18 April 1980: NCCL GCR minutes RUC mounting gay ‘purge’ as result of Kincora reports

On 24th January 1980 news of abuse at Kincora broke in the Independent Irish Times https://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/2014/01/13/sex-racket-at-childrens-home-24-01-80/

and in Social Work Today, Brian Todd of the British Association of Social Workers’ Northern Irish division was horrified no reaction was forthcoming officially from BASW:


On 26 February 1980 in Social Work Today Belfast’s Gerry Fitt MP claimed Kincora Boys’ Home had been bugged and the DPP was searching for a file that had been submitted to them previously.

In April 1980 the NCCL Gay Rights Committee hosted Jeff Dudgeon of the Northern Irish Gay Rights Association (NIGRA) who reported that:

3. The Purge: Following a sex-in-a-boys’-home case the RUC is mounting a full-scale operation against gays who have no known connection with the case, or any activities which would be criminal in England and Wales. JD reports that NIGRA activists are busily burying papers in plastic bags. JD (Jeff Dudgeon) will keep BP (Barry Prothero) informed.


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