A very reasonable request and it now appears that, via David Hencke’s blog, there may be a statement from Fiona Woolf forthcoming. Let’s hope she recognises and addresses concerns thoroughly. Lesson-learning, stone-turning, root-and-branch foraging types of inquiries so far seem to have left a lot of stuff unsaid but very visible and the Emperor’s New Clothes, for those that can see them, must be looking a bit worn.


Dear Lady Woolf


Perceived bias: the law


I write to you as one solicitor to another and as one officer of the Supreme (‘Senior’) Court to another. I am aware of the concerns expressed in the press and other media at your appointment to chair an inquiry on the variety of the long-standing child abuse allegations. I write to you as one solicitor to another to ask you to say what is your side of the story in relation to published allegations about your personal and public relations with individuals who may be required to give evidence; and to ask you to reflect upon whether or not you can be said to be biased in the light of your own contacts and the people who may be inquired into by the panel.


First, I assume you and the Home Secretary consider that you have the ‘necessary expertise’…

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