God’ll Fix It

And why ever not? After all, God is a DJ.


In 1978, following the publication of his autobiography ‘As it Happens’ in 1974 after his mother had died in October 1972 (Did he start writing as soon as she died? Seems like quick work and he included photos

Front Cover

photo (16)











Back Cover


photo 1 (5)













photo 2 (4)












Foreword by Colin Semper


photo 3 (1)













photo 1 (3)

Colin Semper is a retired Anglican priest who was the Head of BBC Religious Department for 13 years from

“I worked with him on one of his radio programmes for four years and I wish I could have had one of our devlaued pounds for every time someone said – ‘What’s he really like, that Jimmy Savile?” I never knew how to reply, still don’t. Sometimes I listed his qualities – shrewd, Yorkshire canny, highly intelligent, tremendously generous with his time, marvellous at seeing people’s difficulties with a straight eye, warm but difficult to know well, funny and so on.”















photo 2 (2)


1978:  Jimmy Savile’s briefcase = ‘the registered office’.

‘I’ve never doubted since, however outlandish the figures, the buildings, the fees, the letters and the extravagant cars.














photo 3 (2)


1978: “He is a travelling man. Nothing give him so much pleasure as to sit on the bck step of his motor caravan in the quietness of the countryside. He sleeps in the van, or at one of the ‘castles’ – places he owns or rents or is given. An attic room in Broadmoor hospital, or a trophy-littered flat in London. Everything he collects on his travels is carefully preserved from shepherd’s crooks to Variety Club awards. But when he is on the road he travels light; just a track suit, a tee shirt, training shoes and the chunky jewellery. The same is true of his travels abroad. I went with him to the Holy Land and whilst I was visiting the shrines, the churches, the mosques, the ruins, he was refusing to enter the tourist spots; he preferred the wilderness. Though he is not so well known outside Britain he still creates an impact wherever he goes. He just needs the tools of his trade – a few people (including a clutch of female beauties), a cup of tea and a cigar.”

“By turn he supports Labour, the Liberals and the Tories. ‘They all have good bits’, All think he belongs to them. As a matter of opinion, I think he is a humanised Tory. His best repartee seems to be saved for our worthy leaders. He once talked to Mr Edward Heath and messed up his question a bit. The talk went like this:

Heath: What you’ve just asked me is a contradiction in terms.

Savile: We can talk like that on this programme, boss

Heath: It seems to me a curious and strange way to go on

Savile: That’s what makes you Prime Minister and me a millionaire.”











photo 1 (4)


“You will notice that he has asked himself the questions. Now, I want to ask myself a question. Why have I persuaded him to subject himself to this sort of exercise? The answer is that I believe so fascinating, so curious, so many-sided a character has some improtant things to say about the deep things of life – about God, about living in this world and the next. After all he does lead a full live; he does seem to be happy. Maybe he has learned a few secrets in the magic forest of living because he has been down paths which few of us have followed – could ever follow. To talk to Jimmy is sometimes like talking to a wizard; you never know what kind of answer you’re going to get. Usually the answers are off-beat, they can sound crazy but I have come to think that it could be a brave and glorious madness.

In a world where we all think we’re the same, it can be valuable for us to make contact with a real clown. Don’t get the last word wrong. A clown is a highly-skilled performer who wears a mask. Underneath the mask there is usually a remarkable person with something serious to say.”











photo 2 (3)












Photo Captions

“So I said to Winston, I said…”

“Who’s a pretty boy, then?”

“I thought that they were with you!”

“Chief Ironside here forgot to clunk-click.”

“The Boss and me in the Works Canteen.”

“He’s giving me the pound out of his pocket.”

“I’m on the right – the star is the blonde.”

“God’s fixed it for all of us.”




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