Dec 1974: Antony Grey’s ‘successful negotiations’ with Tony Hart at the Home Office Voluntary Services Unit

In 1974 Albany Trust was in the middle of moving offices. Since returning to the Trust in July 1971 (following Peter Righton and spooky Robert Chartham/Ronald Seth almost gaining control of the counselling files, especially Doreen Cordell’s work with various interested clergy into ritual/religious ceremonial abuse) Grey and the Trustees had relinquished the Piccadilly/Shaftesbury Avenue lease […]

1976: Albany Trust’s PIE & PAL minutes of meetings and was ‘John’ of the drafting committee from BBCR3?

During spring 1976, on 7th January, 18th February, 24th March and 22nd April, the Albany Trust’s Antony Grey gathered together a mix of pedophiles from PIE and PAL and a few psychiatrists and family planning medical specialists to brainstorm ideas. Following Harold Haywood O.B.E’s declared intent to alleviate the sufferings of pedophiles and push for […]

May 1975: Albany Trust & National Association of Youth Clubs joint training ‘Psychosexual Problems of Young People’

Dr Charlotte Wolff: ‘Sexual Identity’ Antony Grey: ‘Adolescent Sexuality – A social and legal perspective’ / ‘Varieties of Sexual Development in Adolescents’ with Grapevine’s Sue Barnet In May 1975 David Barnard (Organising Secretary – Albany Trust) and Antony Grey (Managing Trustee – Albany Trust) were corresponding with Sidney Bunt the Training Officer of the National […]

s.8 Sexual Offences Act 1967: Sir Norman Skelhorn’s Consent to Prosecute v. Police Powers of Prosecution

While police retained powers of arrest, custody and bail over people suspected of having committed offences (a) and/or (b) below only the Director of Public Prosecutions (‘DPP’) could either lay charges or give consent to charging/prosecuting: (a) buggery/ gross indecency or attempted between man over 21 and a male under 21 (b) procuring or commanding […]

1972: How Lord Longford, his Pornography Inquiry and P.I. sidekick Major Matthew Oliver brought down Soho’s Dirty Squad

In May 1998 Channel 4’s Secret History documentary series broadcast : The Porn King, the Stripper and the Bent Coppers (Season 6, Episode 2) looking at the story of Jim Humphreys and the corruption scandal of the Soho police administration featuring Major Matt Oliver, Private Investigator as himself. Sadly the episode isn’t available to view online […]

1979: DES employee writes to Grey over concern for ‘Johnny Go Homes’

In the months before the 3rd May 1979 General Election when Thatcher swept to power ousting Callaghan’s Labour government, and the 3 year DES grant for the Albany Trust’s ‘Experimental Project’ on ‘Youth and Sexuality’ was coming to an end, Antony Grey was in correspondence with a civil servant employee of the Department of Education […]

1975/76: Albany Trust provides training for ILEA on ‘Adolescent Sexuality’

In spring 1975 the Albany Trust began talks with the Inner London Education Authority to provide training on ‘adolescent sexuality’. David Barnard, who had joined the Trust as Organising Secretary from the National Council of Civil Liberties wrote a paper, on the basis of which ILEA had been interested in engaging the Trust to train […]

1979: Parker Rossman & Antony Grey meet & correspond

 In July 1979 Parker Rossman had returned home from a recent trip to London having met Grey while there and was full of news on his publishing successes and future plans in his evangelical fervour for preaching the benefits of paedophilia to society.   8 years previously George Parker Rossman had been indicted with Dr Morris […]

April 1977: Penthouse funding to NCCL for PIE’s Nettie Pollard falters

*again with thanks to A.N.Other     In April 1977, PIE member and NCCL Gay Rights worker Nettie Pollard almost lost her job. While she was busy writing to the Lord Chancellor’s office to request that Judge Alan King-Hamilton be disciplined for his comments on the Paedophile Information Exchange (looking like one big blackmail set-up)* […]

1975-1976: Haywood & Napier, Albany Trust & Nucleus at Earl’s Court

November 1976: Earl’s Court – Haywood & Napier, Nucleus & Albany Trust On a cold Sunday afternoon, Robin Lloyd, a US based NBC photo-journalist at the time of writing ‘Playland’ in 1975/6, walked around Times Square, in particular looking in two amusement arcades. With a ‘guide’ who knew the ‘scene’ he counted 75 boys as […]