Sept 1975: A Liveried funding boost from Grocer’s Company & Goldsmith Company to Albany Trust

David Barnard’s report for 24 September Trustees’ Meeting (as Albany Trust Secretary)


Field Officer role funded by Grocer’s Company awarded £2,000 p.a. (almost £18,600k p.a. in today’s money) for 3 years commencing 1 August 1975 – 1978 and Goldsmiths Co awarding £1,000 p.a. for 3 years (just over £9,300 p.a.)

Youth Worker role still to be funded – revised application for a grant from Department of Education and Science submitted by Antony Grey on 1 August 1975.

The 9 offices at 31/33 Clapham Road were proving useful for groups close to Albany Trust’s interests to use

Parents Enquiry Mrs Rose Robertson was using rooms for counselling on Monday and Wednesday evenings

The subsequent talks MIND had planned with Albany Trust jointly are cancelled after the Harold Haywood / PIE Peter Righton chaired meeting Tony Smythe (Director of MIND and Albany Trustee) had arranged.


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