1986 – Dickens reports allegations of Sexual torture of children on Elthorne Estate Islington, murder of Tony McGrane

“A surveillance operation that allegedly unmasked Leon Brittan’s links to child sex abuse was shut down by Metropolitan Police chiefs.

According to an ex-officer, the former Home Secretary was photographed during a 1986 investigation into rent-boy orgies in buildings in North London.

But the day before swoops on alleged suspects were due to be carried out, officers on the investigation, called Operation Orchid, were told it had been disbanded.” [Mirror, 22 March 2014 VIP Paedophile files: Leon Brittan investigation shut down by Met Police]

1986 During 1986 the new Crown Prosecution Service is established, see Sir Tony Hetherington, the Director of Public Prosecutions from 1977 – 1987 –Obituary

“Partly as a result of many emerging concerns and following a Royal Commission on Criminal Procedure, a decision was made to form a new national body, the Crown Prosecution Service, and it was Hetherington’s task to oversee the changeover and to head up the new operation in 1986. He had offered to stay on beyond his retirement date to assist in the difficult early days. He had to weather the storm of criticisms which greeted the new organisation as it experienced many teething problems and staff shortages. Colleagues of the time praised his low-key manner and quiet wit.”

Thomas Hetherington DPP obituary, The Guardian, April 2007

Spotlight on Operation Hedgerow: “Back in 1986, two senior detectives, John Lewis and Roger Gaspar, completed an inquiry into child pornography and child abuse in Kilburn. They dealt with 653 complaints, charged 20 different adults including a barrister, and ran three trials. But what really struck them was that the whole investigation had been triggered by one complaint from one social worker and, for once, instead of limiting themselves to dealing with the single complaint, they had followed all of its leads. They could only begin to imagine the scale of offences which would emerge if it were ever investigated systematically across the country.”

 February 1986 – Elthorne Estate, Islington – Tapes of torture

February 1986 Spotlight: Was there a cover-up over Geoffrey Dickens ‘child brothel’ allegations in 1986?

  • Friday 14th February 1986 ‘MP calls for report on child brothels’ (The Times, 14/02/1986)   ‘Scandal of Brothel kids’ (Daily Mirror, 14/02/1986) Council tenant had sent a tape of recordings of children screaming during ‘sex sessions’ to Scotland Yard and Dickens. When the council tenant when interviewed gives more detail as to why screaming,  “I think it is dreadful to think that violent child prostitution can occur on this kind of scale Dickens alleges Archway district estates have a brothel with up to 40 children to age of six being pimped.

‘[Dickens’ informant] has passed on to Scotland Yard tapes purporting to depict the voices of children clearly taking part in unsavoury activities. Scotland Yard has told me it is treating these allegations seriously. I hope that urgent action will be taken to stamp out this evil trade.’

  • Tuesday 18 February 1986 Conventions of the House (Hansard, Tuesday 18/02/1986) There was seemingly no love lost between Dickens and local MP Jeremy Corbyn MP, in whose constituency the Elthorne and Archway estates were located, Islington North. Dickens poked at Corbyn for an incident involving the IRA somehow, and Corbyn repeats his request that Dickens attend the estate and apologise to the residents there.
  • Friday 21 February 1986 Estate in fury over child sex ‘slur’’(Islington Gazette, Friday 21/02/1986) Dickens remained unrepentant and refused to apologise having received further information from another source.
  • Monday 24 February Child Brothels: More evidence’(Social Work Today, Monday 24/02/1986) Dickens states police investigation has started and refuses to apologise. John Rea Price, (also on VCC) Islington Social Services Director says no evidence has been found of brothels.
  • Friday 28 FebruaryWhat this crusader is really up to’ ….. (Letter to Editor, Islington Gazette, Friday 28/02/1986) For further information on what the writer of this letter had really been up to himself, Roger Moody, a paedophile rights activist and convicted child abuser see Spotlight:

March 1986

April 1986

 May 1986 – Trial of ‘Uncle Abe’ & ‘The Meat Rack’ at The Dilly

Police seize video films child porn ring swoop, Daily Mail, 6th May 1986 There was evidence of a Broadmoor paedophile ring in 1986

Scandal Of Top Cop And Rent Boys (11.05.86) News of the World, 11th May 1986 – Commander  Trevor Lloyd-Hughes (who had written the report on Fagan’s break in just after the Elm Guest House raid but just before the media started to report in August has now risen in rank). His widow complains to the Press Council and it is upheld.

15 May 1986: End of a ten day trial – Judge John Hazan QC at the Old Bailey. Abraham Jacob is jailed for 4 years for controlling and exploiting runaway boys into prostitution. Aged 45 he had previously worked as a schoolmaster and a trainee priest before working in a children’s home in Islington , moving to Islington as a social worker with the elderly in 1981/1982 at Preedy House, Muriel Road. He lived in Holland Walk, Holloway

Social worker in vice racket jailed (16.5.86) The Times (London), 16th May 1986

Boys On Evil Abe’s Rack (18.05.86)The People, 18th May 1986

Vice Boys King Touted For Mass Killer (18.05.86) The People, 18th May 1986 – Dennis Nilsen of Muswell Hill is alleged to have bought boys from Abraham Jacob

‘Rent boy’ sex racket boss worked in children’s home (23.05.86) Islington Gazette, 23rd May 1986

June 1986

July 1986

August 1986

  • August 1986 ‘Wyman ‘had girl, 13, as a lover’ (Telegraph, 05/08/1986 L Swayn)

September 1986 – Monckton House, Lambeth abuse scandal breaks

1 September : Spotlight on Lambeth Council’s Monkton Street Nursing Home (Time Line) starting with Daily Mail report on 1st September 1986

October 1986 – Murder of Tony McGrane, Harvey Proctor MP

November 1986

New Sex Shock Fear For Thatcher (02.11.86) The People, 2nd November 1986

Boy rape beasts escape the law (31.11.86) News of the World, 31st November 1986

3 November 1986: Thatcher is pushing for Savile’s inclusion in the New Year’s Honours List for 1987 and

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 21.18.10

December 1986

Commons ‘lynch law’ under attack / Analysis of the growth in use of parliamentary privilege’ (The Guardian, 15/12/1986, Alan Travis)

1987 –

  • 1987 Spring 1987: Sidney Cooke’s charges downgraded from murder to manslaughter In spring 1987, when the decision to downgrade the charge was made, the Director of Public Prosecutions would have been either Sir Thomas Hetherington or Sir Alan Green. I haven’t been able to establish the exact date in 1987 when Hetherington stepped down and Green replaced him. In 1981, Hetherington had taken the decison not to prosecute paedophile diplomat Sir Peter Hayman.


Clive Barton – Operation Trapdoor, 1987, The People, 22nd March 1987


11 May 1987: Lord Chief Justice of England – LCJ Lane reduces paediatrician Oliver Brookes’ sentence from 12 to 6 months and releases him immediately https://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/2013/05/21/oliver-brooke-and-lord-lane-the-full-story/

Inquiry into two more politicians (21.05.87) Daily Mail, 21st May 1987

Tea At Commons For Proctor ‘Schoolboy’ (21.05.87) Daily Mirror, 21st May 1987



 Spotlight on Sir Thomas Hetherington and paedophile Kenneth Monkford,  Daily Express, 1st July 1987


Parents held in swoop on child sex ring (25.11.87) Daily Express, 25th November 1987 Congelton Cheshire MP Ann Winterton denies anything like the Cleveland abuse scandal.

  • December 1987: Operation Hedgerow 140 boys quizzed in sex ring scandal: 23 arrested over chid porn probe (Daily Mirror, 02/12/1987) Operation Hedgerow, one of the most successful investigations and prosecutions of a network of child abusers centred around Brent involving a Foreign Office lawyer, Colin Peters, resident in Notting Hill. A special hot line was set up to encourage others to come forward in December 1987. When the trial later took place in November 1988 at the Old Bailey it was one of the first trials where adults who had been abused as children were allowed to give evidence behind screens shielded from the defendant and via video link. Boys between 10 and 15 years old were the targets. Police arrest 16 in child sex swoop (Willesden & Brent Chronicle, 03/12/1987, Mark Leslie) Lords Man quizzed as 7 face child sex charges (Daily Mirror, 03/12/1987, Sylvia Jones & Gordon Hay) Amongst 24 arrested in police swoop earlier this week was a “top House of Lords official” – “married…seen by millions of viewers in a TV series on the Lords” – “He was believed to have been arrested at a clinic in central London where he was being treated for a recurring long-term illness. He was taken to a police station and quizzed for an hour before his medical condition gave rise to concern and he was returned to the hospital” – “Seven men due to appear before Willesden magistrates today are the only ones still in custody following the police swoop.”
  • Operation Hedgerow trial 1:: 7 men – Colin Peters, Ernest Whittington, Alan Delaney, Victor Burnett, John Williams, Patrick David Norris, Patrick Joseph Norris (Daily Express 04.02.89), (Willesden & Brent Chronicle 10.12.87)


May 1988: Savile aboard QE2

Traveller’s Checks… Share a double cabin – for a discount, The Glasgow Herald – Feb 4, 1988

Here’s the one you don’t read about in travel columns. Sitting on my desk is a press release from Cunard about the QE2’s first sailing from Southampton this year on May 5 calling at Lisbon, Malaga and Gibraltar. Cunard have come up with the idea of a Wedding Anniversary Cruise and there are discounts for everyone sharing a double cabin – well, not quite everyone, you have to be married. The discount depends on how many years you have survived together and could be as much as 200 if you’ve managed 40 years.

The trip will be launched with a gala lunch with tables hosted by “a galaxy of television stars – including Tom O’Conner, Jimmy savile, Patrick Moore, Bert Weedon…” The list continues. One wonders what kind of discount the galaxy receives. One wonders no more. The info sheet from Cunard’s Public Relations Manager, Eric Flounders (I fool you not), concludes – “the stars will also be entertaining on board.” Singing for their supper you might say. Quite so. But not our Jimmy – he’ll “be on board for a well-deserved holiday.” Nae married. Mae discount? Watch this space.

“Under the heading Benefactions we have again considered the name of Mr Jimmy Savile, whom you have of course considered on previous occasions. We have agains concluded that he should not be recommended. It may be convenient to you to see again the attached note of the exchanges you had with my predecessor about him. Mr Savile’s latest help to the DHSS has been over Broadmoor. None of use would want to denigrate his many services. But my Committee, and I still fear that his manner of life – on his own  confession – has been such that a high award for him would be an unhelpful signal when we are still having to grapple with an AIDS problem which threatens to intensify; and that a knighthood for him would not benefit the honours system in the eyes of the public.”

11 July 1988: Savile started legal proceedings against News Group Newspapers  after the  News of the World published an article, in January 1988, suggesting he had been in a position to secure the release of patients from the Broadmoor Hospital who were considered “dangerous”. Savile won on 11 July 1989; News Group paid the legal costs, and he received an apology from editors Kelvin MacKenzie and Patsy Chapman. Savile’s solicitor was David Hooper.


2 January, 1989. The Guardian. ‘Savile helps 60 Broadmoor patients to move out.’ ’Sixty patients at Broadmoor are to be transferred to less secure hospitals under a scheme developed by television presenter Jimmy Savile. A new management team was established at Broadmoor last year by the then junior health minister, Mrs Edwina Currie. Mr Savile, a voluntary helper at the hospital for 20 years, was recruited to the team’s task force. A spokeswoman for the Department of Health said: “It is fair to say Jimmy Savile can take a lot of credit for this. Broadmoor has existed for 125 years and a lot of the procedures there are outdated.”‘

February 1989

Four men found guilty in ‘rent boy’ conspiracy case, The Glasgow Herald – Feb 3, 1989

The four men used a cleaning firm, a football team, and CB radio as vehicle to recruit boys.

He placed advertisements for teenage cleaning staff and then lured them into sex, the jury was told. He used a football team which he ran in north London for the same purpose.

Sex Lure Lawyer Guilty Evening Times – Feb 3, 1989

A barrister’s sex antics with boys in his sauna were described to a judge at the Old Bailey today

May 1989

ON MAY 15, 1989, five years after Mark’s death, Sidney Cooke was sentenced to 19 years’ imprisonment at the Old Bailey for the manslaughter and buggery of Jason Swift, a 14-year-old rent boy from East London. Sentenced alongside him were his lover, Robert Oliver, Leslie Bailey and a man called Steven Barrell.

Three years later, Cooke, Oliver and Bailey were also implicated in Operation Orchid, a police investigation into the organised abduction, sex abuse and murder of boys, which included the disappearance of Mark. Although Cooke and Oliver were named in the 1992 Operation Orchid court case, only Bailey, who had confessed in jail, was charged. He was given life for the murder of six-year-old Barry Lewis and Mark.

Childcare boss’s secret (31.05.89) Daily Mail, 31st May 1989

June 1989

Sex abusers of boys treated ‘too leniently’ Community Care, June 1989

Schoolboys lured into a vice racket (13.06.89) Sunday Mirror, 13th June 1989

Child doctor in porn ring probe (23.07.89) Sunday Mirror, 23rd July 1989

Child sex secret of gay star Harty (25.06.89) Sunday Mirror, 25th June 1989

1990 – British Empire knighthood and Papal Knighthood in the same year

1990 – Revealing interview with Jimmy Savile by Lynn Barber for The Independent on Sunday. He says he takes pleasure in taking
dead people to a hospital mortuary in Stoke Mandeville and she remarks “What people say is that you like little girls.”, clearly
suggesting even then many were aware of his unlawful perversions but did nothing.

1990 – In another interview with Savile in ‘Q’ magazine he reveals he ‘told of his pleasure at being alone with the dead
and even issued a bizarre unprompted denial that he was a necrophiliac — someone with a sexual attraction to corpses.’

1990 – Jimmy Savile awarded Knighthood.

1990 – Jimmy Savile awarded Papal Knighhood by Pope John Paul II; a Knight Commander of St Gregory the Great, for his ”charity work”.
King pressed on ‘dirty tricks’ claimsOpposition demands more information on Colin Wallace affair, The Glasgow Herald – Feb 1, 1990

Ministers yesterday resisted Opposition demands for the Government to set up a full inquiry into sacked Army press officer Colin Wallace’s claims of a “dirty tricks” campaign against leading politicians in the seventies.

Mrs Thatcher insisted in the Commons that new information that had come to light over the affair did not provide evidence of attempts to undermine Governments or discredit Ministers.

“This is a matter of the presentation of Mr Wallace’s case to the Civil Service Appeal Board and that has been put correct,” she said to Labour protests at Question time.

As the alleged “black propaganda” campaign dominated proceedings, Leader of the Opposition Mr Neil Kinnock demanded an inquiry to get at the truth of alleged efforts to discredit politicians and subvert elected Governments.

Mrs Thatcher said that in addition to the inquiry into Mr Wallace’s dismissal, by QC Mr David Calcutt the Ministry of Defence was to hold an inquiry into “how certain documents came to be overlooked.

Mr Kinnock said: “You made it clear this week that you were given seriously incorrect information about the case of Mr Colin Wallace and that incorrect information caused you to mislead the House.”

Will you therefore, as head of security services, make a full statement to the House and commission a form of inquiry that has the power to ensure the full truth is told about the alleged efforts to discredit public figures and MPs of several parties, including your own, and subvert elected Governments?

Mrs Thatcher said that the new information did not undermine her statement three years ago.

Former Labour Northern Ireland Secretary Mr Merlyn Rees (Morley and South Leeds) said the Prime Minister could not duck the questions over what he referred to as “dirty tricks”, by claiming the House and Ministers were misled under a Labour Government.

The fact that former Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington and former Home Secretary Lord Whitelaw had been consulted over the matter indicated the issue went back as far as 1971, 1972 and 1973.

Later, during his statement to the Commons, Defence Secretary Mr Tom King refused a request from the Shadow Defence Secretary Mr Martin O’Neill to broaden the terms of the inquiry.

Mr King rejected criticisms that the inquiry would not be penetrating enough because the man who is to lead it, Mr Calcutt, could not compel witnesses or provide immunity from prosecution.

Mr O’Neill said a wider inquiry was needed to clear the name of the House and of MPs mentioned in allegations.

He said to Labour cheers: “The Attorney General, the Home Secretary, the Northern Ireland Secretary and the Prime Minister herself are all involved in this.”

Former Liberal leader Sir David Steel said the blacklist of names allegedly drawn up to discredit politicians, including many leading Liberal Party members in the 1970s.

“Among those names on the list were the former leader of the party (Jeremy Thorpe),the Liberal leader in the Lords, Lord Byers, myself as Chief Whip and Sir Cyril Smith.

“The reason for our inclusion was that the Parliamentary Liberal Party was pivotal to the parliamentary arithmetic at that time.”

He told Mr King: “The only reason for our inclusion was a direct attempt to interfere with the process of parliamentary democracy.”

The matter had now gone beyond being just one for Ministers, and was now a matter for the Commons. A committee of senior Privy Councillors should be set up to investigate.

Democratic Unionist leader Mr Ian Paisley asked for an assurance that the “dirty tricks department” was not still in operation.

Mr King said that when it first came to light, the policy was discontinued.

“There is no question of such a policy being pursued.”

Mr Rees said that he had been kept in the dark about the situation when he was Northern Ireland Secretary.

He said: “I did not know Colin Wallace existed, I was never informed that he was given wide discretion to give documents on high classification for briefing purposes.

“The first I heard of this was in February 1975, when someone came into my office and said that a classified document had been handed into the police. Mr James Kilfedder (Down North – Popular Unionist) asked a question in the Commons and was told this was a matter for the police.”

Mr Rees said he eventually decided this was not a matter for prosecution.

“Here was a situation whereby a Minister was deciding whether to prosecute, when somebody else had given the man permission to use the documents, without telling the Minister responsible.”

He demanded: “Who gave this man permission to use these documents?”

Mr Rees said Mr Wallace was a member of a small group of information staff, with Army intelligence, which was taking over the job of elected Ministers in Ulster.

“This ought to be investigated.”

He warned the Government: “This will not go away. There is no hiding place and the next Labour Government will look at it, and those that are hiding things from this Government, had better remember that.”

Former Labour Cabinet Minister Mr Stan Orme (Salford East), who has claimed he is one of those smeared, said Mr King’s statement had in effect “made out a case for a full judicial inquiry.”

“We’ve a right in this House for this matter to be looked at in a independent way. I don’t accept everything Mr Wallace has said. He is a gamekeeper turned poacher and he has played some dirty tricks in his time.”

Mr Tony Benn said: “The real anxiety being expressed is that the security services are not under political control.”

Tory Mr David Tredinnick (Bosworth) drew gasps of astonishment from Opposition benches when he said that the Army’s campaign of disinformation in Ulster in the 1970s was justified.

He said: “Given the 300 terrorist murders that were taking place at the time, the Army was absolutely justified in using disinformation.”

Mr King caused uproar when he charged “one or two” Labour MPs with being “very keen to undermine confidence in the security services.”

Amid a clamour of furious Opposition protests, Shadow Leader of he House Dr John Cunningham said: “It cannot possibly be your view that my colleagues who served like you did, with great distinction in Northern Ireland, could possibly justify or deserve the comments you’ve just made.”

Mr King withdrew the remarks after being warned by the Speaker, Mr Bernard Weatherill, that they reflected on the honour of MPs.

It was early last year when the first of the documents on the Wallace affair – originally overlooked – was found, Mr King disclosed.

Pressed by Mr Dennis Skinner (Bolsover – Lab.) for the date on which they were found, Mr King said: “They were found early last year. . . the first document was found early last year, and there has since been , on the instruction of the Minister, a very full investigation to see if other information was available on this matter.”

Replying to a later question, Mr King added: “The first document that came to light, on the basis of which the instruction was given for a full examination to take place . . . was not the job specification, it was not any evidence that anything was given to Colin Wallace.

“It was a background paper seeking to make the case to justify the expenditure on a further information officer in the headquarters in Northern Ireland.

“That was not conclusive at all, and that was why it was necessary to find whether Colin Wallace was actually given this job specification, and to seek to be able to come to the House with proper information.

“It is not a complete story, but something of sufficient concern that we believe, in justice to Colin Wallace, this matter should be investigated.”

Later, a spokesman for the Ministry of defence said the first of the documents was found in late spring by accident.

“The second inquiry was the trigger to finding the document. It has taken since then to trawl up the rest,” he said.”


8th August – Carol Kasir’s inquest held. Chris Fay and Mary Moss give evidence. The Inquest was adjourned until 22nd August to allow the suicide note to be checked. The eventual verdict was suicide by overdose of insulin.

October –

Savile opens new complex in Norwich which gives disabled people a helping hand in starting a business.


28th November – Maggie Thatcher no longer Prime Minister.


12th – Savile appears on ‘This Is Your Life’ hosted by Michael Aspel. Guests include Frank Bruno, Roger Ordish, Freddie Starr, Gary Glitter and Tony Blackburn.

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