Spring 1969: Grey reviews Greek Love & receives a firm offer to co-write a book from Dr David Kerr MP

EZ Eglington, the author of the book Greek Love published in the US in 1964, was Walter Breen, a career abuser of young boys and celebrated pedophile author whose wife, science fiction write Marion Zimmer Bradley also abused boys and girls sexually, physically and emotionally. See further here

In 1969 the publishers Neville Spearman Ltd, and specifically Neville Armstrong publishes EZ Eglington’s Greek Love for the UK market – as task which Grey assists with, commenting on the draft and reflecting that Eglington’s view of human sexuality had made him re-think some of his own views in theory and counselling.

Dear Antony

Greek Love

As they say: “Faint heart never won fair boy”, and so I am going ahead with this books and to hell with all puritans. I think it is a really fine piece of scholarship.

We are definitely dropping the Albert Ellis portion and the rebuttal, and in place the author is going to write a fresh Introduction. On your advice given in your letter of 19 February I may cut a few of the poems.

In that letter you write a very telling last para:

“The author of this book is one of the most interesting and erudite writers on homosexuality that I have encountered and Greek Love has caused me to re-think some of my own basic attitudes to human sexuality, both in theory and in the practice of counselling.” Could I use this or something like it – should you wish to re-phrase it – on the dust jacket?”


Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 15.44.12


Five years earlier Neville’s mother had tragically committed suicide and he had become involved with Chad Varah’s Samaritans at St Stephen’s Walbrooks of London. Neville would possibly have known Rev. Michael Butler, Chad’s Deputy Director, who worked as a counsellor with the Albany Trust, another associate of Grey. Since 1955 Neville had been publishing as Neville Spearman, based in London and moving to Suffolk in the late 1970s.[ Guardian Obituary 26 September 2008]

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 15.44.33


Antony Grey wanted to meet with Neville Armstrong fairly soon to discuss jointly writing a book with a Labour MP,

“As I think I mentioned to you, I have had a very definite offer of collaboration from Dr David Kerr MP who is very much on the ‘inside’ of the parliamentary manoeuvres.”

Dr David Kerr was then MP for Wandsworth Central from 1964-1970. In 1969 his marriage to his wife was dissolved although he had quickly remarried in 1970. It’s not clear what topic Antony Grey and David Kerr were contemplating but knowledge of inside parliament appears helpful. Kerr had been helping with the passage of the Sexual Offences Act 1967 through Parliament but that was now two years past and Grey was soon to be focused on the Albany Trust Project Study Group along with Peter Righton and Ian Greer. Kerr had spent his time in parliament as PPS to Joan Lestor at the Commonwealth Office [Tom Watson MP précis obituary for Dr David Kerr]

Independent Obituary 

Guardian Obituary




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