Little Angels? A letter to Socialist Challenge from Fallen Angel Tim Brown (October 1979)



The entire issue of Socialist Challenge can be found here . In 1986 Tim Brown would be thanked by Warren Middleton (John Parratt), PIE Executive Member, in the foreword of his book ‘Betrayal of Youth’ as ‘Tim Brown (formerly of CAPM)”. This letter was published during the month after Brown had attended the third meeting of Conspiracy Against Public Morals with Sandy Marks, Nettie Pollard (former NCCL Gay Rights Officer) and Barry Prothero (the then current NCCL Gay Rights Officer) who was Brown’s housemate at Davenant Road, N19 at the time.


Little angels?

In an article generally favourable to kids, David Holland’s “Whose Consent?” (20 September) was remarkably weak on paedophilia, To say that ‘cross generational sex is a side issue…’ (rather a silly euphemism for paedophile sex, aren’t sexual relations between a girl/boy of 16 and woman/man of 60 cross generational?) is plainly incorrect. Daughter/father relationships, lesbian/feminist custody cases, and child/mother relationships all in their various ways proclaim the prolific nature of paedophile relationships.

I find it amusing that David Holland should quote Lewis Carroll or Peter Pan as a ‘little angels idyll’ in contrast to the ‘savage’ attacks on children’s sexuality taking place outside the playhouse. Both J.M. Barrie and Carroll were paedophiles, and tolerated as such as the medium by which the Victorian middle classes came to terms with the existence of, and their cravings for, sexual children. Under age sexuality was recognised and wrapped up in a cloying innocence. Embedded in Peter Pan is the image of the paedophile as an immature adult, ‘the person who never grew up’, and that image embodies many deep felt – but denied – fantasies that adults have for children.

Paedophiles are adults who love children. The number of adults who love children is immense. But the number of paedophiles…?

Well, just stop for a moment and muse over parent/child relationships. Pretty mundane, you might say. But if I were to turn up on your doorstep dear (adult) reader, and strike up a similar relationship with ‘your’ child, how long would it be before I was being carted off to the local nick with perhaps ten years (or much more) inside after the court case?

And what if dear ‘little x’ decided to go to Paris with me for a dirty weekend? Or forever? So much for biological parenthood. (This paragraph constitutes a Conspiracy Corrupt Public Morals, so please regard it in a hypothetical light… until it happens.)

Show me an adult who is not a paedophile. Then I’ll join Mary Whitehouse and believe in immorality. Sex with children is wonderful and can be highly recommended to all SC readers. (Oops! Another Conspiracy to Corrupt.) Children are wonderful they should not be subjected to any kind of guilt trip or legal shit about their bodies and their sexuality. It is theirs and nobody else’s. Tim Brown, London N19

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