for.” Nichols tries to adopt the boy legally and fails.
  • While writing the book Pederasts’ Underground and waiting for it to be published Rossman was waiting to be prosecuted for December 1969 sexual activity with 16 year old in West Hempstead motel and was fearful of further charges.
  • “George had been discovered by the authorities to be the editor-publisher of a round-robin newsletter pertaining to boy-love, as well as a principal designer of a bill of rights for young people (something actually considered radical back in those days). All this made him a prime target, so much so that he felt compelled to leave the country before he could be arrested. About a half-year later, George returned to face the charges, no doubt after much contemplation. It was only then, being unemployed, that he really had the time to write his all important book, which might not otherwise have gotten done. Anyway, George as understandably concerned that anything he said in his treatise might have an effect on the outcome of his case. I gather George was also concerned that his wife, his children, friends and associates not be embarrassed by its contents. As I mentioned earlier, it is important to understand this in evaluating the findings and conclusions he reaches in his book.”
  • D.W. Nichols refers to Rossman in his own work under the pen-name H.A. Sawyer

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.11.27

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.21.22

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.24.54

1977: ‘Pirate Slave’ is published: A twelve-year-old boy captured by Muslim pirates is forced into a life of piracy and slave trading.

Published on 1 January 1977, by Thomas Nelson publishers

Published on 1 January 1977, by Thomas Nelson publishers

Said to be based on actual incidents of white slavery in Arabia, this is the history of Sandy, who sails as a midshipman from Salem, Mass, witnesses the slaughter of his fellow crew members by pirates, and is spared to become the pirate captain’s favorite slave–so favored that the captain turns down fortunes offered for his “”goldenhaired”” prize and adopts him as a son instead. Although Sandy misses no opportunity to lecture the captain on the evils of slavery–even when he’s helping his master negotiate sales–his own captivity is more adventure than ordeal, and he soon becomes attached to the captain, to the pirates’ free and easy life, and to the young black slave he purchases and marries at age fourteen. We can believe that an enterprising boy like Sandy might have done all this and survived to become a successful trader and the legendary “”white sheik”” of Arabia. But, as portrayed here, there’s a disturbing if implicit and undefinable streak of masochism in Sandy’s character, topped off with the notion that Sandy is too superior–and too white–to really suffer from slavery. “”You were never really a slave. . . . No man can really be enslaved against his will. He could die instead. . . ,”” the Captain tells Sandy, comparing him with his cowardly (and dark) fellow captive Uri. And we groan. [Kirkus Reviews]

The Christian Century, The Church and the Forthcoming Electronic Revolution (December 14, 1977): An interview with Dr Parker Rossman

11 July 1979: Parker Rossman writes to Albany Trust/NCCL’s Antony Grey having met him in London that summer – after which Grey writes a review of Sexual Experience between Men and Boys

In 1979 Francis Bennion wrote a review of G Parker Rossman’s book Sexual Experience between Men and Boys [Freethinker Vol.99 1979]


1980: Publishes ‘After Punishment, What?’

Walter H Breen (J.Z.Eglinton) obituary by Donald Mader

Walter H Breen (J.Z.Eglinton) obituary by Donald Mader

1982-1983: Writer in residence Central Phillipines University

30 April 1987: The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement display Rossman’s book in their lobby much to Geoffrey Dickens MP’s dismay when visiting on 30th April 1987, over ten years after publication. ‘An academic study of pederasty’.

Diary of a Gay Priest: The Tightrope Walker by Rev. Dr. Malcolm Johnson, Christian Alternative Books, 2013

Diary of a Gay Priest: The Tightrope Walker by Rev. Dr. Malcolm Johnson, Christian Alternative Books, 2013


1992: The Emerging Worldwide Electronic University: Information Age Global Higher Education
By Parker Rossman.
Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1992. 184 pp. Book Review

Original member of the World Mind Group

Until recently (e.g. before 1997) he was Vice President of the Global Systems Analysis and Simulation Project and was Chairman of the Global University Long-Range Planning Committee.

Chairman of the GLOSAS/Global University-Long-Range Planning Committee

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 14.52.41

Challenges and Opportunities: From Now to 2001 edited by Howard F. Didsbury, J

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 14.54.40

Globalization and Education: Integration and Contestation Across Cultures By Nelly P. Stromquist, Karen Monkman

1997: Rossman presented papers at the World Brain Conference at the University of Calgary in 1997

2001: Presented papers at the Global Brain Workshop at the Free University of Brussels in 2001
3 Lemmon Drive
Columbia MO 65201

Rossman’s paper below:

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 22.53.11

2008: George’s son dies in a car crash : George “Terry” P. Rossman age 53 of Carmel, died suddenly July 10, 2008.

2010: His wife Jean (maiden name Fleming) Rossman dies

Rossman dies: 18 October 2013 Columbia Boone County Missouri